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Vinnie Laraway
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Hey guys!

I've been looking all around and I'm going to order some Kids Show Stuff so that I can put together a longer, and more professional show. I've listed here all of the items that I'm interested in. I would appreciate it if you guys let me know what you personally think of each of these and if there is real potential to put it in a show. =]

Nielsen Vanishing Ketchup Bottle (I love this! I'm going to do the Ketchup to Mustard in the paper bag a few times, and then crush the bag w/ ketchup inside to end)

The Lemon Game (I have wanted this forever, and finally have the money for it! I'm going to end the show with this! =])

New and Improved Vanishing Bandana (Classic. Hehe)

Mis-made Flag (There are many versions of this. Does anyone know if this is a good version? I like the two 'mis-mades' before the actual flag, though. And please someone link me to a good Change Bag for this effect.)

Sorcerer's Assistant (I've heard some great stuff about this one, and some bad stuff. If I get it, I'll be using it on myself, not a helper. Does anyone know where I can find a handling that uses it on the magician, and not the assistant?)

Dots Next (I've seen this quite a bit. You think it's worth it?)

Comedy Jumbo Split Deck (I've always liked this trick. Will it play well with the kids?)

Private Eye Python (The effect sounds good. What you you think?)

Dream Bag (I'm kinda iffy with this one. I know how it works and all, but how do you think it would play for the kids?)

Dube Top Hat (I need a new top hat anyways. =])

Rabbid (I like the comedy here. You tell them that you'll pull a rabbit out of your hat, and that's what you pull out. I'll use it with the above top hat.)

Forgettful Frankie (I heard some good things about this one. Would you guys only use it for a Halloween event, or each show?)

Got It Covered (I don't know about this one. I personally think it would be more of an "oooh, ahhh" trick than comedy. Thoughts?)

Pro Professor Cheers Comedy Rope Routine (I LOVE the sight gag! I have the 20th Century Underwear, but I like this more.)

Run, Rabbit, Run (I've heard good things about this. Thoughts?)

The Magic Tie (I'll be wearing a tie to the shows, and I like the comedy, so why not? =])

House Mouse (Anyone used this before? Thoughts?)

Silk To Egg (I like this effect. It's a classic.)

(For Running gags)
Inexhaustable Sponge (I love the gag, but the only down fault is that you have to dry your hands after each wringing of the sponge)

Beach Bucket Lota (Maybe this could work in with the Inexhaustible Sponge? Any ideas?)

Bigger Wands (I LOVE the comedy here. I'll use this with the 'vanishing the silk' bit.)

Keep in mind: I know this is a lot of stuff, but this is just the stuff that I'm interested in, and would like more thoughts on.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Ron Reid
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Hi Vinnie:

You have a lot of stuff listed, but I'll comment about a couple things.

Concerning the Mismade Flag, it's a terrific effect, but there are a number of versions out there. I would contact HP first to find out who makes this version. Stay away from silk made in India as it's poor quality. If you go to - they sell a very nice version made by Goshman. The quality is excellent.

Concerning the "Got it Covered" umbrella/card sword, keep in mind that it's going to create a mess when those cards go flying everywhere. I love the card sword effect, but can imagine what a mess it would create in someone's living room (birthday party event).

You've got a lot of really good items on your list. I think the Lemon Game would be a terrific addition to a kid show. There is an old thread from a couple years ago you can look up.

Keep up the terrific work and ideas, Vinnie.

Your Friend,

Ron Reid
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Nielsen Vanishing Ketchup Bottle = is a good one. play up the bit that it is vanished.

The Lemon Game = not suitable / adult trick / no kid has a dollar bill (great routine though.

Mis-made Flag = here is a routine kids love combine it with the pop away wand or brakaway wand and you will have a 6 minute routine here.

Dots Next = it is suitable for the older kids 7 year and up.

Private Eye Python = could be fun but dress it up for children - use cards with cartoon pictures - dress up the child as a fakir.

Forgettful Frankie = very good choice - you can use many balloon gags here - a winner - use it all year around.

Run, Rabbit, Run = classic kids routine.

Bigger Wands = great on but not always workable. if they see the bigger wands the gag is gone.
Vinnie Laraway
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Hello Ron,

Thanks so much for the help!

I'll email HP today and find out who the maker of that Mis-Made Flag set is.

