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I am not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I couldn't find any better one:

Maybe some of you followed the Genii thread where I suggested to Kaufman to
make Genii also available as PDF, a digital alternative. Predictably the
thread derailed because it is increasingly difficult to have a serious
discussion online. Somewhere in the middle he challenged me to publish a digital magic magazine and prove him wrong. Since I like a good challenge I will do exactly that.

The name of the new magic journal will be "Modern Magic" the same as the famous
book by Professor Hoffman (and one feature will be the serialization of
Modern Magic in Modern Magic the magazine Smile . To show that I am serious I
have already bought the domain The business
model will be quite different to what you are used to. Please read below the plan and if you are interested to be part of the team send in your job application:


Modern Magic is a purely digital magic magazine which will be published as PDF and distributed electronically completely free of charge to subscribers. Revenue will be based solely on advertisements. Due to the digital format advertisements can link to multimedia including in particular hyperlinks to product pages, video clips and audio clips.

The contents will be on par with any high gloss color magic magazine such as Genii, Magic, MUM, Linking Ring, Street Magic or MagicSeen.

Since there is no page limitation (there is some file size limitation to avoid long downloads) ads can be fairly cheap. Ads will be sold only by full page quantities and will cost a flat fee of $100 per letter-sized page. The ad page must be supplied as PDF page. We encourage linking to multimedia contents which could reside at your own server, YouTube or other places on the Internet. For example ads for DVDs could provide a trailer or short demo clip. Trick ads could come with a demo video of the effect, etc. Also article contributions can include video or could potentially be exclusively video.

Any contributors will share directly in the revenue the magazine generates (see below). The more successful the magazine will be, the more these contributors will earn.

Unsolicited articles and contributions are welcome and will be reviewed and accepted or rejected by a panel of editorial board members.

Revenue sharing by percentage of total ad revenue:

Editor in Chief 8%
News Editor 4%
Copy Editor/Writer 4%
Graphic Designer 4%
IT Specialist 4%
7 Board Members 1% each a total of 7%
3 Columnists 3% each a total of 9%
3 solicited article Authors 3% each a total of 9%
3 unsolicited Authors 3% each a total of 9%
6 reviews 1% each a total of 6%

Total is 64%. 2% are reserved as buffer in case we have more reviews or more board members or more articles to publish. The difference of what is paid out to 66% is kept in a slush account for special purposes, for example a year end bonus or similar. The remaining 34% are to cover overhead (server, webhost, domain name registration, etc. and the publishers profit).

A print option could potentially be offered via a print on demand service provider such as or Café However, if there is a lot of multimedia contents, then it will not make a lot of sense.

Although subscription is free, subscription will be mandatory and we will require to collect name and email information. All contents will be copyrighted. Copying is not allowed. To get a copy people will have to subscribe and download the PDF from the magazines website.

12 Issues are planned each year, however the journal will stay flexible to issue more or less issues per year given the circumstances.

Modern Magic is published by

Job descriptions:

All positions are considered freelance work and will receive a honorarium based on ad revenue achieved (see above). You are responsible for your own taxes, you are not insured in any way, and you are not employed by

Editor in Chief: Decide on a theme for each issue (who or what will be on the cover of the journal), actively build relations to potential advertisers and potential authors, guarantee the quality and integrity of the journal content, work with staff and contributors to prepare each issue, write an editorial for each issue and pitch in with any other work necessary to produce each issue.

News Editor: A person to collect and write up any magic related news items. This person must be willing to spend time online to search for news and read news. It must also be a person able to build a network of informants who will relay interesting news from around the world back to the journal.

Copy Editor/Writer: He or she assures that everything is written in proper English and helps out where necessary to write and correct.

Graphic Designer: The first task for this person is to give the journal its design identity and prepare the necessary templates to assure a uniform look and feel. The graphic designer will work on special effects and graphics for each individual issue.

IT Specialist: This person will be the web-admin and will do code development for the website (PHP/MySQL/HTML/JavaScript), for special features in PDF (AdobeJavaScript) and will support any other IT related issues such as special software for video, audio and graphics, etc.

Board Members: Board members are recognized magicians, magic scholars or other personalities of the magic community. Their job is to help solicit contributions to the magazine and to give their opinion on unsolicited contributions and product reviews. They could also write and contribute their own articles but that is not their main purpose. Board members are by invitation only, but if you know about an interested candidate, please contact

Columnist: Is a person with strong opinions and willing to write about these for the magazine. Any subject area for the column is possible, from a trick column to philosophy, history, or just rants and ramblings.

All staff personnel is required to actively solicit article contributions and advertisements. The success of this magazine is largely based on building a professional network. It is possible that one person fills two staff positions, for example news editor & copy editor/writer, as long as the qualification and commitment are present.

