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Peter Nardi
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Thank you for all the kind words. It really gives me a buzz to know you are using one of my pet creations!


Peter Nardi
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The SAW is wonderful. I use it as my everyday wallet, so I always have it with me, and I no longer think of it as a prop, which, I hope, translates into my not handling it like a prop.
Adam Green
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Dr. Eamon
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Sometimes I use SAW most of the time I cary SUC...
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This is great wallet.
I like it a lot. Many uses on it...but,yeah, it is expensive.

Christopher Williams
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I bought the SAW when it was first released...but never really used it as I didn'w want to change wallets, and didn't want to carry almost an empty wallet with me...so I sold it. Then, I saw someone using it, and heard of some ideas for it, and it was the time Peter released the newer version, so I have re-bought it, and it has been my everyday wallet since the day I bought it! It has helped me so many times in a tight situation, and I have used it as a CTW as well. No it's not the best, but in a certain situation, it will do its job. Really can't recommend this wallet enough!!!

Copies of the limited edition 'MindPlay' still available
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Okay, so what makes this wallet better than others out there on the market today, like the Outlaw? Is the SAW as good as the Outlaw in everything it does? I find the Outlaw extremely good, what do you guys think?
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On 2007-11-09 22:32, SugarDaddy wrote:
Okay, so what makes this wallet better than others out there on the market today, like the Outlaw? Is the SAW as good as the Outlaw in everything it does? I find the Outlaw extremely good, what do you guys think?
The Outlaw is a very compact card case that allows for an instant closed wallet peek and very easy P.W.ing or swami, as you know.

The S.A.W. is a type of bi-fold wallet that does allow a peek (not the same s the outlaw peek)and the SAW has index options and it holds more items than the outlaw.
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On 2007-11-09 22:32, SugarDaddy wrote:
Okay, so what makes this wallet better than others out there on the market today, like the Outlaw? Is the SAW as good as the Outlaw in everything it does? I find the Outlaw extremely good, what do you guys think?

I look at both the Outlaw and the SAW as great investments.It is so nice to have an alternative...especially for repeat guests...that is a reality in my world.

The wonderful simplicity and innocence of the Outlaw vs the versatility of the of the SAW...it is like having two sexy girlfriends...one a shy yet very competent..the other extroverted and privy to more positions.

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you should become a copywriter for magic dealers Smile

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On the SAW v1.1....

Sheer genius in its simplicity...

A tool worth much more than the selling price to a working perfomer...


Br. Don
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I donated my other wallets to apprentice magicians when I got my SAW! it's that good!
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No really!!
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I order one today~ haha
I wish I can get it within this week~
Harry Murphy
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For 11 pages of review and discussion on this prop you might try:

I have had the wallet since it came out and was one of the individuals to convince Mr. Nardi to make it in brown (I have most of my wallets made in brown or burgundy for a couple of reasons. First because the brown is more easily seen and recognized as a wallet when it is pulled out even in dim light and second magicians don’t see many prop/gimmicked wallets in any color than black. It simply puts them off for a bit).

Unlike many people who rush to post reviews of a trick or prop, I like to use them long enough to make them mine and to give them a fair workout. I’ve used this wallet in almost 100 paid shows since getting it and working it into a sequence of routines. It has had trial by fire so to speak so I feel that I can offer an honest opinion at this time.

However, remember it is just my opinion and nothing more.

Let me say that I don’t normally use or have need of a peek wallet and can’t really say why I spent the hard earned cash on this except to say that I am a wallet junkie and need a 12-step program to help me with that addiction!

My experience with peek wallets goes back to the 60’s when I bought a Dr. Jacks set from Tannens (set because it was two wallets, one gimmicked for the Jacks peek and the other ungimmicked to leave laying about to be examined). I still have the wallets. I have a couple of peek wallets that are based on the Dr. Jacks methodology. One was included in a Collectors Workshop trick that I bought in the early 80’s (and still have).


The Stealth Assassin is a very well made little prop. It is made out of slightly textured (matte like finish) leather. It is approximately 4 ¾ inches by 3 3/8 inches and less than ½ inch thick at the spine, closed. When fully loaded with credit cards, some business cards, a bit of cash, and billets it is about ½ inch thick (it will compress to a bit thinner if you carry it in your hip pocket or if you don’t carry cash in it since any cash you carry must be doubled over). It opens to about 6 7/8 inches.

