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Dennis Michael
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I just wrote this routine today. A revision of my older one. It works well in practice, uses common coin moves, and has a surprise ending. Hope you like it. If you use it let me know how it worked for you. (If you don't do rabbits, then produce a mellon, or anything else. It can be easily revised to suit your needs and end without a production.)

The Miser's Dream & Rabbit Production
by Dennis Michael

by Pink Floyd (See Note at bottom)


  • Large Bucket (Plant type)
  • Small Bucket/Pail
  • 15-20 Half Dollars
  • Strong Wafer Thin Magnet or Back Pocket Magnet
  • Steel Gimmick Half Dollar
  • Rabbit
  • Bunny Bag
  • Magic Wand
  • Table
  • A Giveaway (Million Dollar Bill)


    Place Rabbit in Bunny Bag and hang on back of magic table. Place Large Bucket on table on its side hanging slightly over the table edge and brace it from movement with small bucket or pail and magic wand. Inside large bucket place the coins for easy pickup. (Practice dropping coins so it works, smoothly.)

    Place Back Pocket Magnet in back pocket or sew/tape Strong Wafer Thin Magnet on the inside bottom of your jacket or shirt where your hand falls and just where your fingers can reach the steel gimmick coin just by subtly feeling for it. Just before performing this trick, place steel gimmick coin on magnetic which ever method you choose. The purpose is to place the coin on the magnet throughout the performance and show your hand empty. (This magnet and coin move is optional and not required but it adds to the effect of the trick.)


    The Miser's Dream is a classic of magic. This routine has a powerful ending. Let us set the scene. After showing hand and bucket empty unmistakably empty, you pick up and show a champagne bucket from your table. Suddenly, coins begin materializing from thin air. Coins here, coins there, coins everywhere. Coins can even be produced from a spectator's ear, nose, foot, knee, arm, shirt pocket, or if you like, a spectator can "magically" catch a coin and toss it toward the pail - the audience then hears it "land" with a distinctive sound that can be heard in the largest auditorium!

    An Assistant is called to help and she puts coins (Magically) into the pail, then as she coughs lots more fall into the pail but one is stuck in her nose, that too falls in to the pail. The money is poured into another bucket and a request is made to all audience members to reach into the air for more MONEY and throw it into the pail, but instead of money from the hare, a bunny appears.

The Miser's Dream is an excellent trick for the kids and Adults. It can be performed with or without assistant. It's best to use a young girl around 10, if possible. That assistant should stand to your left facing the audience. The routine can be modified so all the lines can be said on stage using the assistant.

This is the most expensive trick in my collection...It's made of SOLID SILVER.... It's says so right here... N... I... C... K... E... L... NICKEL!..Pay no attention to that.. That's only the price ....

It comes that time of the show.. (walk down into the audience).. We're going to take up a collection..and you thought it was paid for....

(Show Empty hand then grab coin from Magnet and produce a coin from the air. Jeff McBride Method, look at a spot, point at that spot, and pluck it as it you pulled it from that spot.)

  • You've heard of the Almighty Dollar? This is the Holy Half.
  • Not from your pockets....Not from your purse...but from your ear....Must be one of those cash-ears..I've heard about...
  • Look another from the ear.. "Can You Hear Me NOW?"
  • Another in the Open.. It's better than making money UNDER COVER
  • You must of step into money, there's one on the bottom of your sole.
  • And here is some more from my knee.. That's a real Mon..Knee
  • Look, you're sitting on a half-dollar...You must think you have money up the .... Never mind, Forget it.
  • This is great, I'm MONEY MAD, I don't have any money and Yes I'm Mad.

    (Stop and Pause a moment, look at your audience then say...)

  • I only do these shows to earn money... I have an expensive hobby... I like to eat! (Look at Stomach)
  • From your sleeve.. That's getting money off the CUFF.
  • From your Elbow...What's a coin hanging around from a JOINT like this?
  • Oh look, money on the chest, it must be a treasure chest.
  • This is as satisfying as an income tax refund! (Adults like that)
  • From your collar..Here's a silver dollar. (or Half-Dollar)
  • Out of thin air, That's the empty space I have between my ears.
  • From my Mouth ...I Heard that money talks...all it says to me is good-bye!
  • One from your face...You look like a million dollars loose change!
  • From my face...I must look like a million dollars ... Green and Wrinkled...
  • Wow, From Silver Hair.. a Silver-Dollar. (Optional Line)

I bet your full of Money! Would You mind helping me gather some more money? What's Your Name?...Let's give Kathy a round of applause for coming up here..

I want to teach Kathy a trick that will make everyone here jealous....including the adults.... I'm going to teach Kathy how to make money without working for it....(
have girl on left side)..

Reach up in the air with your left hand..
(If she reaches up with her right hand say..That's the first time I saw the left hand on the right side)
...grab a coin ... get a nice tight grip on the coin ... say the magical words...(Happy Birthday) (Akeala- Scouts) (or Abracadabra ....Have a Banana.. That's a Strange magic word...)or (A Magic word of your Choosing)

Now put your hand into the bucket.. and drop your coin... Must be beginner's luck..

Try that again... reach up in the air, grab a coin, say Bill Gates.... (Groan)... Hey! It worked for him I'd thought I give it a try... Put your hand in the bucket and drop the coin... She's pretty good!!.