I understand what you mean about the Got It Covered as well. I'd hate to make a mess in someone else's house. Smile

And about The Lemon Game, I know, I think it would be the perfect ending to a kids show. Lots of humor and magic! =]


Thanks for the help too! About The Lemon Game, there is a thread in which it says how to use it in a children's show. I believe I remember Doug Malloy himself saying he uses it in all his shows, even kids shows!

Thanks for the idea with the Mismade Flag.

On the Bigger Wands, I know, that's an issue. I'll make sure they are completely out of sight in the room.

Thanks again,
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I've been able to perform bigger wands at every kids show since I got them. If there are little one's around I just put them together under my drop cloth.

Regarding Prof. Cheers - I have performed this many times. It is funny and plays well for kids, but the set up can be a real pain. If you are doing more than one show a day it is an even bigger pain. Remember all these ropes are under your clothes so that means your pants have to be big enough to stuff all this rope under without making you look lumpy. A jacket is required.

At best you are looking at a good 4 or 5 minutes to get the ropes all set and ready. If you don't have it set up and ready to go before you leave your house, then you have to find a private place at your performance location to set this up before your show. Just something to think about.

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Are you wanting to buy all these props?

How long a show do you plan on doing? It looks like all these props make up about a 3 hr. show.

Once you do get all these props, then what? Looks like you'd have a couple years worth of work to figure out how to put them into an act.

I've seen some of these classic props used and the result was very unprofessional.
I've seen other acts using just a balloon or a silk and it was very impressive and professional.

What is your goal in buying all this stuff?

Perhaps the suggestion should be to get one item and work on a great routine based around your character before you get the next item. Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
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My opinion...

Nielsen Vanishing Ketchup Bottle = yes
The Lemon Game = no
New and Improved Vanishing Bandana = yes/maybe
Mis-made Flag = yes/maybe
Sorcerer's Assistant = no
Dots Next = yes/maybe
Comedy Jumbo Split Deck = no
Private Eye Python = yes
Dream Bag = yes/maybe
Dube Top Hat = n/a
Rabbid = no
Forgettful Frankie = no
Got It Covered = no
Pro Professor Cheers Comedy Rope Routine = yes
Run, Rabbit, Run = no
The Magic Tie = n/a
House Mouse = no
Silk To Egg = yes/maybe
Inexhaustable Sponge = no
Beach Bucket Lota = no
Bigger Wands = no

Just note...
My opinions are based on the fact that I am not a fan of classic effects.
I think you should try to be different.
I also don't like cards, and I don't think they play well for kids.
And I don't think you need big props to entertain.
Keep it Simple, and small.
No need to bring in a big trunk full of tricks.

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I am with Randi on this don't work for kids...period!
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Harris Deutsch
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Making it your own, whether with the classics or garage sale items is essential..At least for this nearly normal one.

Things I have added to my program lately(not that you asked).
Table cloth that morphs several time into other things.
3 new oversized harmonica's (in 6 different keys).
2 hats.
Train Whistle.

Things I have used...

Flag blendo.
Silk or other to egg
Something to lemon...(out of books not the item you write about).

Things I have thought of adding but not added yet...

Sponge that keeps getting wet...
Professor Cheer...a classic that has lots of laugh possibilities...
Just need to find something that will make it mine...What else could be pulled out?...Pajama cord, buttons on pajamas, electric cord???

Thanks for the food for thought...Enjoy putting something together that works for you.

Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
music, magic and marvelous toys
Smoke & Mirrors
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Vinnie, I was disappointed with beach bucket lota. It didn't hold enough water IMO. I ended up selling it for 1/2 price. I wish someone would make a really good (big) version.

Do you use a sound system? If so, yes to Bandana and use music throughout the show.

What is your character like in a show? Are you goofy? if not, sucker effects don't work well, they make the audience defensive, instead of enjoyable.

I think you could make most of those items work well, if you have a good character to pull it all off. Good luck & tell us what you decide and how it all goes.

Vinnie Laraway
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Thanks for the help guys.

Derrick, thanks for the heads up regarding Prof. Cheers Comedy Rope Routine. I will not be wearing a jacket, so I'll pass on that one. Also, there is a difference - the original (about $20) is the one that takes long to setup and is more bulky; however, the new (about $90) version comes with something new that makes setup and wearing easier.

