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Sure can... and have, to those that inquired via PM Smile Did those definitions you asked for not help you read my posts? shoot, I was counting on that. Look, if your looking for an argument then PM me... this really shouldn't be on the thread, my speculation is merely theory... Im sure I could probably come up with 10 more Smile

Steve, I don't know you but I am VERY sorry you have had this happen to you. I once had someone steal some music I produced and at the time didn't have the money to fight it legally and it hurt because it was well respected artists that I wanted to work with one day. I can only imagine how this feels, I wish my heart felt sorry could change it man. Don't let it stress you too much, what goes around comes around eh?
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I think anyone with questions about this still should read the review of Digital Dissolve in Genii Magazine this month. I think he does a very good job analyzing the situation. It's worth the read.
Michael Feldman

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Good advice from mfeld. Also suggest folks view the entire product DVD so can discuss context etc.

Important to go to primary sources where possible. all the coins I've dropped here
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Jon is right, if the DVD were viewed in it entirety I'm quite sure a lot of this would be quieted! Hart, have you seen this? I strongly suggest obtaining a copy before you continue to blindly defend your heroes!
Steve Dusheck
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Hart, I took no action at all against Theory 11. This thread was started by magicians I don't know. Other magicians contacted theory 11 on their own. David Regal wrote his review on his own. You continue to blame me because some of your idols have clay feet. Bueno was not the only person involved who knew the trick was mine. The others even put it in writing.
As I said before all you care about is your pals at Theory 11 and you insist on trying to hurt my reputation to save theirs. No one has accused your friends by name yet. They all said they made a mistake and were sorry and I said That's okay guys let's forget about it and do the right thing. So why do you still carry on with your lost cause?
I was the guest of honor at the FFFF close-up convention. You don't even get invited. Yes, all of my tricks have been copied. You will never have that problem either. And check out the high prices my old used magic gets on E-bay. My actions towards those who copied my tricks are no business of yours. Many I simply forgave. I simply invented new tricks. Every year I had 12 new tricks for Tannen's Jubilee. If I was going to the summer conventions I had 12 new tricks for those conventions too. The tricks were ripped off but I had new tricks every year. That's what I do best. I invent tricks so good that many magic dealers copy them.
After my father died I lost interest in making gimmicked coins. I kept making other tricks so my mother would feel important by folding instructions and putting the tricks in the bags. I had to keep her mind occupied with busy work. She got to know many of the famous magicians who came to my booth to buy my original magic tricks. When she died I decided to quit magic. I was sick of the the low life magic dealers stealing my tricks and new breed of young magicians with very bad manners.
But I can't stop inventing. It just happens. Plus my old time, loyal customers kept writing asking for new tricks because they liked my magic better than the stuff being sold by the magic dealers. So I started my custom club.
Some magicians simply tell me the effect they want to produce and I invent it for them. Usually in a day or two. Many times it turns out I invented the tricks years ago but never had time to put it out.
You know nothing about me yet you keep making sarcastic comments about me which has only made a lot of enemies for you. If you are a friend of theory 11 I think a lot of magicians will not want to do business with theory 11. You would be very surprised at the well known magicians I make exclusive magic for. But you are uninformed about everything I do. That's why you have to keep asking dumb questions that most working magicians already know.
Now you know that I still invent tricks and still sell a lot of magic. But it's custom made magic and I only sell my new items to magicians I know and trust. Most of them are working steady or full time professionals who don't want to do the same tricks that all the novices at Applebees perform.
You lied about me claiming you heard I was difficult to do business with and you continue to try to harm my reputation. You better read the David Regal review again.
Anything you say about me is now considered to be just another of your wild accusations. You write from ignorance as you know nothing about the many tricks I marketed over the years or any of the new items I continue to produce.
I asked you to tell me exactly who at theory 11 you were so concerned about and offered to tell you if they were involved with knowingly putting out my trick.
As for Schoolcraft, I can forgive anyone I feel like forgiving. I don't have to explain my reasons to you. You can't forgive anyone who thinks Theory 11 copied my trick. There is a big difference between a magician with a family having financial problems and a a group of people at magic company making my trick. It seems you have no compassion either.
You even questioned why I had to have someone else talk to theory 11 for me. Everyone else knows that's how business is done. That third person has been doing a wonderful job for Theory 11 and me.
You are the typical know it all young man who wants to be a professional magician but needs to buy tricks from theory 11 because you can't do anything original on your own. You like to feel important by being sarcastic to every one with ethics who supports me.
Have someone read the David Regal review to you several times. It wasn't just Bueno. I feel sorry for you because no one at Theory 11 really cares about you either. Your idols you are so concerned about were wrong. Jonathan Bayme is fixing the problems because he seems to care more about doing what is right than you do.
You are just plain mean. It is the people like you who keep other magicians from making posts. You still hate me while I an getting along with Jonathan Bayme.
Thanks to you I have made many new magician friends. Our dislike for you brought us together. Three of them are already allowed to buy most of my new products. I expect more magicians to join the club soon.
I find your hate for me annoying but it has helped my custom made magic business. DD didn't help my business but you alone brought it back to life. I think I will name a new trick after you. I already have the effect in mind I just have to work out the moves. If it's as funny as I think it will be I might give it to Theory 11 to make.
Steve Dusheck
Hart Keene
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On 2007-11-25 21:39, Jonathan Townsend wrote:
Good advice from mfeld. Also suggest folks view the entire product DVD so can discuss context etc.

