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Well everyone knows I've taking (at LEAST the first volume, it's free) the H.M.I. Hypnosis Motivational Institute. I've on video five. You have to watch 6 videos (like 1 and a half to two hours long) which YOU ARE quized (14-16 questions), then graded by percentage like my highest was 92%, and after words you have a area to write comments. You then get your own tutor you write him any question. My tutor Chris is cool, and always writes back in a timely fashion giving advice. So far his advise is to slow down, take notes and improve my grades because I told him of my finances, wanting to be a bone fide hypnotherapist, and telling him him (as posted here) I wanted to post (too many words, 4 pages) "My Personal Induction". I've NEVER tested well. In High School I got mostly C's abd B's, I has a G.P.A. of I'm thinking ... 2.8. The first test I got the 92%, sencond was a either a 72% or 74%, the third I failed three times I re-took it and got a 72%. The last test I got a 84%. The Second Test I was in and out of light sleep, the Third Test, I SWORE I'd get my hidgest grade. I took notes and everything. I DID NOT read the questions carefully. Like they'd reverese things.

One theory is of the "Hypnotherapy Chair...recliner" You first do the Pre-induction Interview and talk, THEN move them to the nice recliner. A question was like

First have them sit in the office seat then move them into the Hypnosis Seat.

True or False. (I put true).

Then they ask the same question but switched the seating. I put true because I remembered moving a patient from one seat to another.

They have a different "School Of Thought" from what I've learned thus far. I admit I disagree with some of D.R. John Kappas teachings I'm still trying to keep my learning, BUT just adding his. Here are some of the concepts...

1) There are three types of "Suggestibles" (You fill out a questionnaire to see how you are. You could be a 30/70..etc.) You have the "Emotionally Susceptibles", the "Physical Susceptibles", and if you are 50/50 perfectly (20% are) you are a "Natural Somnambulist". Each type has certain characteristics.

Physical Susceptibles - Speaks in Public more easily, Very Detailistic, Better at relating to kids, don't mind hugging in public, will drown out others to get in their point, more abstract, don't mind physically getting close to people to talk, loves fiction, they pass "The Lemon Test" greatly, loves getting compliments, good conversationalist.

Emotional Susceptibles - real literal and the point, when a person is talking about a fear they both have and get fearful, walks more rigid, after arguments you dwell on things you should have or shouls not have said, mind tend to drift to unrelated things, wants to be complimenrs but get a bit embarrassed when they are, hand levitation induction works greatly on..etc.

You also use different inductions or wording of inductions depending on their type. Okay lets look at "The hand drawing closer to face induction". Physical tends to respond better to inferences, while Emotionals to literal direct methods. So for the emotional you'd say "You at your hand and as you do it'll come closer". For the physical you's say "Look into your hand. Imagine it's metal and your forhead is a magnet notice how it gets closer and closer".

So I never have heard of "Types" but that's his school of thought

Oh before we go further, here is THEIR definition of Hyonosis.

"Hypnosis - Is a overload of message units disorganzing out inhibitory proccesses (critical mind) triggering our fight / flight meganism and ultimately resulting in a hypersuggestible state providing access to our subconscious mind".

Myself it's the "Bypassing of the critical factor to the subconscious mind". It's the same as above I guess but the above just describes in more detail what that means.

2)Shock Inductions are ONLY to be used as a demonstration (Stage hypnosis I think would apply), or for emergencies.

3)The primary inductions is ALWAYS the "Hand Levitation" turned converted into hypnosis, then you can use secondary inductions and then deepened.

I disagree. While yes I have my favorites that being one, the BEST INDUCTION, is the one your CLIENT responds to.

4)You ONLY use test to "deepen".

I disagree. I think yes as in "My personal Induction" I do eye fixation, with the hand levitation, as a secondary induction, as well as a deepener AND a test for ideomotor functioning.

5)Your first hypnosis session is the MOST IMPORTANT one as you CANNOT fail. It has to be good. If not the client will lose faith in you and you'll have trouble getting a somnambulistic state in further session.

I agree

There are others. That's just a TASTE of what I've been THANKFULLY learning. This youtube clip was where I first leaned about this free online course, which does kick AS$. It REALLY is legitimate. Go there and REALLY look around the site. It's approved by great organizations. You get a REAL LIVE Certified Hypnotherapist as your tutor and they do help. There are 5 different payment options to certification. The cheapest is "Streaming Video" only, the same context I'm using now for $98.00 a monthly. Also like the N.G.H., and the Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association, the A.H.A American Hypnosis Association, is a really RESPECTED one. A few stage hypnotist, and Hypnotherapist was taught and certified by this School. Also if you join the A.H.A., you get like a library of 200 or so videos ONLINE to watch freely. I think, I'm going to do the $98.00 version. Its get's MORE advanced.

