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Review of the Real Secrets of Magic Vol.2- my review.
I first posted this on Penguin Magic

-15 routines
-140 minutes of magic, theory and extras

---------Restaurant Section-----------

Ca$h Ca$h
4 spectators select 4 cards and magically 1 coin appears under each card.
---I prefer this when looking to cocoon because when you are doing cards, nobody is expecting coins.
You rip a piece from a specator's napkin. You use his glass . You light it and magically a goldfish appears! Side effect: you can eat the fish and than invisibly spit it again in the glass.
---I'm not ready to use it because it would be very handy to wear a jacket. Of course you need to have a goldfish. Actually this is pretty easy to do, it's the same kind of trick as ATM from Vol.1 . In my opinion this is one of the best tricks that exists because you are almost sure that you are booked.You need a special TT.
A routine where Aces turn into Kings. Then again you show that you had nothing but Aces and that the Kings did go to your pockets. Then again you show that you had nothing but Kings and all the Aces are in your pockets.
----First I need to say pocket'S. This is a routine that I am definitly going to use. It has multiple climaxes.But I have problems with the explanation.
Does somebody else has this to?
This routine starts with a coin that travels and suddenly when it travels on to his arm, 3 coins lay on the table.
--- I like this routine, I'm gonna use it but you need to be able to release classic palmed coins one by one.
You put a selected card into the deck. You do a gesture where you turn it face up in the deck. You shuffle and you spread the deck and one card is turned face down and it's not their card. You go through the deck and the card is gone and is under the glass.
---I realy love this routine and is very easy to do. But sometimes the people go: hey , he put it under the card when we weren't looking! Am I doing something wrong?
You take a piece of paperboard that lays under a beer. You fold it in half and then rip it. A folded bill appears.
--- This is realy cool and very very easy to do.
You can't always perform this because not every table has a beer drinker or paperboards.
You ask to use a spectators napkin. You place a coin in the napkin and it dissapears. It reapears in a spectators plate or anything you want. And then you produce a bottle. Then a shoe and then a second shoe.
---Very cool. The multiple climaxes are realy cool.

---------Cocktail Section--------a lot of this routines could also be performed when doing table hopping

French Kiss
You riffle through the pack and let the spectators say stop. The card is returned into the deck. You do a few cuts and a card is ejected from the deck. You rub the card onto your leg and point towards your mouth and the selected card is folded into your mouth.
--- I realy like this effect , it uses the Merury Card Fold. Very useful technique.+ he teaches the card spin
SAM Card
A card is selected and returned into the deck.
You show a card in a very flourishy way. And then you wave around a card and it changes.
---It's the first time I see a magician use the snap change when performing. I don't realy use the routine but he teaches an excellent DL.
A quick tricks with a cigarette and a coin whereby the coin disappears and appears between your lips.
--- I like this quick trick. You can also do this with a pen or a straw. But it's not meant to be performed at a table or at a cocktail. It's just a quick trick for one person.
A standup 4 coin production, coins appear from paper, arms and an ear.
---This is not really my favorite routine, it doesn't realy have a climax in my opinion. But it might come in handy.
You borrow a bill and it changes into another bill and then back again.
Then you make it disappear and it reappears behind someone's ear.
---Very very cool routine. People ALWAYS gasp when I do this.
This has a lot of hidden references to giving tips. I love it!You need a gimmick that almost any self respecting magician has... a TT.
A ring is placed into the hand. You get a little closed box out of your pocket. You let someone hold it. You change the ring into a key.
The key to open the box. The ring is in there!
---I can't use it because it uses a gimmicked box. But I'll certainly buy it!
A selected card is returned into the deck. You show all cards are face down and you snap and all cards turn face up except the selected card.
---To me this is like Inversion Somersault by Brian Tudor but without the color change. I prefer Inversion Somersault to this.But it's ok.
Guess Card
You write a prediction on a card.
You ask how much money someone has. The exact same number is written on the card!
--- You need the Swami gimmick.Actually I don't understand the explanation. Maybe I'm dumb. But this looks very cool!


-The Breach Where do you need to stand at a table?


-Applause How to get applause. This has some really cool ideas.

-Table Timing


-Predictable Predictable reactions.

-Unpredictable This is a goldmine. How to act against hecklers. I have searched every DVD for this.


-Getting tips Also a goldmine. This well help you get money without actually saying ; give me money.

-Tips accessories

-Your exit The closer is as important as your opener. This is where you sell yourself.

-Businness card About giving them out and never forgetting them.

FISM Act Story This is where they tell you about entering FISM and preparing and all the things behind it. This is beautiful. I realy love this part. It's so interesting to see how it is to be a REAL professional magician.

Shooting fun Funny Bloopers.

Gallery Making of photo's.

Zakary Belamy Slideshow of a magician's photographer.

Yannick Chretien upcoming DVD directed by Jean-Luc Bertrand.

Nestor Hato another upcoming DVD directed by Jean-Luc Bertrand.

---The funny bits are so funny. There is one part where it will be a bit shocking but you will get over it and laugh your $$$ off. This is what heckler's do to us magician's.
---The tricks are maybe a little little less better than in the first vol but the theory is at least as valuable.
---The quality is superb.
---These are the best DVD's I have ever bought in my life.
---David Stone is my favorite magician and I'm sure you've never seen such a Classic Palm and Retention Vanish.

All my routines are from here . I don't know why but I'm sure they are superb when Bill Malone says these are the best magic DVD's.You WILL have 100% more chance to be a professional magician , almost everybody's dream here...
I give this a very big 10/10.

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Do they speak French or English on this DVD? Thanks
"Oh look, we have created enchantment." Blanche DuBois
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Both the second dvd has some more languages to chose than the first
- the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources
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I'd agree with elliotcarver both the dvd's are really good.His coin work is billiant.
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I found the DVD too chaotic and did not like the rather weird bloopers etc. at all. Just give me a performance or a normal explanation.. His command of English is also rather poor, I had real difficulties in understanding everything he said.
"A magician has the skill to conceal the skill"
- Paul Wilson
"Magic is driven by emotion and conflict"
- Tommy Wonder
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The Real Secrets of Magic Volume 2 is an excellent product, I cannot recommend it enough! As a cameran man and editor myself, I really appreciated the time and effort they put in editing the material, in contrast to some other magic DVD's on the market. The effects are taught well, and are pretty adaptable to anyone's style of magic. However, I did feel that volume 1 was a bit better than the second. I think the tricks presented on the first DVD are the ones I use more frequently than volume 2. Nonetheless, David Stone did a great job in producing these DVD's.
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