Important to go to primary sources where possible.

As I have said before, I didn't want to buy a product in question.

Would someone be kind enough to send me a copy? I would pay for shipping and handling both ways. I would also buy a copy if someone has one. Please send me a pm if you are interested.

Still, how would the product change how I feel about this? I am not denying the effect is Steve's, nor am I denying t11 made a mistake...

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Steve told hart LOLOLOL. I'd just give it up if I were you. it might be asking a bit much, but please do.
"Don't let your Dreams become Fantasies"
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Now now Smile
Hart Keene
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I would say that was a "Pot calling the kettle black" post, wouldn't you say? I was going to report your post for flaming but I decided it should be left up so people can see who the bigger person was. Who didn't resort to name calling and personal insults. You think I hate you Steve? Are you really serious? I don't hate anyone on here, and if someone hates me over having a different opinion and asking some questions then they need to re-think things. I do feel you hate me over this Steve, its obvious after reading your insult filled post. I'm sorry you have so much pain in your life that you have to take all your hatred out on a curious online onlooker. Someone who has done nothing to you personally, just posted his own thoughts and questions on a thread in an online forum. Pretty sad Steve. You don't seem to mind the rumors and lies your online supporters spread about other individuals, eh Steve? I haven't been half as nasty as they have...

As I have said in multiple posts Steve, I don't know most of the people on theory 11 and I don't own or perform any of their effects. I am not part of theory 11 or affiliated with them in any way, I don't know why you think this and am not sure why you would be angry with them over what I said. I do not idolize anyone, I respect them because they are good at what they do.

You are good at what you do Steve. Believe it or not I respect you. But I don't care what gimmicks and effects you have created. I don't even care about FISM. You still put your pants on one leg at a time, just like me. You have no right to spew the hate and insults you did in your last post. If you think posting my viewpoint and asking some questions deserved that type of low blow attack then shame on you.

If someone on here wants to be my enemy over having a different opinion so be it. I wouldn't want to associate with people as trivial as that anyway. I perform for lay people, not magicians. Lay people pay a lot better than magicians do, they don't steal your ideas either. I wish Steve could comment on me and my magic but unfortunately he doesn't know anything about me. Just the pot calling the kettle black again I guess. I remember someone on this thread saying that its not good "to judge without gathering all the facts".

I learned one thing, don't go into a witchhunt when the mob already has their torches lit, you'll get burned...

I'm done commenting here(I'm sure all of you are stoked) unless someone comments on me or my posts, and needs "correction".

I hope things work out with Steve D and theory 11, I'm sure they will...

Check out my website:
Magician Portland Oregon
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Someone here needs "correction" Mr. Keene. You can find that person in a mirror. Your posts have been largely disrespectful when dealing with Mr. Dusheck, and you come across as a very petty person with an agenda.

Threatening to "report" someone to teacher shows which level you apparently want to operate on, although there is nothing in Mr. Dusheck's posts that is not a reasonable defense for the unfounded accusations you felt free to fling around here.

What is funny is that, although you decided to parrot and promote the idea that Mr. Dusheck was "difficult" to work with, he has been nothing but forthright in his posts here. Your "character" however, shines through in each post you make on this subject, each accusation you fling, each dismissal of true accomplishment, and each trite defense you make of questionable business tactics.

But hey, it's only a coin trick, right?

If not for the, as you so charmingly put, the "mob" here, do you honestly think that this issue would have been resolved well? Sometimes the "mob" is right and IS speaking truth to power.

It is this kind of defense of fellow Magicians that give me hope for the community. What gives you hope?
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Give it a rest man. You might see yourself as the voice of reason or the lone dissenter in this discussion but you are nothing more than a distraction from the real issue that has been and is still being worked out.

DD was and is Steve Dusheck's routine and gimmick period. There were additional handling's included by Lee that Steve admitted were good but the fact remains that this was pushed out after permission was requested and denied. No credit was given to Steve for his gimmick or for his routine C/S Transpo. As far as who all was guilty in this I am sure that will never be revealed publicly aside from the known offenders. T11 (Houchin and Bayme) have come here to say they are working out the solution with Steve and Marc DeSouza. I am not sure what you are trying to do here aside from turn this into a thread that eventually gets locked.

It is disturbing that Steve gets ripped off and somehow this thread turns into an attack on his character and accomplishments by none other than Hart Keene. I have no idea what your agenda is here or who is possibly pushing your buttons in the background but if you have any sense about you I would take a walk from this conversation. Trying to fling mud on a guy who has bent over backwards in this deal and who has had countless contributions to magic throughout the last half a century is something to be ashamed of I assure you. You threw the first stone in this conversation that irritated the situation and forced Steve to come on here and defend himself. Yet you stand there now as if the rest of us are the bad guys who stand up for Steve and his creations......

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