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Review King
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On 2007-02-21 11:45, kalsolar wrote:
OK... well I recieved mine today and here are my thoughts:

Firstly, no surprises as to the method - which was mostly a positive thing. However, to anyone considering buying this here are some things to think about.

Firstly, remember that this is a TWO effect trick. The impossible appearance of the ring on your shoelace is the easier part of the effect to achieve once you're set up. A totally convincing vanish is vitally as important to get the required response at the climax. Otherwise it can degenerate into a puzzle if they suspect for even a moment that you put the ring in your pocket. The trick will then become "I wonder how he got that ring from his pocket down onto his shoelace?" This is not what you want! So your "fake take" has to be 110% - and that's not quite as easy as normal because you're holding more than just the ring when you do the move.

Don't get me wrong..I think this is a superb creation and very well thought through, developed and taught. But for me the whole effect hinges on how naturally you handle their ring at the outset and on how believably you vanish it. This will be the thing that takes the practice. If you appear to be "fiddling strangely" with the ring when it is handed to you or if after you vanish the ring they immediately think.."oh I bet he put it in his pocket when he brought out the sharpie" Then they are part way to having a solution. For some that would be solution enough.

It amazes me how many people on here are saying, "I got this yesterday and I've already performed it for almost everyone I know to great effect!" Maybe its just me, but I'm a working pro and I can tell you now that I'll be messing with this for weeks before I actually try it out for anyone.

A wonderful effect, but for me the vanish is the real crux of the thing - get that right and you have a miracle - get it wrong and you have a clever puzzle. I don't do clever puzzles, so I'll be working on this for a while first.

Wonderful thoughts here. I think this can apply to all great close-up miracles-TECHNIQUE is everything!

"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
Cameron Francis
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I am definitely one of the hacks who tried this out the day after I got it. However, I used the same fake take I've used for a while and it worked great. Since the rest of the effect is self working (well, the technical part at least), I felt fine about doing this.

I will say, however, that I usually do not perform effects so quickly and am still tweaking this. I hit on a presentation tonight while performing that I really like.
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Michel Huot
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Here is the review from the pnguin site
the author is akirafist
So I received my Interlace package, ripped open the box and performed my ritualistic tossing aside of the manual. After observing the contents for a few seconds, I said, "what the f$%# is this?". Yes, I had to actually read the manual.

Interlace reminds me a lot of the Mousetrap game, where twenty different pieces form together to create a seamless harmony of entertainment. There's no particular ONE gimmick - instead you get several that blend together. All materials have been carefully wrapped and inserted into individual baggies, very professional setup which will impress. This is actually better packaged than my Black Widow, which cost 5x more money.

Interlace by Richard Sanders


What you get:

A professional printed, black and white text (color cover) 24 page manual
Some shoelaces

---- The DVD ----

With a very professional menu and exhaustive coverage of almost every aspect or problem you might encounter, the DVD is a whopping one and a half hours long. Even includes a class in sewing. You'll definitely fast forward a few times, but it's awesome to have so much complete coverage of this effect from all angles. The routines are actually worthwhile to watch, unlike Ladybug routines (another trick) which made you groan loudly.

Dasha goes through a complete installation of gimmicks, first step to last step. Credit section also mentions Jay Sankey, wonder what ideas he contributed? Bonus footage is Richard Sanders performing for this lady who sells rings on the sidewalk, worth watching.

Installing the [gimmick]
- (installing, using, loading, etc
Loading the [gimmick]
- Front, back, no [edited] load
Vanishing the ring
- The Put Vanish
- The In-Transit Vanish
- The Rub Vanish
Untying your shoelace
Re-Tying your shoelace
The Routines
- Magic Marker
- Anytime Heat
- Wiped Clean
- Flash Finish
- Mid-Air Mystery
- Visual Voodoo
- Key Transpo
- Ring String
- Running Gag
- Any Ring Vanishing Hank
- No [gimmick] method
Tips and Troubleshooting
- Way the [gimmick] can do something
- What Rings to Use
- Tiny [gimmick]
- Untying Shoelace with tiny [gimmick]
- How to [edited]
- Credits and bonus footage

---- Gimmicks ----

You receive gimmicks for standard dress shoes and tennis shoes. No shoe modifications are necessary, so don't worry about your expensive Sketchers or whatever. If you have irregular shoes, you can create your own gimmicks once you see how the whole setup works, but you'll need a couple items off an internet retail site.

The items to create your own custom gimmicks are about $10 after shipping and are abundantly available, plus will allow probably 5+ gimmicks with a little work on your part. I have some Timberland boots that I had to custom-create gimmicks for, and only took about 30 minutes (had materials from previous tricks).

If you don't care to create your own gimmicks, the packaged setup will suffice for most standard shoes.

