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Mark Wilden
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I think one can become a good magician without learning sleights that take a lot of practice.

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On 2007-07-19 12:27, illusionist987 wrote:
Hello everyone. I'm currently in production with the company I started of an instructional video that will teach a lot of street magic style effects. It will include several props.

What my question is:

What would you want to see or learn in an instructional DVD? What tricks do you think should be included?

I would love to hear from anyone so I can get an idea of what it is that people want to learn. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions are appreciated.


Bryan Doane
Owner/ Founder of New School Magic

I've always looked at what is now being considered Street Magic as nothing more than impromptu, and seemingly impromptu magic, so I'll make my suggestions from that viewpoint.

-What is Street Magic and what is the difference between Street Magic and busking?

-Basic sleight of hand with objects that have variety of shapes, sizes, texture, etc.

-Tricks that use common, everyday objects that can be borrowed and found in different settings. Bars, offices, street, restaurants, etc.

-A lesson in what makes good Street Magic and magic in general. How to practice, how to present it, how to entertain, what to say and not to say, what misdirection and showmanship are.

-Commonly found accessories such as poster putty, thread, magnets, elastic bands, etc, and how to use them to enhance effects.

-Recommended tricks, gaffs, gimmicks and fekes that look like common, everyday objects are being used.

-Recommended resources for further study.

IMO. For this type of magic, the teachings of card magic would be minimal.
I won't recommend which tricks to use because it may open a can of worms.
You will have to be ethical about this and get permissions, credits and/or find out if they're public domain and OK to publish.

Good luck on your endeavors.
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On 2007-07-20 14:20, Josh Riel wrote:

Of course this is just me, I may be wrong. But anyone who disagrees with me is a communist!

As Always,
Scot Legdermain
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I am doing the performance and instruction. I don't have time but I'll give a little explanation later. Ill try not to make it seem as an advertisement so I will have to be careful with my words because ive gotten posts deleted because the Café said I was advertising my company.

New School Magic
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Ok. So I am going to describe a few things about the DVD. So far as being a dvd for beginners it can be a DVD for beginners or veterans but I'm choosing the effects in it because they have strong impact and are easy to do. Anyonoe should be able to learn most of the material. Very little practice will be necessary to get the "jist." Of course I'm going to go over proper techniques etc and I always reccomend practice especially in front of a mirror.

My DVD is going to teach several things, some which require props which are going to be included in a package per say.

Some things in it and covered are:

Svengali deck: I'm going to go over several of my favorite tricks using one. Ill teach the proper way to handle it, riffle it etc...

I'm going to teach possibly an effect or two that don't require a Svengali but require a card to be the card showing up in ashes on the performers arm. That has been done many times before but I havn't seen too many live performances of it and I'm going to go over the several different "substances" one can use for that effect.

For the beginner I think utilizing the Svengali as easy way of forcing a card is a great tool. I probably will add a simple force with a regular deck to so one doesn't have to rely on the Svengali.

Another effect I'm going to go over is a simple bill borrowing a one dollar bill and changing it to a one hundered, 20, or whatever other bill. I will teach the way I learned to perform the switch. Methods and misdirection to end up clean I will teach and explain that a thumb tip can also be used. For this effect I will include the mismade bill which can be used in conjuction with the switch.

Another effect will be a pen through dollar effect. I will be including the gimick pen with the whole package. I will be teaching the two methods I use of piercing the bill. Proper handling of the gimmick and misdirection to end up clean will also be taught.

I will also be teaching some basics with a thumb tip. I will teach 2 possibly 3 effects. One is the way of vanishing a ciggarette...another would be tearing the corner of a bag of M&Ms, eating them and then resealing the corner. I might do a simple production of water or salt etc... I will teach some psychology behind performing with the device, how you should have your hands in pointing at the audience to minimize TT visibility and how I personally ditch my thumb tip at the end.

I will be adding some regular no gaff no sleights card tricks in as well. I didn't want to try to get into detail with everything and I left a lot out but I plan on being thorough with my explanations and teaching and will be using beginner in the explanations to teach to so that as I teach, questions a complete beginner may have, can possibly be answered.

Im basically marketing it as say a beginners magic kit for street magic. that's not going to be the name but its not an introductory DVD. Its more or less a few tricks to learn or add to your arsenal that aren't too hard or difficult. I find someone that sees these guys on TV that are interested in possibly learning and getting into our art want to learn some quality material that has impact. So if they go to the library they aren't necessarily going to find what they are looking for. So I'm hoping to use my business to draw people into our art and get people already involved to possibly look at things differently. I feel like I just moved around in several different directions so if I am not clear on anything just ask. You can take a look around on my website for more info. I'm going to refrain from posting the link because again I'm not trying to advertize myself. But if you click on my avatar you can find my website on my profile. Let me know if anyone has any questions.

New School Magic
"Where YOU are the master of reality!"
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If I were to make a DVD for begiinner magicians, I figure at least half of it would be about presentation. I'd emphasize that the _real_ magic comes not from the effect but from the performer, and give some tips on acting, rehearsing, etc.

As far as the tricks, some self-working card tricks would be a good start, as they require little practice and a lot of good presentation. The first sleight I'd teach would be the French Drop, which is the only sleight I ever teach first-hand. After that, I might include a handful of basic card sleights.

I think that would pretty effectively round out a 90-minute video.
Keith Mitchell
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I am legally deaf. Cannot stand any instructional DVD's where the instructor just YAPS, YAPS, YAPS, AND YAPS. Jay Sankey and Daniel Garcia just love to flap their lips so much that they take forever getting to the tricks itself. They are great magicians, YES, but to a deaf person they are extremely BORING on DVD. There is not a single Magic DVD on the market with Closed-Captioning (CC) and this makes me ANGRY!

I still want to be a magician, so whenever I buy a DVD and there is lots of YAPPING and lip FLAPPING I just totally ignore it and wait forever to get the visual part of the trick.

I have Dan&Dave's The Trilogy set and it was nicely done. It is mostly Visual and less Verbal.

It would help to include an instructional booklet with the DVD.
Keith Mitchell
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One more thing I would like to add to what I just said.

If there are certain supplies that are needed to make the trick work, please use some kind of sub-titles to explain what the supplies are. If you cannot do subtitles then have a written board indicating the what the supplies are.

Again, a booklet that is included with the DVD listing all the supplies would be helpful

Penguin magic videos, they talk so fast and do not make clear visual demonstrations on the necessary supplies.

Thank you
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