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Hey jlareau,

That story of the girl who wouldn't go out with you because you're a magician, reminds me of a story I heard awhile back.

A guy asks his friend to help him move some furniture on Saturday. The friend says, I can't, I have to take my dog to the Vet on Saturday.

The guy says; What??? You can't help?? You don't even have a Dog!!!

And the friend says; "That's right. I don't have a dog. But if you don't want to do something, any old excuse will do."

Hmmmm........ just a thought Smile

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
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Here's an effect that I've played with in various ways. You start by showing two cards that seem to have question marks on both sides, which the young girl chooses one of. You patter about how question marks are related to questions, and one of the cards will have one appear on it. The chosen card is sandwiched between the palms of her hands, and she is asked to turn her card over to read "Will you give me the honor of going out with me tomorrow night". Upon turning over her other hand she sees a question mark on the back of her hand, as you say, "The next question is, will you say yes?"


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I think the effect "Kiss the Magician" sounds great. Some mindreading effects would also be great. Show her you can read her mind... Smile
Good luck!
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I've got "Kiss the Magician", although the idea behind is great, the quality of the cards are really "BAD". I do not recommend you guys to get one.

Rather, girls seem to like spongy things... try a sponge heart routine.

Hirase Smile
In love with magic!
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Hey don't knock it until you try it. I proposed to my wife with a magic trick!!

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Here is an effect that I made up for Valentines Day. It may be a little deep for a first encounter but you can modify it to suit your own needs:

Soul Mates

If you could write your name on a grain of sand then throw it back onto a beach, then try and find it the next day, what do you think your odds would be? Remember that a grain of sand never stays in the same place twice, with the in and out going of the tides. In real life people each day face these odds, as they go and find true love, the one and only that their meant to spend the rest of their life with. However impossible it seems, like a rhino, love is short sighted and hasty, if it can find a way, it will make a way. Such as I’m going to show.

A deck of cards is not that far from the real world we live in. Everyone has their different identities, different strengths, some are eager for diamonds and jewels-even through they have many (10D is Shown), well some have more modest means (3D is shown) some are members of exclusive clubs (7C). Some are famous (AS), and others are at the top of there particular profession (KC).

Who would you be if you could be anyone?

Rather then answer that question let's find out. I want you to pretend that you have just finished work and you’re catching a subway train. To which on this particular occasion there were but ten seats left. I want you to think of any number from one to ten, and as I give you a small pile of cards, I want you to deal cards one at a time from the top to the bottom equal to the number you thought of. I’ll take the cards back and place them in a line. As you know public transport stops and drops and picks up passengers so these ten seats filled quickly.

What seat you sit on is the one equal to the number you chose when you picked a number from one to ten, (the magician counts along the line to the position of the number chosen, turning the card over reveals that it is the queen of hearts).

Looks like you’re the Queen of Hearts.

It also looks like we are a perfect match, as it just so happened that I was sitting in the nearby seat, (the magician pulls out the King of Hearts from his pocket).

Is it chance, coincidence or fate, only God knows. But there is one thing that is for sure, it was meant to be.


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Try deep astonishment. If she picks a word like love, kiss, Rose, then you are in a good spot to ask her out. If her word is Kill, Hate, Burn. Than you know to finish your trick and keep looking for the "one". Smile
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Maybe Steve should start a lonely hearts forum given the wealth of practical info that we have to offer Smile
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Smile If you really want to ask a girl out, I would suggest you used Satans Ashe. But if I were the one asking a girl out I would just put down my cards and take her to coffee shops and stuff.
Victor Brisbin
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I hate to admit it, but when I was younger and single, I too thought that Magic would enhance my ability to make a good first impression. The short version of the story is that young ladies either seemed to love it or leave it (and me, sigh). One extreme case involved a girlfriend who kept one of my sponge bunnies in a sort of shrine. I'm not sure if she was trying to hex me or work some mojo of her own. At any rate, it wasn't good. Smile
I'm now married to my lovely wife, who actually likes magic. Listen to the good folks here who advise the "less is more" approach. If she says she doesn't like card tricks, and you show her five, then get used to having a lot of time to yourself to practice those tricks!
"It is better to practice a little than talk a lot." - Muso Kokushi
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and then how to stay in a relationship whilst still practicing magic...

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What if you don't want to ask them out just want to impress them? What kind of trick should you do? I do not want it to seem as if I like them, like doing the trick with the rose and have them think "How did she do that?" I am not saying there is anything wrong with the rose. I like that trick and it has a good reaction with us women. Do you have any tricks that I could do? Smile
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Aus I love that effect you talked about I'm going to change it up a bit but I think my girl will just love it! Thanks!

By the way my girlfriend loves magic but I didn't do any for her tell after we were going out.
"Use your head." ~Dai Vernon~
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I use magic tricks in bars a lot. I part time as a bartender, the floating bill is a real killer it'll definitely get the attention of the girl's at the table next to you.
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