Job applications with resume are to be emailed to

You might ask: “And why should this work?”
I believe that this has a very good chance to work. Since subscription is free it should be very easy to get into the 5000 – 10000 subscriber number. Several individual magic dealers have shop newsletters to which thousands of magicians subscribe. At that level of subscription a $100 full page color ad with the possibility to have hyperlinks and multimedia contents is a huge bargain. Print magazines charge about 5x for a full page. I believe that once the startup phase has been passed we will attract about 50 ads yielding a revenue of $5000 per issue. At that level contributors would earn about $200 per issue which is nice money for a side-line. I believe the ultimate potential is about 4x of that, or about $20000 per issue or roughly $800 per contributor and issue. preserving magic one book at a time.
Kip Stevens
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That's more ambitious than ma ambitious card routine dude!!!
John C
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I like the idea. But a domain is only $7.99 a year. So, that's not too serious.


Kip, you crack me up! Your posts look like you!

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This sounds like a fine idea.I also like the possibility of video link's.

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I like this idea!
Thanks Chris
(ps pdf genii would rock for us who live overseas!!!!)
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Sounds like a great idea.

Best of luck with this ambitious venture.

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Thanks a lot. The people who applied to be part of the team are highly skilled and experienced. I am excited at the possibilities and will report back once we have a website. preserving magic one book at a time.
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Chris, good luck! I look forward to seeing it.
If you need any help, give me a ring: 877-877-7878

Street Magic Magazine
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As publisher of the strictly on-line Wizards' Journals since 2003, I wish you much luck and success in your venture. Our concept is different in that the Journals are 100% magic oriented, whereas Genii, Linking Ring, MUM are filled with lots of photos of old men congratulating one another, and news of who did what to whom (no offense to any old men... I am one myself!). But since the first thing I always turn to when I pick up a magic magazine is to the magic tricks sections (which are getting fewer and fewer in number, it seems), my idea was that a magic magazine should be filled with magic. I hope yours will not only be filled with magic, but modern magic, and I'll be looking forward to seeing it in the near (I hope) future.
Professor Spellbinder

Professor Emeritus at the Turkey Buzzard Academy of Magik, Witchcraft and Wizardry

Publisher of The Wizards' Journals
Cameron Francis
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Interesting. I like the articles in Genii and Magic. I personally like to read those magazines to find out about people and things in the magic world that I would otherwise have no exposure to. Although the tricks are usually pretty good in both periodicals, it's not the reason I buy them.

But to each his own. And I think a magazine filled with tricks sounds like a good idea, too. Smile
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Good luck Chris...Sounds real good. Smile The only energy you really need, you already have - "Desire." Someone great once said the truest thing that ever was, "It is done unto you as you believe"....That's the reallest magic of all and the only magic you need in anything. Smile Just do it! -MB Smile
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"Believe in YOU, and you will see the greatest magic that ever was." -Mb Smile
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Sounds like fun... Smile ..
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
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Bravo, Chris. It's great to see you fearlessly embrace the new media. I can't wait to see your new magazine. I've run out of storage space for my paper mags, books, CDs, DVDs, ... Thank god for the new media and my 250 gig hard drive. Good luck with Modern Magic!
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Thank you for the encouragement. The core team is assembled and I am excited at the possibilities of a couple of smart people working together to create a wonderful new magic magazine.

The scope of the magazine will be fairly broad and it will have anything from tricks to general articles and news. The articles will range from the exotic far out to the mainstream, from historical material to the newest and coolest. We want to feature the big shots and the little guys as long as their magic is great.

We will go into silent mode for a couple of weeks to get everything started. preserving magic one book at a time.
Andy the cardician
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Good idea. Certainly needs dedication and a lot of good material to make it fly. Guess, you will get both.

Good luck with it
Cards never lie
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The difficult part to keep in mind is that it's not REALLY a magazine, but something new and different and able to do things a paper magazine cannot do. You can embed animations, video, sound as well as still photos. You can sort and search and split, which I think will be what happens to past issues once they have been archived so trick freaks like me can get just a collection of tricks, while those in search of whatever happened to so and so can follow that trail, etc. The Jinx on CD is much more valuable than it was on paper because those fabulous indices can now be actually and easily USED.

For my Wizards' Journals, the big eye-opener for me was that I could split each issue into separate articles, so someone interested in kid show magic can put together his own collection of Wizards' Journal Kid Show tricks, and so on. You can still purchase the entire issue, but most people seem to prefer being able to buy just the stuff they are interested in.

I'll be watching how you handle the new media, in case it gives me any new ideas for my own publication, but I wish you much success because what helps you helps us all.
Professor Spellbinder

Professor Emeritus at the Turkey Buzzard Academy of Magik, Witchcraft and Wizardry

Publisher of The Wizards' Journals
Matthew W
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If you need a graphic designer still, I can help you out.
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