Frank, like I said, NO, I do not want to buy all of these. I said that I am interested in these items and want to get info on them so I can weed out the ones that I'll get and use in the show. Sorry, but I refuse to take your advice. I want to get everything for the show, and put it together from start to finish; not buy one thing 'atta time.

Randi, I respect your opinion. I know that you don't need big props, but personally, I want big props.

Todd, sure? Even just one card trick?

Harris, thanks for your input. I am going to make it my own. I'm only getting started in kid's shows right now. All I really have is close-up effects that play for the older crowd.

GUYS, I just want you to know that I am not 'buying' my act. I already have some stuff that I'm going to put in that does not come from the magic shop, but from books/DVDs. I know how important it is to be original.

Thanks, any other help is appreciated.
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PM'd you with some (hopefully helpful) info.

Vinnie Laraway
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Aaron, thanks for the heads up on the Beach Bucket Lota. I'll look for something else. I don't have a sound system. However, most birthday parties have music or a radio with a CD player. But just in case, I'll always have my own radio with CD player in my car so that I can bring it in before the show if the family doesn't have one.

My character is comedic and professional all at once. I'm not VERY G Smile SmileFY, but the comedy plays with it.

Thanks Steve, checking my inbox now. =]

John C
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On 2007-07-02 15:28, todd75 wrote:
I am with Randi on this don't work for kids...period!

I have had good luck with the card effects I do for kids. One of the mainstays of my library show is a jumbo card trick that kids LOVE. It's called Famous People.

It ALL depends on who you are, what you do and HOW you do it.

The ULTIMATE Routine Series: rebirth soon!
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Of course cards can work for kids. So can spark plugs and poker chips.

And for the opposite reason all the wonderful big props listed at the top of this thread can be just horrible.

Everybody's looking for the right props instead of looking inside themselves, reaching in, and yanking out the entertaining magician within.

There are no right props and asking here for advice on picking a few won't help you get a pro act.

Grab a coffee can and some half dollars and a notebook and within a few weeks you can write yourself a miser's dream routine that would blow away any of these store-bought props. I know that I can have the adults laughing and participating and the kids screaming, and participating with every inch of their being with this trick. Which tricks above can you honestly say that about? And then how much do they co$t?

I understand needing big props. Sometimes it just feels right. Then by all means go buy them. But don't ever expect a blockbuster without putting in a lot of work to make it fit you. And that takes a lot of time and research.

As an example:
The Lemon Game? Great trick. I've performed it a lot and many times for kids. But don't expect more than a few decent reactions from the kids over the 10 minutes at a kids party unless you are willing to re-write the script.

All these tricks can be great AFTER you put loads of time into making them great.
None of them will be great out of the box.

Best of luck. Hand Crafted Magic
Trophy Husband, Father of the Year Candidate,
Chippendale's Dancer applicant, Unofficial World Record Holder.
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O.K. maybe I shouldn't have said NO card tricks. I do Barry Mitchell's Super Sleuth and it rocks. I meant regular old card tricks like "is this your card?" Boring in the eyes of a child!
Vinnie Laraway
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Sorry for being so rude to you before.

I understand that the props don't make the magic, but the presentation used gets the job done in a professional and efficient way.

But please DO understand that I am NOT going to buy all of these effects, read the instructions, and throw them in the show. I am going to buy them, learn them, make the patter and presentation my own to fit my character, and then put them in the show when ready.

I am only simply asking about the products I was interested in to get advice on them from magicians who have bought them.

Thanks for your help!

Todd, I'm with you! Card tricks for children like 'pick a card, any card' are boring to children! But if it is fun and exciting, then a child will be more into it. So card tricks can be for children too. =]

Al Angello
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I agree with Randi.
Al Angello The Comic Juggler/Magician
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Hi Randi.
Half of your list can be done for children of any age.
I guess you are grading them from the presentation that comes with the trick, or the routine that most use. In that case--I would have to agree with you.
Most would say that cups and balls wont go well for Daycares. I do a routine that drives the children crazy. During the performance the children can't stay seated---continuous laughing and shouting.
I'd advise Vinnie to take a long look at the list, and try to think outside the box.
You'd be surprised how creative you can be.
Richard. (Tricky Ricky)
Andre Hagen
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I agree with Al who agrees with Randi.

Also, Frank's advice should appear in every topic on The Little Darlings Forum, whether it pertains to you personally or not.

In fact, maybe it should appear in every topic in every forum.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one - Albert Einstein
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