As far as the Video, as NO the teacher had not met the guy really except to maybe say hi, and ask a question or two, he had heard of him as far as being a somnabulist. The guy said a university tested anethsia on him by zapping 400 volts of electricity. The guy when awakened said it felt ONLY like a sting. He's also a "Level Three Conditioned Somnambulist". Level one, I guess your head just drops down, a two, you let go of half of your bodies muscles and three the deepest type you let go of all muscles hence him nearly falling out of the chair. The teacher DIDN'T even know hence the second time suggesting "Being Stuck To The Chair". He did well with it. Also he was hypnotized a couple of more times. The teacher said he doesn't do it on class members as he wants a "For Certain Somnambulist". Also with the students it's hard to KNOW EXACTLY how they react to shock inductions. He said he YEARS and YEARS ago use to demonstrate on students, but once a ladyed urinated herself, and another time a lady started crying. So I understant his logic, though even with this (who was fine) he didn't exactly know how DEEP of a Somnambulist he was. Awesome teaching. I hope this has been informative and you've enjoyed it, Ed, (Eddini) ... Ooooowww !!!
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So who here knows of these concepts and the learning, and to who here is this NEW to? I printed that and had my hypnotherapist read it and she has heard of it, and told me her opinions. She has a lot a DVD'S VHS of Hypnosis learning material, and of conventions she is going to start loaning me. Also I just learned that my Hypnotherapist has taught hypnosis in colleges and has had students but has gotten out of that, she's 72 now. I was happy about that. Thanks, Ed, (Eddini).
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
Lee Darrow
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The first thing that "impressed" me about that video was the seemingly serious trauma that the volunteer took to the neck, upper back and to the back of his head when the hypnotist did the induction! That sure looked like it had to hurt!

And that, in and of itself, is bad, in my professional opinion.

I then was "impressed" by the way that the hypnotist reacted so slowly to the fact that his volunteer was falling out of his seat and that he was completely out of position to control him, physically, from doing so!

And that seems to be pretty sloppy, in my professional opinion. However, it could have been due to the constraints of the room and the fact that they were trying to get "good footage" of the induction and that he had possibly worked with this particular volunteer before and the reaction from said volunteer was simply unexpected (which still begs the question about being prepared for the volunteer to do something unsafe...!)

Now, to address the issue of Depth Scales - I suggest that you look up the following -

The Davis-Husband Hypnotic Scale

The LeCron-Bordeaux Hypnotic Scale

The Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale

Just for openers... and then note that ALL of them make one comment - that they are ALL merely guidelines and NOT fixed indices of trance phenomena!

This means that simply because a person can experience post-hypnotic amnesia, it does not necessarily follow that they will experience arm levitation, if it is suggested to them. MOST people who exhibit or who can experience post-hypnotic amnesia WILL be able to experience arm levitation if it is suggested to them, but not ALL of them will.

NO hypnotic scale, to date, has been demonstrated to show a hard-and-fast heirarchy of experiental phenomena that a volunteer will exhibit in a ranked order - such as they must experience eye catalepsy before being able to experience potitive auditory hallucinations...

Hypnosis is active and directed imagination, using suggestion and the expectations and beliefs of the volunteer. As such, there can really be no hard-and-fast rank order of experiential phenomena that can be 100% reliable in the determination of "depth..." or even of a volunteer's capacity to respond to a variety of suggestions while in the hypnotic state.


Lee Darrow, C.H.
<BR>"Because NICE Matters!"
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Yes Lee, I TOTALLY agree. As I wrote above the teacher did know this guy was a Somnabulist, just not a level. The volunteer NOT someone in the class for reasons I wrote above was a guy the teacher did not know real well but knew of. This guy was such a deep somnabulist they (not the school some University) shocked him with I think 450 volts of electricity and when awaken and asked about it he said it just felt like a tiny sting. Lee, I go by the Harry Aarons(1-6) Depth Scale with 5 being Somnabulism. I agree I thought he hurt his neck BUT he seemed okay NOT that, that excuses the teacher, and NO HYPNOTIST no matter how good or how long can predict how exactly someone will react. He DID know the guy was a natural somnabulist and to his credit after helping him up, gave him suggestions of "Staying In The Chair". So yes Lee I agree, BUT at the same time accidents do happen and even to the best in the world, Ed, (Eddini) C.H.
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
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The Davis-Husband Hypnotic Scale was years ago. Right now the majority of the researchers use the Stanford scale as measurement.
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