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I just bought a polaroid camera and was wondering if anyone knew about tricks or interesting ways of presenting tricks involving the camera. seems like a good prop. the minute that it takes a picture to develope could add a good amount of suspense to a trick. thanks
Father Photius
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Seems David Copperfield did something with them and some statue some years ago.
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Check out Penn and Teller's "How to Play in Traffic"

They've got an effect in there that is similar to the current Best$elling effect "GhostVision".

Same principle, different technology... But either version is killer if used properly!

enjoy your new toy!

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I was thinking the same thing as gaddy--Ghost Vision might work well. Not too familiar with the P/T effect.
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There was at least one marketed trick back in the 80s that used prepared film packs for a particular model Polaroid
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Gaddy's suggestion of Ghost Vision by Andrew Mayne is great. What a wonderful souvenir to be able to give away at the end of your presentation.

I've had a lot of fun with this effect with a digital camera, but adding the tangible aspect of a real photograph is an added bonus.
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Just got the ghost vision and have had some fun with it so far. Needs a bit of practice in manipulating the gimmick. Don't get it wet because it will be ruined and you'll have to buy another one or make up your own.
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They still make Polaroid Cameras?
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Stand behind your 'mark' and have someone take a Polaroid of the two of you. Secretly hold up your force card behind them. Hand them the photo and have them place it face down in front of them. Then force the card on them, hide it in the deck, and pretend you can't find it. Tell them to turn over the photo. They will be blown away. Guaranteed. And they have a nice souvenir.
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Ghostvision would be pretty difficult to do with a polaroid camera because the viewfinder is not the lens.
Steven Steele
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I used to own a Polaroid and had a great effect with it. I used it as a thought reading routine. Have a something selected and take a picture of the person. When the picture develops, the object selected is seen in the picture with the person, but as a ghostly apparition. It's very easy to set up and do. I don't even remember how I got the secret. I think it was just a bunch of magicians talking, in passing. I may have read it in a magazine. I know it's not a marketed effect or in a book somewhere. At least, not one I've read. If you're interested, PM me for the details. I won't put it out here in public.
Brandon Queen
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I have a couple effects that I do with a polaroid. As far as I know, I created the method and idea myself, but If it's already been done, please inform me.

One routine in short, I basically have a couple spectators picked from the audience, and I begin to explain how there are certain qualities a ghost has. Basically, I try to prove or convince the audience that one of the two spectators is a ghost. I prove it, by having one of them select any card they want. Then sitting in a chair. Holding up the card, with the other spectator sitting next to them, or even both standing, doesn't matter. And the other spectator puts their arm around them, and I take the shot. When the polaroid develops, all you see in the picture, is the one spectator with his arm around nobody, and the card appears floating. The other spectator has complelty vanished.

The other routine I do, with the same principle, is I perform a PK touch routine, and say how there is a ghost in the room, who mocks and memicks my every move. At the end of the routine, I ask if anyone would like to see this ghost. I take a picture with my polaroid of an empty chair. When it develops, you see an actual creepy little girl, in a white nightgown, clearly sitting in the chair smiling back at you.
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Also, the little batteries on each and every polaroid film pack are a lot of fun to play with.

The height of disposable consumer culture, expecting us to throw away a perfectly serviceable battery full of toxic chemicals...
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There are 2 types of poleroid I think (leaving aside the I-zone mini-camera); you need the one with that allows you to double expose each picture/exposure. One Poleroid automatically ejects the picture after you click so that you cannot double expose. You need the version that allows you to doctor the camera so that this does not happen - I do not know the model no. or name I'm afraid, it's likely even the photo shop won't know so you need someone 'in the know' on the message boards to tip you off.
You can do this effect with the Poleroid I-Zone camera, but the picture is about the size of 2 postage stamps. Very easy and I have one but the pics are too small so have stopped using it.
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Harry Allen at Daytona Magic has an effect. It is less than $10. I used it for a while, but it became costly. I tossed it years ago when the camera went out of market.

I do a similar thing with a doctored up digital camera. Maybe I should market the thing!
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