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You guys are going to maked me crash. I find mysself looking at clouds as I drive to time my busting. LOL I get honked at when I'm at lights. LOLOLOLOL Smile
:rotf: Smile Smile
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Haha, yeah, I hear ya', Paisa23! The curse of constantly being good ol' "Cloud Aware" now, huh! Might be fun trying to eplain to a cool cop though, I suppose? haha!
"a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free. . ." -- Elliott Smith
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On 2007-08-20 00:25, PaleoMagi wrote:
An amazing photo that may be of interest to the new cadre of cloudbusters.

Great photography!


I remember I've seen this and it's exactly this photo on my Physics lesson studying the topic of Waves. Smile

A very interesting scene.
please pardon my English
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I think it would be an understatement to call this book "remarkable". I believe that this book is one of the most significant contributions to the field magic some time.

My first test of the methods described in this book happened with my wife. I spotted my target cloud, and I indicated to her that I had the oddest notion that the cloud should not exist. I proceeded to make it vanish from between two other clouds to her astonishment.

She is used to my little performances, but this one was considerably beyond what she thought possible. I have performed this for a few other people and, using it for public performance is the next step.

Thanks for the book guys.
Beware of this and that.
Jerome Finley
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You are so welcome! Thank you for the kind words and review. We appreciate it.

We're in the line-up for book of the year, so if you guys have enjoyed the work, Devin and I would both appreciate your vote of confidence!

Thanks to all of you who have given this book and work a proper home! It does my heart great good to see the positive reviews still rolling in. You've all made the work well worth it!!!

"Join my update list here!"
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Im curious what you guys think about this
Especially after reading the book. ?
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He is cloudbusting. It's neil slade using his orgone approach, a link is in the cloudbusting book to the site.
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Effect: A large book focusing on the art of Cloud Busting as well as the power of controlling the weather.

Review: Cloud Busting Secrets is without a doubt, one of the best piece of magic literature I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I must admit I was probably more excited than anyone when I heard about this release a few months ago. The long wait ended recently, and it was surely worth the wait!

What Knight and Finely have written about is genius. They include every detail you need to be making clouds vanish, appear, move, morph, and so much more... nothing is left out at all. Everything is so detailed, and most importantly, honest. If the authors are describing an impractical method, they will flat-out explain the before teaching the method. This is very admirable.

The book begins with a Preface written by Paolo Cavalli on the subject of Cloud Busting and talking about the authors' motives and the genius idea of writing a full book on the subject of weather manipulation. Upon the conclusion of the Preface, an Introduction to the book is made by Finely and Knight, and immediately following this is Devin Knight's section of the book entitled Cloud Busting 101.

CLOUD BUSTING 101 begins by explaining the basic technique of vanishing a cloud from the sky. I must say that upon reading this I burst into a fit of laughter, pondering how something so simple can actually fool the public. Well, it can, and the technique is pure genius. I love it, and practice it frequently. It is totally impromptu, requires no special equipment or secret confederates, and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Devin then gets into the specifics of the technique, including what type of clouds to look for, what time to start busting the cloud, and the acting and presentational specifics. No detail is left out, and Devin truly goes into every aspect of busting a cloud.

Next come some presentational ideas and routines using the Cloud Vanishing technique previously described. The first idea comes from Christopher Williams and describes shooting an invisible gun and producing a large bullet hole in the cloud in the sky. This is a very nice idea that has a very good humorous quality to it. The next idea is a routine utilizing the Rainmaker gimmick in conjunction with a Cloud Vanish. This is also a fantastic idea that has a lot of potential.

The next idea is called Voodoo Card, and it involves the magician drawing a cloud, and slowly erasing it. As it is being erased, a cloud in the sky above is seen to be erasing itself too! This would definitely be very strong, and a few small ideas are included with this. The next section outlines a story about how a Gypsy would make a cloud vanish to seemingly cure a person of their illness. This is a nice idea, and it goes into some fascinating true facts.

Devin now explains the mechanics of Making A Cloud Appear. Flat-out, Devin tells the reader how impractical this technique is. It is basically the reverse process of Cloud Vanishing and would be very effective it the time was right.

He now goes into Moving A Cloud, and once again, warns readers of its impracticality and rarity of an oppurtunity to use it. I was once able to use it, but just to myself, and believe it could as well be effective if done at the spur of the moment. Devin outlines the exact time to do this.

Clearing The Entire Sky is next, and sounds absolutely fantastic. Once again, this is not something you will do every day, and was designed specifically for a publicity stunt. You will only need to do this once. The entire process will take about 20 minutes, so obviously you will only use this as a publicity stunt. Basically, you make all of the clouds in the sky vanish. The Blue Sky Bluff is also briefly explained, and it is a no-effort version of this that is very tongue-in-cheek.

The next excellent topic is Finding An Audience, and Devin explains many creative and magical ways to do this. One of them is definitely one I'll use despite how insane it will make me look.

