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I like to perform simple tricks for family and friends, and I've bought some tricks over the years. However, I have a difficulty. I only have really good use of one hand. I have very mild cerebral palsy and cannot use my left hand very well at all.

I stumbled onto the Magic Café today and wondered if anyone here could give me some leads to good tricks that can be done with just one hand? I don't have any local shops, so I have to buy tricks online.

Any suggestions?

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You might want to check out the works of Renee Levand. Aside from masterful card work, he has adapted many fine effects for the use of one hand.

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Hey Nyceis, welcome to the Café!

I don't have anything more to add to what Steve has said above, but would just like to assure you that there are many sleights and moves that can be achieved using just one hand. I am not aware of any resource that teaches them specifically, but I'm sure someone else here will chime in with good advice.

Best of luck

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matt kemp
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You might want to try a chop cup. Most routines using a chop cup use both hands, but I BARELY use my left hand during my chop cup routine.

If you can handle a deck of cards (deal cards, basic shuffling) you might want to try Card College Light for self working card tricks.
Father Photius
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Contact Parson Smith on the forums here. He is a one handed magician and a darn good one. Bet he can give you plenty of ideas. Renee Levand might be a bit advanced for you, he does stuff that those of us with two hands struggle to be able to do, and makes it look easy.
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Don't forget mentalism, too. Most of those only require the use of a hand to write things down.
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These links may help.
My 'Twogether' card thingy.

More on cards:

Hearttau is another member here who has looked for one handed tricks.
He's a nice guy who I'm sure will help.

vinsmagic and Mb217, both members here, have done coin work on the "Crimp", "Crimp Change" and others utilizing the Crimp that you may want to look into.

Good luck,
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I think Hot Rod is one of them One handed tricks..
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Do not let a disability keep you from preforming. Ricky Boone is a good friend of mine and he has been a magician for over 30 years. He has a rare bone disease and has quite a few issues (although he will argue this greatly). He is unable to turn his hands completely for example. He preforms wonderful magic. Check out for a video that the local TV station did about him. (The story won the station an emmy.) Never say that something can not be done. You just have to modify the way that you do some things.
Jay Austin
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Parson Smith
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Thank you for the kind words.
Since last seeing you, I now have learned two tricks.
One is a real fooler called, "The 21 Card Trick."
The other is known as "The Snapper."

And now to Nyceis...

There is nothing that is out of your magical range.
Do not do muscle magic!
Make Real Magic and Make Magic Real.(These two ebooks by Richard Osterlind would be well worth your money and time.)

The secret of magic is to make it real for others. This can only be done by making it real for yourself.

There are some that have said that the last frontier of "believable" magic is mentalism.
Quite frankly, that is poppycock.

If you can learn to transcend tricks and trickery and make real magic, you will be able to do it not only with just one hand, but with no hands at all.

Slim King is a person that would be worth contacting.
He performs magic from 3000 miles away.

Martin Gardner is 93 years old and is still very magical, and does no sleights at all. His books are available and are filled with small miracles.

BUT, you will not accomplish your goals by buying tricks.
You must develop a mindset of "being magical."

Then, not only will you be able to see the miracles, but you will be able to show them to others as well.

Magical blessings upon you,
If I can assist...

Here kitty, kitty,kitty. Smile
+++a posse ad esse+++
Brad Burt
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I'd like to chime in with encouragement also! With thought and practice it is really remarkable what is possible with one hand. If possible find a book called the Panorama of Magic by Milbourne Christopher. In it you will find some short stories of magicians several hundred years ago one of which had no arm to speak of and no legs! On the end of short arms he had short tactile appendages somewhat like a single finger and was reputed to be one of the best magicians at that time! I apologize for not being able to give a name, but I can find my copy of the book above! It may be in print under a slightly different name through Dover.

Also...I went through a phase of fascination with the concept of doing magic one handed. I had discovered that I was able to deal bottoms, seconds, etc. with only my left hand for instance. A one hand deal with the R.H. offers one of the best glimpses in card magic and it's unavailable to a person who holds the deck in the L.H. to deal which is the norm for righties.

I combined a 'Punched' deck with the one handed second to produce a nifty routine based on the idea in Marlo in Spades. This is just to say that if you are willing to do the work, research and practice you will, I think, find that a stunning amount of really terrific magic is available to you!

Here is an idea that I know will sound odd at first, but I offer it as a way to shake your thinking up a little: Try this....try to think how you would do magic if you had NEITHER hand to work with? What would or could you do? Over the years I worked with several handicapped magicians. Generally, there was a problem with one or both hands. This mental exercise worked like warming up with extra bats. By thinking of a condition that is actually worse than what you experience it sets you up to see that your condition is not nearly as bad as it sounds.

If you can in fact come up with some strategies for doing magic WITHOUT any hands at all....and I guarantee you that it is possible in form or another, it shows you HOW MUCH is available to that one hand. It's a nifty exercise for anyone to try!

My very, very best to you in your new adventure!
Brad Burt
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Fist of all, welcome to the Café.

I, too, know Ricky Boone (he is one of my mentors). Not only does he do amazing magic, he owns and operates a "brick and mortar" magic shop here. Being physically challenged, as has been mentioned above, does NOT mean incapable of reaching one's goals.

Hope this provides more encouragemment for you.

Bob Sanders
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There is a world of difference between a handicap and a disability. The greatest difference is in the people!

I meet heroes everyday. They encourage us all.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander
Bob Sanders

Magic By Sander / The Amazed Wiz
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Welcome to the Café. You've come to the right place. Smile I see other Magi have mentioned Rene Lavand. I didn't know about him until my buddy Jaz filled me in. He's a wonderful one-handed magi. His material will keep you in card tricks for a long time to come! Here's a link to his DVD's and there are clips to check out as well.

I highly recommend his book "Magic From The Soul". I consider it the One-Handed Magician's must have resource. I have mild CP and a bad left hand as well, and my first bit of advice is take your time and above all have fun with it. Certain slights may drive you crazy but it's worth the work you put into it. Feel free to PM me and I'll try to help with anything I can. I could go on forever, so if you PM I'll answer any questions you have. Hey we may have to start the One-Handed Magician's Society! Smile Maybe Mr. Lavand will even join. Smile

Talk to you soon I hope!

All the best,

Lentidigitator: “A magic artist who performs slow motion magic”... Rene Lavand

"Peace and all good"... St. Francis

"Hold on to your joy!"... Me Smile
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Oh, you did ask for easy tricks you can find online. Check out two that I do: Entourage and The World's Wildest Joker, both by Gordon Bean. You do need to know how to do a certain slight for TWWJ, but Entourage should be no problem.

Again, feel free to contact me if you like. Smile

Lentidigitator: “A magic artist who performs slow motion magic”... Rene Lavand

"Peace and all good"... St. Francis

"Hold on to your joy!"... Me Smile
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