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N. Ireland
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Ok so I possibly don't think we are totally left out in the cold but is there any books written for the left handed community? Does anyone else out there feel like they have to do twice the work when learning tricks? Like you read through it and every time you see the word right you have to change it to left but then as you get into the trick you forget for a second and bang down you go... Right (or is that left) back you go to the start again. Smile <----see even here there is no left hand!!!
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I don't think you're alone in this. I have to re-read and adjust instructions sometimes too, and I'm right-handed. The reason is that I perform some sleights better with one hand than the other. So until I become more proficient, I sometimes re-write the effect to work for me.
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Cornwall, UK
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Have you considered learning the sleights right handed rather then changing them? I only say this because I read an article in a guitar magazine several months ago which discussed the relative merits of teaching a left handed pupil to play left or right handed.

The idea goes that if you are learning the moves from scratch you should be able to do them either way (try asking a right handed card magician to do a 'hot shot cut' in their right hand and you'll see cards dropped all over the place!) so there are definite advantages in learning the right handed even if you are not (i.e. learning from diagrams/descriptions or being taught by fellow magicians)

The article about guitar made the point that classical musicians do not make a distinction - there is no left handed clarinet or viola for example!

I'm not saying that you shouldn't learn left handed - just that if you are just starting then maybe it's worth thinking about learning right handed for the convenience of all the currently available literature...

Just something to think about Smile


Actually - I just tried it and surprised myself - I can 'just about' do a very slow HSC in the wrong hand without dropping any Smile
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All you lefties might like Bill Malone's On the loose series. As a rightly I find all his moves quite tricky to follow.
Ellen Kotzin
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Harry Anderson's MONTE GRAS is written in a left-handed perspective (of course cause he's a lefty), I would assume his other tricks are as well. There is an issue of MAGIC (back issue) that is totally to the left-handed perspective,July 94 issue--you might enjoy this. It has left-handed magicians and more.

Hope this helped.

Ellen Smile
Geoff Weber
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Magic is not quite so black and white with Left/Right hand directions... To a certain extent magicians are required to be ambidextrous. I'm right handed but I'm thinking of all the things I do that requires left-handed dexterity... How bout pinky counts, thumb counts, snap doubles, ambitious riser, hotshot cut... Not to mention that I don't do my manipulation act with just one hand... So basically... Right handed people have to learn to use their left, and Lefty's gotta learn to use their right. I wouldn't go reinterpreting all your books and videos. Just learn it as is and gain the skill of using both hands with equal agility. It’s useful.
Scott Ocheltree
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An interesting thread discussing some of this is here:

-from another lefty!
Emily Belleranti
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Tucson, Arizona
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I'm a lefty, so I understand exactly what you are talking about.

When I first started learning magic I decided to learn to do sleight of hand left-handed, as I assumed that would be easier.
Once I saw the difficulties of reversing instructions and illustrations, I wanted to learn everything right handed.

I eventually came to a solution. I decided I would start out learning a new sleight left-handed and eventually learn it right-handed. I figured being ambidextrous would come in handy.

I don't think that being left-handed means you will be left out in magic. I think it will just make it a slightly harder road sometimes.

I heard somewhere that lefties don't have as many physical difficulties to overcome to learn to be ambidextrous as righties do. So I guess we're lucky in a way!
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-Robert Montgomery
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N. Ireland
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I understand the whole point of use both hands but it's like I play golf right handed b/c that's all I ever knew. With cards everyone has been playing card games since they where knee height to a mars bar so yes it just feels totally natural to use my left hand and I do obviously have switch hands at times for what ever reason for example doing a one handed fan left handed is pointless as you can not read the index of the card.
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I throw the football and write with my right. But, I do my magic with my left hand. I understand how it can get hard! Smile
Jim Davis
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What is....? Utah
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Hey, I'm a lefty, and I'll give you a secret I learned a while ago.

If I'm struggling with a particular slight of hand, and I can't get it from the written instructions. Take the pictures to the mirror and then follow along in the mirror.

It worked many times for me.

The real challenge here is for the magical writer, if they can write well enough that I can understand what is supposed to happen without pictures or diagrams, then that's good writing! Smile

I feel your pain brother!
Diamond Jim Davis "The Cardslinger" ~~~ Magic from the '80's....................the 1880's!
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Tom Sawyer let me whitewash these
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As a left handed magician I spent the first 6 years of my magical career swapping the word right with the word left in any manuscript.

Its tough. There are a few publications (as mentioned above and elsewhere) that give the left handed perspective, however they are rare.

S. Patrick
Mark Martinez
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Jim, I think that mirror idea is great! In case anyone missed it go back and read Jim's post! Very good idea!!! I myself am a right hander that does may things left handed, not sure why, but I do... Thanks for the great tip, that will help me learn left handed effects with my right hand!!! Smile

Success comes before work only in the dictionary. - Anonymous
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New York Metro Area
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All of these posts have merit. I especially like Mr. Davis mirror idea. Wish I would have thought of it years ago!!

Being left handed I can identify with the difficulties of living in a right handed world. However, just think how unique you all are. If you ever doubt this for one second just go and do a Google or other search on left handed attributes.

Anyway before I get too off this thread, I learned that it is a bit easier if I dictate the instructions to an effect, sleight, etc., into my micro cassette recorder substituting or changing the rights for lefts. Plus the fact that it is in my own voice it almost seems that I am encouraging myself to move forward. I know that this sounds a little nuts but it's true.

You can even pause to give emphasis, adopt an accent to lighten up some really dry stuff. Play around with this idea. It has come in handy for me many, many times.
Lefties Unite, You Are Some Of The Most Creative People Out There!!!!!!!

Take Care,

Vincent Smile Smile Smile
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Bay area
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Ebooks can be an answer as more are converted to this format. You can easily, with a simple command, switch the word "right" for "left" and so on and inverse all of the text so to speak. There are not a whole lot of ebooks for card work yet however.
Drive Carefully
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I'm mixed... I'm actually a right hander, but when I first started out I didn't care which hand I used so I used my right hand to hold the deck, I learnt many sleights with the deck in my right hand, and then, when I got more experienced, I switched to my left hand, but I didn't bother relearning all the sleights, so now, it's kind of funny, because, say, I can only do the pass and a few other sleights in my left hand but not my right hand, and I can only do things like a double lift or shuffle whatever in my right hand and not my left. It gets annoying, i.e. I have to move the deck from hand to hand when performing because I can't do certain things with my right and the same goes for my left.
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Hey, only Left handed people are in their RIGHT minds!

I find that it has helped me, I have almost trained myself to ignore left and right and just docus on what needs to be done and then come up with my own handling and method.

Of course this is a distinct advantage as the routine / effect then becomes natural to me.

It is also great for teaching most magician's as the majority tend to be right handed, so they will see what they would while practising in the mirror... only better looking Smile Smile Smile

(good job I have a sense of humour!
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Lumberton, NC
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I can also identify with this because I'm left handed. If there's diagrams, I'm used to reversing them. Actually, it's more like thinking of them as a reflection of what I should be doing, like in a mirror. I've just gotten used to doing things that way. Paragraphs are a bit harder, since you have to stop and think "left" for "right".

I try to learn most slights in both hands so I can be more versatile. Sometimes one hand is easier than others.
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I'm left handed and i didn't realise until recently i am actually right handed when performing magic. so when learning the charlier pass a couple of years ago i was really hard on myself when i couldn't do it in my left hand. but then i tried it in my right hand and i did it straight away Smile
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Harry Anderson's "Wise Guy" book is written for lefties.
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