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ed rhodes
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I think female magicians interact with each other as well. It's when a male comes around that the defenses go up. Maybe that's wrong, but it's hardly unexpected.

I remember a survey in Genii w-a-y back in the day where they asked; "Why aren't there more female magicians?" Some of the answers were wowsers!

Women won't put in the time to practice.
Women aren't as graceful as men. (I'm serious that was one of the answers)
Women can't do the heavy lifting necessary for large illusion shows. (And how much does David Copperfield or Lance Burton actually carry?)

I didn't get a chance to put in my two cents (the survey was closed by the time I heard about it.) But it would have been this; Women are not taught to play with toys. Men are. (Think about it, most male toys are about empowerment; pretending you're an explorer, cowboy, adventurer, etc. Most female toys are about running a household, raising a baby or shopping.)

It's amazing we have the level of female talent we do today!
"There's no time to lose," I heard her say.
"Catch your dreams before they slip away."
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Ain't life unkind?"
Kaarlo von Freymann
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Quote:....I love Tina Lenert doing her bit as the cleaning lady. It has always been my favorite....

I saw her twice here in Helsinki doing that bit, the first time I was fooled, the second time I just could not wait. What an EXTRA-ordinary out of the the route performance. What grace, what music! Only a woman could do a show like that.
Forget about political correctness. There are differences! And we know it. I can hear immediately on the radio whether the voice is a black singer's, and I sure prefer that to anything else.
Kaarlo von Freymann Helsinki Finland
Kaarlo von Freymann - Helsinki- Finland
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You can't say that here in America, that would be considered a racist statement.

Big Daddy Cool
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On 2008-02-29 17:23, jimhlou wrote:
You can't say that here in America, that would be considered a racist statement.


You can say anything in America. It may not be popular, but you still have the right to say it.
Swing hard, swing often, and we'll catch ya on the Flip-Side!
John Pyka
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I love Malinda, I've seen her show three times.
Sherri Louis is the only child magician that was actually entertaining.
Princess Tenko is a national treasure.
Kate Medvedeva rules.
Growing up, Fran Ireland help was just a (long distance) phone call away.
Pat Collines wasn't strictly a magician, but she was the absolute best stage hypotist around.
Jerrie Larson WAS The Magic Lady.
Bally Hoo and Hullabaloo
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I have not seen many female magicians but when I was little I meet and saw a female magician 'rachel wild' she was like my inspration to do amgic as a female. Sadly I lost contact with her and was wondering if anyone might have a email or website that I could contact her through?
thanx Smile
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I tend to favor female illusionists. (Call me corny- I like the razzle dazzle Vegas style.) Melinda is one of my all time favs.

I am currently falling for Sophie Edelstein . She performed with "Cirque Pinder", a French Circus. She is also a judge for a foreign version of "America's Got Talent". If you haven't seen her perform, look her up under "Cirque Pinder" on Google video.

Lyn Dillies is a fav, simply because she was one of the first women in magic I watched while deciding to perform magic myself.

Isn't Sittah performing now? I have only seen one short clip of her on a talk show.
Dave Scribner
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Lake Hopatcong, NJ
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Natasha, Rachel is married to Aldo Colombini now. Here's a link to their web site which has some contact information.
Where the magic begins
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Isn't Sittah performing now? I have only seen one short clip of her on a talk show.

Yes, she is. In fact, Sittah took 1st place honors in the illusions category at FISM 2006 at Stockholm. Her entire competition piece (quite literally a 10-minute illusion show, with a complete story) is on the FISM 2006 DVD. I was in the audience and very proud to see a female win that spot. Especially one that so many had written off as 'just an assistant'. Smile
"A trick may be very good...but...the illusionist must be better than the trick." -René Lavand
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0w wow I didn't know that Rachel was remarried.
Thank you for the Link Dave.
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Lisa Menna
Kevin Ridgeway
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Kristen female performs the Water Torture Cell or any other water escape better than she does. Her twists to the Hanging Straitjacket escape, Snowstorm, true physical stunts and many others combine the perfect balance of elegance, strength, beauty and determination.

After our shows girls flock to Kristen. They think it is so cool to see a female doing what she does. Funny thing is the guys also are drawn to her as they are truly impressed with what she accomplishes during the show.


P.S. Yes I admit I am a bit biased.
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Kevin Ridgeway &
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I will agree with you on Kristen's performance of the WTC. I'll have to trust you on the suspended straitjacket because I haven't seen her perform that Smile I will admit that knowing I'll never be able to do any of the underwater stuff, I am a bit envious of her. I would love to do JUST ONE underwater stunt, but if my cardiologist were to find out, he'd kill me! We finally got all my heart problems diagnosed and while everything is being treated and monitored, I'd rather not tempt fate. So, I'll stick to doing my escapes in the formalwear (and hope nothing breaks during the performance!) Smile

The only stupid question is the one not asked.
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On 2008-01-15 19:34, lemon ice wrote:
Joan, first I'd like to point out that I can only ever remember seeing a couple female magicians in my whole life, so my opinion comes from a very limited perception of female magicians.

One of those ladies I liked, the other I didn't. Personally, I could do without the sex appeal stuff. I watch magic for the performance. I don't personally care to see a woman using the fact that she's a woman as a selling point for her act. That's just me. Have skill and talent and be a great performer. All I ask. I could do without the bathing suit or the leotard. And this coming from a very straight male.

As mentioned by several others, Julianna Chen is awesome.

I just came from the another thread I think it's "MissDirection" Or maybe it was brought up in " Women Only!" but someone asked why we do not use our natural sex appeal as "Misdirection" I could not have expressed it better myself. THIS is why a lot of males do not take female magicians seriously. While the large percentage of female magicians perform for the sake of performing, there will always be that 1 in who knows how many that will try and wiggle her way into magic... and suck. And that is what will be remembered. I wish that you had posted this over there.
“Amateurs practice until they get it right.
Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.” <Anonymous>
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Krystyn Lambert, we had the oportunity to be at a master class together in vegas when she was only 12, we just did a show in Loveland Colorado and she has come a long way, she has been performing at the magic castle and she has won several magic competitions, she is only 17 now but she is soon to be a big star in the world of magic.
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On 2007-07-12 13:35, Spellbinder wrote:
Autumn Morningstar is quickly becoming my favorite woman magician. Here's why:

I'm very impressed with her video sampler and her background (?) music. *sigh* There's nothing on her site about coming to the Four-State Area (Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri/and sometimes Kansas).

--Grandpa Chet (Cherokee on Mom's side, Creek on Dad's; but looks more like the "Black Dutch" gypsy who came to this country, went straight to Indian territory, and started this family.)
#ShareGoodness #ldsconf
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My favorites are: Jessica Reed, Krystyn Lambert, and Tina Lenert.
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Mercedes Talma.
I named my hairless Sphynx cat after her.
Talma was the only name exotic enough to suit my cat.
"The fool is one who doesn't know what you have just found out."
~Will Rogers
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On 2008-03-13 13:00, ringmaster wrote:
I love Malinda, I've seen her show three times.

Malinda is my favorite too.
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On 2008-09-14 10:39, Dynamike wrote:
On 2008-03-13 13:00, ringmaster wrote:
I love Malinda, I've seen her show three times.

Malinda is my favorite too.

Do you mean Melinda?
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