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Exactly Six Years Ago Today We All Made A Promise To Never Forget The Events Of That Day Or Of The Lives Lost Throughout This Country.

Please Take A Moment To Remember All Of Our Fallen Brethren And Remember The Men And Women That Are Overseas In Service Of Their Country And Their Fellow Americans.

Thank You.

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The sky is crying in New York today...
"We are what we pretend to be" Kurt Vonnegut, jr.

Now U C It Now U Don't

Harry Mandel

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I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news....I'll never forget that. I remember being glued to the television and my look of disbelief when I saw the first tower fall and knew that the second would be following shortly. I remember the frantic calls and e-mails I sent out to my NYC family and friends only to have "all circuts are busy" repeated in the phone...worrying the most about a friend of mine who is NYPD. I remember going to my older son's school just so I could be near him, and when I got him home, not letting him watch what was going on (I explained it to him later). I remember being so grateful when I finally got word that all my (immediate)family and friends were safe, only to find out a year later that I had lost two (not too distant)cousins in the towers.

I have pictures on my desk at work....two of them are of the NYC skyline...one taken May 2001, and the other taken May 2005 from the Staten Island Ferry.

I pray for the safety of our service men and women.

We must never forget!

The only stupid question is the one not asked.
Justin Style
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I was on the corner of 39th street and 5th ave as the first plane flew overhead and slammed into the north tower. I ran inside the building and up to the 39th floor penthouse patio, had a direct unobstructed view, took out my camera and caught the whole thing on tape. I lost my cousin Michael and a good friend Sue that day. May they and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

I lived in Hoboken growing up and watched them build the towers. Never in my life did I think I would see them fall like that...
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Busking is work.
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I saw "Never Forget" and thought Pearl Harbor. Living in Texas my second thought was the Alamo.
Tom Fenton
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To all my friends in the US,

you are in my thoughts today.

God bless,
"But there isn't a door"
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On 2007-09-11 12:11, Jerrine wrote:
I saw "Never Forget" and thought Pearl Harbor. Living in Texas my second thought was the Alamo.

Remember the Maine, Remember the Lusitania, Remember the Holocaust, Remember the 5th of November. All important events we should remember, but we don't. Life goes on and time marches forward and all those momentous events become sidebars in history to be mentioned in passing on "On This Day in History" filler bits on the radio.
"America's Foremost Satirical Magician" -- Jeff McBride.
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Busking is work.
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Payne makes the same point without the vagueness I employ.
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Yes, but we're talking about our history, our lifetime. As long as historians don't change the significance of our events ... then we will not forget.
Now, look back on history and a sadness will wash over you; for the majority of histories are about battles and wars, not our charities.
Bob Sanders
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I like your point. It isn't fair to only keep part of the score.

We don't keep building ships in a effort to make the ocean shallow enough to walk over. Hope floats us.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Bob Sanders

Magic By Sander / The Amazed Wiz

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I saw the collapse of the second tower from a hill in NJ, I remember Kent State, I remember the political assasinations in the 60's, friends I lost in Nam, Whitman the Texas Tower Sniper and while I remember other tragedies and feel the sorrow, they were not in my lifetime nor in my back yard.

Bless all those every who have had such tragedies in thier lives.
Scott Cram
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I lived on my own in Las Vegas at the time, and I didn't have a television. I did, however, have my computer and internet.

On Sept. 10th, I got home about 11:30 PM (LV time) and found an answering machine message from my mother. She knew that Tuesday was my day off, and she wanted to get together with me. I figured I'd call her in the morning.

I got up the next day about 9:30 AM (12:30 PM New York Time). I was about to turn on the computer, when I remembered that I needed to call my mom first (it was a dial-up internet connection). I called her and said, "I got your message, and we can get together today." Her response was, "...and?!?" I had no idea what she meant by that.

She said, in a very jumbled way, "There's been a crash at the World Trade Center! It's like a war zone out there! Go on the internet, you'll see!" She often doesn't get things out correctly, so I figured there must've been a serious stock market crash or something like that.

I logged on, and the first thing I see on my homepage is the headline: "World Trade Center towers collapse". I read the story to finally see that they collapsed physcially, not financially! I then read on about the planes, and was shocked to see the photos - and that the planes were commercial airliners!

When my mom picked me up later, it was eerie driving across Las Vegas. As we drove through the strip, there wasn't a single person anywhere on it. I've never seen the strip empty like that to this day. When I got to her house, and finally got to see the TV news footage for the first time, I was just stunned for the rest of the day.

I remember going to work the following day at Casesars Palace, and there was absolutely nobody to sell to. It was basically a day of sharing reactions to 9-11 with co-workers.
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Long Beach, CA
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As I shared on this thread last year,

I am from New York City. I lived my childhood and some of my adult life just over a mile from the towers. I watched them getting built. I briefly had a job working in tower number two.

Sept 11 was the day my hometown got raped. I will never forget and my fellow New Yorkers will not forget either.

I still wonder what someone can be looking at that makes them choose to jump out a window 800 feet high with nothing but a concrete landing waiting for them. But people did that.

I still hope that one day the people who planned that will be captured, and I do not care about their race, religion, or politics. When they are captured I hope that the people of this country will have the guts to take care of business in the appropriate manner.
Magic is like Science,
Both are fun if you do it right!
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Let us also not forget the plane that was flown into the pentagon or flight 93, where the crew and passengers went down fighting the b*stards.
Magic! The quicker picker-upper!
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Arlington, Virginia
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My younger son was in Middle School less than a mile from the Pentagon. I was listening to the events unfold on the radio, unable to drive because of a recent stroke. Not good.

Ever since that day, as we all analyzed and worked over the horror of what happened, I've become much more sensitive to the vile and shockingly cruel things humans do to each other - or allow others to do - worldwide. It is particularly painful to recognize that our country is not entirely without blame in some of these incidents. And yet, as other nations feel free to heap scorn upon us, what other country do people the world over flock to for safety, tolerance and hope?

Even more dismaying, that tolerance - a quality that defines our greatness - is condemned by so many abroad as a weakness or a sin, and astoundingly it is condemned and undermined by so many citizens here!

When you remember 9-11, remember the Lady who "lifts her lamp beside the golden door" - may she lift it always, may we return to a full realization of what it means, and open the golden door wide again - it is our strength and a mark of our unique greatness.
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On 2007-09-12 01:58, clynim wrote:
Let us also not forget the plane that was flown into the pentagon or flight 93, where the crew and passengers went down fighting the b*stards.

Most of the people who work in the Pentagon work underneath the structure, but for those who where at the very site, lets remember them, even those who were below ground.
"You may think that i only talk of things from the past, you know, history, well magic is history"

-Guy Jarrett

"Curiosity isn't a sin Harry, but it should be exorcised with great caution."

-Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
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