---- Outfits ----

You need to prep an outfit for this effect, and the included "mousetrap piece" will only work for a single outfit. With some sewing knowledge, you could make more gimmicks but would require some serious time investment and creativity. Richard is supposedly selling "refill kits" soon, so keep an eye out if you plan to have a casual performance setup, and a dressy setup.

The actual installing of gimmicks supposedly requires 30 minutes, although I'd slice off 1 - 1.5 hours just in case. It took me about an hour, mainly cause I'm [edited] and had to run to WalMart for supplies. The manual shows a step by step install, plus the DVD has a section dedicated to hand-creating an outfit from scratch.

Skin tight pants won't work, but most other pants are dandy. If you watch the demo video, you know how it kinda works already. There's his hand... OOOOO I get it. So adjust your clothing requirements based upon what you just saw.

---- Angles ----

Can be done surrounded. Requires long pants, but no sleeve requirement. You could actually go shirtless or muscle-shirt if you're so inclined.

---- Reset ----

Virtually instant, can be done in front of spectators. When I saw this on the advertisement, I laughed and said, "yeah right". But it's as close to instant as you get.

---- Performance ----

People have absolutely no idea this is coming. Almost like a slap in the face, especially if you do some Ring Leader routines beforehand using a shoelace. Richard shows many variations in "The Routines" section, including flash paper, magic markers, etc. If you want to really enhance this and have some extra cash to burn, "Ring Leader" by Gregory Wilson makes a perfect accompanying DVD.

After an hour prep and poking myself twice, I wandered out to get food for my girlfriend coming over last night. I'm at Central Market (big food store) standing in line and did the last Silver Dream vanish to warm people up. Then two Ring Leader moves - bam - on my shoelace. Everybody in line gasped, great reactions. I'll post some videos when I get to Vegas next week. Interlace raids the strip...

---- Clothing Requirements Worksheet ----

Do you wear tight pants? If yes, then wear loose pants for performances.

Do your shoes have standard white tennis shoe laces, or black dress laces?
- Yes! You're ready to go
- No. Ok, you have two options:
1) Equip them with standard laces. If it's horribly ugly, then do step 2.
2) Order $10 worth of "thingies" online and equip your own custom purple, pink, lighted laces, whatever the heck you wear. It takes about 30 minutes to build your own gimmicks, and you'll have plenty of spares once done.

---- Conclusion ----

If you only purchase one magic effect this year, make it Interlace.

This effect screams quality. From the overly professional packaging, 24-page detailed manual with lots of pictures, DVD stuffed with 1.5 hours of information and routines and ease of performing. Richard put a lot of care and handling in this and it shows.>
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Wow ! just viewed the dvd playing around with the vanish only off to the tailors tomorrow . This effect is well thought out it's KILLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Besides using this with a string routine, I just ordered a Ring Hank. I figured this would be a strong way to vanish the ring, seeing as the spectator is holding it until the last second. Just another thought.
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[quote]On 2007-02-03 18:30, Richard Sanders wrote:
One last thing: I have a really cool, ring vanishing handkerchief on the market called "Any Ring." This was designed as an accessory item to Interlace, as well as a stand alone ring vanishing hank for other effects.
There are 2 very cool handlings for the handkerchief included on the DVD.
The handkerchief is unique in that it will allow the spectator to hold and feel any sized ring under the hank, from a thin engagement ring to a thick signet band.
This was specially designed so that you can borrow literally any ring without having to search for the correct ring size to match the ring in your hank.
This makes it a really practical prop for the working pro.
Best part is, it's only $15.00 available from your local magic shops in 2 weeks."

Some new about this item?
Michael Graves
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A quick out

if it happens to not click, I take out a small black loop made from my old shoe laces...vanish that and then move my foot so the ring is not seen on the floor and have the ring appear on the loop.....seems like an ok out.
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Firstly, remember that this is a TWO effect trick. The impossible appearance of the ring on your shoelace is the easier part of the effect to achieve once you're set up. A totally convincing vanish is vitally as important to get the required response at the climax. Otherwise it can degenerate into a puzzle if they suspect for even a moment that you put the ring in your pocket. The trick will then become "I wonder how he got that ring from his pocket down onto his shoelace?" This is not what you want! So your "fake take" has to be 110% - and that's not quite as easy as normal because you're holding more than just the ring when you do the move.

I also just received mine and I agree with you 100%. Interlace as an effect is absolutely killer, and extremely well thought-out. However, the weakest link in the effect (which does not necessarily have to be weak at all) is how you cause the ring to vanish in the first place. Let's face it, most spectators realize that magicians use a "fake take" even if they don't know the exact move(s). This part of the routine has to be perfectly natural and well rehearsed in order to remove suspicion of the hand going to pocket. 90% of this effect relies on how convincing the vanish is. The rest is mostly mechanical and effortless.