Kathy, is full of money, she had so much money in her head, I can hear it rattle. Listen to it rattle.

(Shake head and rattle coins in bucket.)
You know how people cough when people have a cold....(yea).. Please cough in this bucket.. WOW!!..Look how much money we have....

(Steal some coins with left hand and drop some coins in with the right hand showing how many coins were collected but hold on to at least one coin with right hand.)

Let's try that again.. Please cough again (Drop remaining coins in left hand.)

That didn't sound as loud as before... (With right hand touch the bridge of her nose with first finger and thumb keeping a coin palmed.)
I think you got some stuck in your nose.... (Drop coin) That's SNOT enough coins. You have a nose for money but Nobody NOSE where that came from.

Pour the coins into small bucket, place the pail upside down, hanging slightly over the back of the table where you have a rabbit in a bag with a grip. From the other bucket shake it so it makes a lot of noise.

Money won't make you happy... but it's sure good for quieting to the nerves!
(Hand the pail of money to your assistant and ask her to shake it. This is a good misdirection, as you pick up the pail and the rabbit, all eyes and ears are focused on the assistant.)

I would like everybody to help one more time, To get lots of money to fill the bucket. I want you all to reach up in the air and grab some MONEY. When I Count to three, I want you all to toss it in the bucket. Ready, One...Two...Three...

I can't believe it. I say Money and you must of thought BUNNY... A HARE from the AIR!

Take out the rabbit and take your bow, with your assistant.

THANK YOU!..Let's give a round of applause to Kathy for coming up here... Here's a Million Bucks for helping me (Million Dollar Bill)

( Note: Edit the music so it stops it just before the word "Bullsh-t" is said. Those older adults who know the song will get a kick out of that subtle humor. Not to edit it will leave you in an embarrassed spot. Momentary stop at that point and look puzzled then smile. An audience connection moment with the adults from the 60's and 70's.)
Dennis Michael
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Outstanding. I have enjoyed your posts in the past and this well thought out routine just confirms why.
Cheshire Cat
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An excellent read Dennis. While I have been pressure cleaning my driveway, taking the dog for a walk, and washing two cars, - you have been creating this posting. (Allowing for time differences between NJ and Cheshire!)

Tony. Smile Smile Smile
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Thanks Dennis, this is very generous of you and I love seeing how you construct the routine!
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That is a great routine. I have been thinking of adding a Misers dream to my act. Now I have a great jumping off point.


Magic is fun!!!
flourish dude
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That is a great routine! thanks for posting it.
Nothing of the same will bring any change, take action today!
Just taking a step, is a step in the right direction because when you stop working, your dream dies.
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Really great routine. Thank you for putting all the effort into sharing it with us.
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This is great Dennis! Thanks for sharing. One alternate suggestion for the million $ bills is They put your picture on the bill and it is very reasonable. Thanks again.
Be Amazed! + Enjoy The Magic!
Dennis Michael
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Southern, NJ
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That's a great suggestion Bob. Also there is Big Bucks with magic tricks on the reverse side. (Funny Money)

Bob has a great idea... Can we, as a joint effort, give other suggestions, alternative endings, productions, etc?

An alternative ending would be a really big load of coins, that, by some method, drop as the audience members throw them into the bucket, not one big clunk, but rapid staggered droppings and clinks. Then pour them into the pail held by the assistant.

Example, a load of coins and several PCV pipes with slots in the bottom so when the bucket tilts they fall out. The pour would be the ones that dropped out of the PVC pipe and the load of coins, ending with spring bills, overflowing the pail.

Maybe a double folded bag with the internal bag being a hair net. The fingers release the outer bag and shaking the bucket releases the coins through the hair net holes. The bag also releases the spring bills.

(Just my mind is running at full speed here!)
Dennis Michael
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Milford Haven. Pembrokeshire wales U.K.
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it would be logical to use a load of spring bills if you have not got a bunny or if like me you do not like bagging your bunny.
Dennis Michael
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Southern, NJ
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Spring Bills would also work, or a load of coins.
Dennis Michael
Brent McLeod
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Thanks, Dennis.

Very good original routine.

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Hi, just got the jeff McBride DVD, to practice the misers dream, I got a dozen norm nielson palming coins, but I need a gimmick bucket, which bucket/ pail will hold these coins. thanks
Dennis Michael
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Southern, NJ
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You don't need a gimmick bucket, it looks gimmicked and McBrides excellent coin video shows you one way to do the Miser's Dream without a gimmick bucket.

Learning the Miser's Dream without a gimmick bucket allows you to use any bucket and do the Miser's Dream anywhere. All you need is to learn the downs palm and finger clip. It is also in Volume 1 of Tarbell.

A great new method for close-up can be found on Charlie Frye's new DVD Eccentrics 2 Which leads into an excellent and smooth coin matrix.

It is a worthwhile DVD and has a lot of other good comedy stuff!
Dennis Michael
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Good one! And the song selection is excellent (minus the BS of course:)

I just used Miser's today at my 3 yr old's party. Sort of an impromptu along with the appearing cane, magic temple etc to a song 4.4 minutes long. Need to fill it with a few more routines as my opening effect.

Some good ideas, thanks!

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