Sky Revelations are next, and this is basically a luck-of-the-draw methodthat can only be done at certain times. You may find the perfect chance to do it so it is recommended you frequently carry a deck of cards with you. Basically, for this, a chosen card, shape, animal, or other object is revealed in the sky, shaped out of cloud. This is very nice and I recommend you take advantage of the perfect moment to try this! This is a very in-depth subject, and immediately following is the next section of the book by Jerome Finely entitled Advanced Cloud Melting Techniques.

ADVANCED CLOUD MELTING TECHNIQUES is for after you have mastered the basics of cloud busting and are ready to take it to the next level. After a brief Foreward, Jerome briefly describes what cloud busting really is. After this, he outlines the nice idea of tying in a Metal Bending routine with a cloud busting finale. This is very nice and fits with cloud busting perfectly.

Jerome then describes Cloud Melting Methodology in a very in-depth discussion of Suggestion being the key to this technique. This is an exceptional area of discussion that must be read in order to fully understand the art of cloud busting.

Jerome then briefly describes the basics of finding the perfect cloud to bust, and this is also a very informative section. After this, Intermediate Methodology is discussed. This is much more in-depth look at the psychological and suggestive effects of cloud busting.

Troubleshooting: Here, fixing any problems you may have with your cloud busting is outlined and described very well... this is definitely a very informative problem solver and will most definitely fix any difficulties you may have with your cloud busting.

The next section, without revealing much here, describes the easiest way to change the weather or cloud-bust. This is quite funny to read and very informative, and is basically no effort on your part. Following this, the topic of really milking your cloud busting is described. This includes passing out after you bust a cloud, which is a stellar idea and a detail I use every time I bust a cloud. Acting is key for sure, and that is all described over the next few pages in a very informative discussion.

Making Your Cloud Busting Mean Something is a necessay topic, and is thoroughly discussed here. Jerome talks about making your cloud busting have a reason, and this is a definite "must read" topic.

Using This Technique For Publicity is also described among other minor details and teaches how to get yourself known for cloud busting. Afterwards, some Effects and Ideas are outlined. Among these are ideas for Cloud Sculpting, Having A Chosen Card Appear In The Clouds, Wiping a cliud out of the aky with your hand, and a full Cloud Busting routine for the street. After discussing many more methods, including one in the form of a book test, we move on to Part Three: Changing The Weather.

CHANGING THE WEATHER allow the magician to stop the rain or another storm, make a rainbow appear and simply control the weather. Calling for rain storms in a week? No problem, you can stop them with this foolproof technique. It is recommended that you prove your Cloud-Busting abilities beforehand to make this accomplishment more believable, and when you get a chance to do this, it is KILLER!

Yesterday, I stopped the rain to great success, all thanks to this book. The authors go in-depth into all of the details and specifics needed the control the weather, and the method is fascinating and ingenious. After this chapter, Devin Knight briefly describes Vanishing Clouds using Orgone Energy. This is an informative and very interesting conclusion to a fantastic book.

OVERALL: Overall I give this excellent book a 10/10. Knight and Finely have created the Bible of Weather Magic and this is definitely not something to let pass by. Highest recommendations!

Michael Kras
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Wow..... I was a skeptic, but I finally gave in and ordered this Cloud Busting Secrets. To tell the truth, I really expected to be disappointed. Well, it arrived today. I am only on page 22, but I can see this is actually something which can be done. I am so glad I ordered this. All these years I have been in magic and here is something like nothing else I have ever done. I love it !
May every day be magic!
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I ordered the book after I realized it wasn't a joke (I actually thought it was, which explains my previous postings in this thread). After reading it, I have to say it is quite excellent, and I can see myself using this. If you enjoy unusual types of magic, this certainly fits the bill.
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Okay. I'm out with the wife and her little friend today and they are in some hippy dippy new age folk singing girl on girl store buying stuff with angels on it. I'm watching the clouds because as they come off the Sierra Nevada over the desert the change of pressure and wind and temps cause the clouds to churn and boil and in some cases rotate on a horizontal spiral. Very wicked. I also noticed that at a certain point the lower clouds were disipating very quickly and I was able to determine pretty easily what clouds were goners, one big one even got torn to shreads as it hit that point.

The wife and her buddies come spilling out of the store, smelling of oils and humming Indigo Girls songs and they run up to give me a coin with an angel on it. I, being a good guy, said "Thank you, uh...girls, let me give you something. See that cloud, the one that looks like an elephant?" they said yes. I continued "I shall cause it to shrink away and bring it down to earth where it will be invisible but a part of each of you". I then moved my hands toward the cloud and hummed in an odd way and that freakin cloud vanished in about ten seconds! I heard one gal mutter "what the @$@#$?" and I walked to the car, leaving them to wonder. It was great! My wife, a retired teacher, then got into the car and watched other cars vanish and told me that I was evil.

Let this be testiment that cloud busting can be done for magic and in the right weather condition the clouds do go quick enough to make it work. I can't promise everyone lives in the right zone by hey, I do so there.....
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