Thank you Richard Sanders for a magnificent effect, professionally packaged and taught. It's fabulous!
Some think Houdini used trap doors in his act, but he was just going through a stage.
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Thanks for all the reviews and helpful information everyone! I am definitely going to be picking this one up now. My checking account hurts already from all the books I've bought recently, now this...
Vinnie Laraway
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Guys, I don't have this one yet, but I was wondering something...

When you go into the pocket, do you have to do anythig while inside? I would imagine you would have to move around a little bit, but if not, wouldn't this be a cool idea:

There would be a bit more modifying to your outfit, but it certainly makes the vanish a lot more magical...

Have a topit (modified, of coarse, so that when something gets thrown in, it automatically falls to the bottom where the hole is) in your jacket with the necessary gimmick running from the bottom of the topit through your pants, and well, you know the rest.. So, very simply, you make the ring vanish in the topit (which is very magical), and then it does what it has to do and then you make the reveal on the shoelace!

As I said, I am only working this out in my head, because I don't have Interlace yet, but just get your mind working and I'm sure this idea could come alive, aswell as others!

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Lol, whatever you're drinking Vinnie save some for me!
Vinnie Laraway
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HAHAH! I don't know, the idea of using a topit has been in my head ever since I saw that post saying that the vanish had to be convincing..

I'll save you some though!
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I can see your thinking vinnie and in essence its clever, but in practical terms I could'nt see it working unfortuately. Good to see creative thinking though, it what keeps magic alive.
Larry Davidson
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On 2007-02-21 11:45, kalsolar wrote:
"...A totally convincing vanish is vitally...important to get the required response at the climax...."

"...The resourceful professional, failing to improve the method, changes the moment...."--Erdnase. That quote brings tears to my eyes...hmm, maybe I should reach for a handkerchief. Smile
James Kaine
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Hey I ordered mine on monday, and since then ive read a few bad reviews on it... one especially, a person said I wish it worked better with jeans.... what does that excatly mean? is it because most jeans are top loading pockets?
James Kaine
Jason Purdy
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Just received mine. This is an awesome package and great effect. Here is a thought. Before you reveal the ring tied on the laces, make the statement "Your ring is actually tied to my laces!" BUT gesture to your other foot. OOPS! There will be no ring! You can have some fun with that before the reveal.
EX. "There is a trick I wish I could do." (Balentine) or "That would have been a good trick huh?"... THEN show the other foot (the one with the ring)! BAMB!

I can't wait to get going on this. Looks like I may have some back pages to read too! I guess I missed a few pages of the "bad reviews". Personally I love it!
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You don't have to have topit installed. It will just make you alter your clothing way too much but there is idea by garret thomas, published on Live at jailhouse, that would fit with this extremely well I believe... You don't have to alter your jacket at all with his idea.
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Here's what I currently intend to do once I'm fully happy with handling. As soon as the vanish occurs I'm going to reach into my top pocket and say, "..and your ring has reappeard on this knotted shoelace". I will then slowly remove a knotted shoelace from my top pocket..but of course no ring will be there. This is purely for time misdirection. Just to help break any mental connection between your going to the pocket for the pen (or whatever) and the vanish. Acting slightly embarrased I will then continue, "must be the wrong shoelace...oh hang on (looking down at my foot now)is that your ring?"

Finally, instead of using a pen as a magic wand I'm thinking of bringing out a backdoor key, telling them that it's a magic key. I may then push the end of it into my closed left fist (where they think the ring currently is) turn it anti-clockwise and say, "this un-locks the magic and makes your ring disappear". Then finish as mentioned above. It's just all ideas at the moment though.

I think bringing out a pen just does'nt make sense unless its a magic pen, but people are'nt less likely to suspend their disbelief and accept a normal marker pen being magic. They may however suspend their disbelief over a magic key! Sounds nuts, but theres some sense in there somewhere.
terry herbert
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As I am a little old in the tooth I do not buy many tricks nowadays but having seen the videos & descriptions of Interlace I went for it, and I have to say it is without doubt one of the best tricks I have come across for a very long time.
In my stand up act for many years I have performed a Ring Flight combined with a Himber Ring Routine which is very strong. The Interlace will now take the place of the Ring Flight as the lead into my Himber Routine.
One line I am using with the spectator after I have vanished his ring which changes to the key of my car (using Richard's flash paper method) I say 'If that's the key of my car, where is your ring'? I then look at his shoe and tell him to lift his foot, which of course he does. I then say 'Its not there, I am just winding you up. However my shoe may have a familiar ring to it' I then reveal the ring looped onto my shoelace. It's a killer.
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I got mine today. I think its great and really fun. I have a great presentation for it that I love and I will definitley use this. I can see spectators really enjoying this trick
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