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Peter Marucci
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And how many dead ones? Smile
Peter Marucci
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Tom Mullica
David Williamson
Juan Tamariz
Dan Paulus
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Utah is isolated from the real world by
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Harry Anderson
Mac King
Penn & Teller

And the hardest I've ever laughed at a single magic show was John Carney as Mysto
My ribs hurt for two days! Smile
There is no great genius without a mixture of madness. - Aristotle
Philemon Vanderbeck
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Professor Philemon Vanderbeck
That Creepy Magician
"I use my sixth sense to create the illusion of possessing the other five."
Phil Lawson
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You forget the best comical magician Tommy Cooper. He would often make a mess of a trick but would always retain the secret and come out looking good in the end. **Sigh**
Simon Williams
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Reading, UK
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Can I also put forward a few British comedy magicians?

John Archer
Pete McCahon
Mark Shortland

If you get the chance go and see them. John's busy writing comedy shows for TV. Pete is preparing to tape some magic shows for Channel 5. Mark is on a UK tour with David Penn - you really ought to see his signed mouse through blender!
Warren Peace
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Hey everyone, I thought I'd chime in late on this one. Has anyone else heard of or seen Stephen Bargatze? He is the funniest magician I have ever seen. I am a little surprised he wasn't mentioned on this list...
Anyhow, that's my two cents, better late than never.

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Lewiston NY
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Penn and Teller are my all time favs.
The other night I saw Rick Bronson, a stand up comic who uses some magic. He was hilarious!
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Okay, I know I'm going to make enemies here... but here goes:

I won't go into the ones that everyone mentioned, like Tom Mullica...

There have been a lot of great magicians who were also hilarious... I'm shocked that nobody mentioned Don Alan!

Of the true Comedy Magicians, the all-time best was the original...


Those who either copied Carl or were
"influenced" by him AND were funny in their own right:

Tommy Cooper
Dom DeLouise (with Ruth Buzzi as his
"lovely" assistant, Shagundala)
The Great Tomsoni (Johnny Thompson) (Johnny can be hilarious and is also, by far, the best real magician of this group)

Nobody mentioned Al Flosso!

I wish there was some video of Ken Brooke floating around. A perfect blend of real comedy and real magic.

How about young Steve Martin, the magician?

Of the more current group, there is NOBODY that can even come close to David Williamson. He is genuinely hilarious and never sacrifices the true art of magic.

Okay, I'll shut up now.
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Taunton Somerset U.K.
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Being a Brit I'd have to say Tommy Cooper.

However one of the other funniest magicians I've ever seen is the unsung hero behind a lot of Paul Daniels best routines and that's Ali Bongo.

His Shiek of Araby act is a masterclass in timing and presentation.

When you're smilin'
When you're smilin'
The Whole World Smiles With You !!!
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Here goes
My all time favorite funny magicians are
Tommy Copper
Terry Seabrook
Jeff Durum
Ali Bongo
Fay Presto
and from the Cardiff Magic Society
Colin Tilly
Smile Smile
regards to all

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Jay Sankey is one of the best I know, but so are most of those Canadian magicians. Marlo also had a pretty good sense of humor also.
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I know you all won't agree with me on this one, but one of the funniest for me is Michael Ammar... it's not really his humour but just the way he laughs... that cracks me up for some strange reason, his laughter seems funny to me Smile

Anyway, I also like David Acer and Daryl.

DC's comedy ain't bad as well!

Cheers! Smile

You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a smooth criminal.

Singapore's Hairiest Corporate Comedy Magician!
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New Jersey
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How about the man who made Late Night TV?

Johnny Carson
May The Most
That You Desire
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That You Receive
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Ontario, Canada
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Many funny names listed, one missed is
Richard Sanders, he's done the cruz thing, but has tag teamed with David Acer a few times. Both are funny, together, they are crazy... Acer makes me laugh and laugh and...


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Hmm, my post seems to be erased somehow. Anyhow, IMO, the best comedy magicians are Penn and Teller... one of my favroite is
"how to do the cups and balls" from "the unpleaseant world of Penn and Teller" - 1994
they supposedly break the 4 basic rules of magic...

1. never show the audience the secret
2. never reveal the gaff
3. neve repeat the trick
4. never do the cups and balls with CLEAR PLASTIC CUPS!!!

but they go so fast that nobody ever understands, also Penn starts juggling the balls in the middle of the explanation talking about how that's a misdirection... of course that's THEIR version of the cups and balls. Smile
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Yorba Linda, CA
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I'm floored!

No one has mentioned Whit Haydn.

"People ask me where they can get pixie dust. I don't know about other magicians, but I grind my own."

"I tell one lie per day. People say I'm pathological. If I were pathological I'd lie all the time. I'm not pathological; I'm recidivist."
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lol ... thats good
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I wish I was funny.

I think
Simon Lovell
Jay Sankey
Paul Harris
Rich Marotta
Lennart Green
are funny Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
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Hmm, come to think of it... about the, I grind my own pixie dust... I think I heard that from somewhere before. I just forgot who.. I think it was the same person that said the following... "first you hide the egg in your hand so that people in the audiance can't see, in magic this is called palming.

Now point somewhere else and talk to the audience while you pull the hankerchief out of your pocket... in magic this is called misdirection. Now you take the hankerchief and you poke it into the egg...... in magic this is called poking the hankerchief in the egg!!! lol Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
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