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Chris H
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Melbourne, Australia
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Hey guys,

For the past five years I've been working at a theatre resturant in Melbourne, Australia. If you don't know about the concept, it's a gothic themed dinner and comedy cabaret show style...thing, based around vampires and all sorts of weird stuff. Here's the website:

I work on the floor as one of the wait staff, and I'm required to dress up in costume and "perform/entertain" the punters. Since I started, I've been dressed as dead Elvis, but the boss has asked me to come up with a character where I can easily incorporate a bit of magic into what I do. So, I'm working on the idea of a dead magician (which the boss loves!), and want to pick some brains for ideas, if anyone has got any.

So far,

- A top hat, with a dead rabbit sticking out the top of it.
- A bullet hole in the middle of my head (we've got access to all sorts of prosthetics and special effects make up). Was thinking the character could have died after screwing up the bullet catch?
- Probably get some of those contact lenses that white out your eyes, just to make him look a bit more creepy.
- Torn sleeves and pants, like all the zombies in the Thriller video clip.
- I've got some of those "old style" cards from ellusionist. I'm not really one for gimmicky type cards, but these do really suit what I'm going to be doing.

So I'm looking for anything else. Nothing is too whacky!! Whether it's a costume idea, a trick that would suit a dead/zombie/vampire magicians, a name for the character, or whatever. I'd love to hear your ideas. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks guys!!

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Well I am sorry that no one else has replied mate.

I think it sounds great already!

If you cough up talcum powder occasionally that could be a bit of comedy also, ie: when things get old they cover in dust, so if you have talcum powder in a pocket and occasionally palm some and cough (blow) into it.

I am very interested in Draculas, I am a Aussie (from England) Juggler, do they hire jugglers?

James BuSTAR
Australia's Comedy Juggling Superstar
Rupert Bair
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There is a guy near where I used to work. He was based a restaurant in the theme park Port Aventura in Spain, he did a "dead magician" act type premise. He had an oldddddddddddd tux very dirty, a white face and bits of blood and used it as his explanation for contacting the spirits. Although he did his show in Spanish and I only understood pieces he was great! Very good stage presence and put on a good show. (I imagine from the applause he got the names right!)

You might just want to age your props i.e he was using slates insted of pads or whiteboards. Rather than theme everything dead.

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Hi Topher - I live in Carlton so I have to come and check you some time!

I would suggest working with magic cliches your audience would know and messing about with them (i.e. not the bullet catch).

Rabbits out of hats - have a rabbit attached to your neck, biting you.
Sawing a lady in a half - Have a old style saw through your body
Cards in neck - Have a playing card stuck in your throat as if someone threw it at you.

Something else to consider is that, as a magician, your talents are worth FAR more then wait staff wages at a theatre restaurant.

Don't give your best away for free!
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Harris Deutsch
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Ghost by Elmsley..where at the end of the poker is revealed that you are .....

Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
music, magic and marvelous toys
Chris H
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Melbourne, Australia
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. They're all really awesome!

Nicholas, if you're ever interested in coming into Dracs, let me know. I can get half price tickets during the week. So if you're interested in a Wednesday or Thursday (occasionally Tuesdays as well), I'm happy to make a booking for you under my name. I can't guarantee I'll be there, as I usually only work Saturday nights. But for $30 a ticket (I think that's the discount price), it's an even better night out than when it's $60 a ticket! Hehehe!!

Thanks again guys!

-- Topher
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Do you do the arm twister? Meir Yedid sells it and it's a great impromptu bit. Seems to me it would fit in beautifully with a decaying magician character.

Karrel Fox used to do a great bit with playing cards that were untouched by human hands. He would douse a deck of cards in talcum powder and do flourishes with them. Talc, supposedly dust, would fly everywhere. Not saying you should do the exact same thing but Buster's post brought it to mind and I'm sure you could find many other ways of using it.

Jim Barron
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CT one day I'll have
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Here's a name idea (if you follow the vampire theme):

"Count Trick-ula"

Best I could come up with for now.

"It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry." Thomas Paine
The Mac
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Um :

1. a blood stain across the tummy = sawing in half that went wrong.
(perform andrew maynes pocket sawing on their table)

2. pulls the skeleton of a rabbit out of the hat.

3. Business card has your a pic of your tombstone on it.
Danny Archer
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Neck Cracker, Grave Mistake, Living/Dead Test...
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Sydney Aus
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I have to agree with Nic on this, perhaps you should be speaking about working in the show more than anything. I cant think that your salary is going to be to big, yet magic should be earning you a lot more.

Use it as a selling point to move into a better position, not just to keep your position if you get what I mean.

Oh - and before people ark up, Im not in it for the money, but to add something to your workload should be of benift to yourself, and not just your employer.

(oh, and say hi to Dunx if he's still working at dracs).
Chris H
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Melbourne, Australia
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Hi guys,

Dunx is still at Dracs. He's the backstage manager these days. I shall pass on your regards, you strange little man.

I'm not gonna be pushing for too much credit for what I do. At the end of the day, I am employed to be a waiter. I'm just lucky that I get 15-20 minutes every night to practice something I hope to eventually turn into a career on the unsuspecting public! Right now, I'm just grateful to get that little bit of experience, and the name Draculas on my resume. I have a strong feeling it's gonna be worth something when I do decide to tackle the big bad world on my own.

Thanks for all the support guys. I really appreciate it. Would still love to hear any other ideas.

All the best,

-- Topher
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