Mr. Nardi has married some nice ideas and built a clever tool. His stealth methodology is a very clever use of an old Basil Horowitz idea (also used for different purposes by Mason in his Isolation Wallet, and Scarlet in his Pimpernel wallet). He also uses the Sight Unseen Wallet methodology (with full credit and permission). Of course the so-called Sight Unseen methodology is found in earlier wallets (well before the Sight Unseen was even dreamed of but again for different purposes) like the Mullica and the Beta wallets.

While the methodologies are not new the manner in which they are used is! This is the genius of Nardi’s thinking!

The first thing that you will notice is that it is NOT a wallet! That is, it is not a wallet in the sense of anything anyone is likely to buy at any men’s store even an upscale men’s clothing store. It is nothing like anything your will find at a leather goods shop. I took it with me to several very upscale men’s stores in Washington, D.C. and could find nothing that even remotely looked like this.

It is set-up more along the lines of the so-called “Gentleman’s” wallet. In fact it is as if a gentleman’s wallet was shrunk to hip-pocket size.

Randy Wakeman tried this approach in wallets years ago when he produced his “Expert Card to Wallet”. That was a Balducci style loading gentleman’s wallet shrunk down to hip pocket size. It looked more like a checkbook cover than a real wallet.

The proportions of length to width in the Stealth Assassin are better thought out.

Unlike the standard hip pocket wallets the credit cards are vertical (small end up) rather than Horizontal. Further, there is no paper cash compartment to the rear of the wallet (nor can there be!).

Laying the Stealth Assassin open you will see, to your left, three credit card slots fairly widely spaced (about ¾ inch apart). The middle slot is not glued to a pocket lining freeing the band of leather between slot two and three to be used for an “Out to Lunch” feature.

Under these credit card slots/pockets and running perpendicular to them is an opening into a pocket. Under this opening, is a slightly larger opening into a pocket ostensibly for cash (remember that there is no traditional cash pocket to the rear of the wallet).

On the right side you will notice four credit card slots. They are cut closer together (they are about ½ inch apart versus the ¾ an inch on the left side) and the first is cut higher toward the outer edge of the wallet. Thus if you were to load your wallet with Credit cards, etc. you will have more of your card exposed on the left side.

I must admit that I didn’t watch the DVDs right away. I explored the wallet first. I easily found that both sides are built to steal a peek. Two different methodologies are used! The left side uses the “Stealth” and the right side uses the O’Conner improvement of the Mullica technology Later used in the “Sight Unseen” wallet (its all the same really).

Further, the left side has two different ways to load the Stealth peek area. You will have to make a “something” to enhance one of the load areas. Hopefully you have an old credit card lying about.

I also found what looked like five very narrow credit card slots on the Stealth side of the wallet. They were in a spot not seen by the spectator. I was confused as to why they were there and remained confused until I watched the DVD and found out that they were so placed to be a small billet index.

There are five slots (the DVD shows it holding up to 10 small billets. There is room under these five slots for one more slot to be cut, maybe two, giving you 12 billets or more - but will you need them?). This is very clever well hidden, and easy to access. What more could you ask from a simple billet holder?

The billet slots are also of a size that takes a number-1 coin envelope. I’ve loaded two coin envelopes in the billet holder and a third in a credit card slot for a prediction trick.

Yes it will “pass” for a wallet to be sure but I suspect that if you are working for magicians/mentalists it will whisper “prop” (but only just whisper).

It takes its form from its functions.

THE DVDs: Two come with the wallet. I don’t know why two because all of the material would have fit on one. Peter Nardi and Marc Spelmann give you the works. There is more than enough on the DVDs to last you for years. The hints and techniques for using the different aspects of the wallet are invaluable.

Nardi and Spelmann have the good chemistry of old friends and banter back and forth a bit. All the presentations are casual and informal. Suggestions are made on many of the routines to flesh it out or go a different direction. Good stuff this!

Let me say that I have performed Steven Trucker’s “Visa Cabaret” since it was released. I have actually gimmicked wallets to perform it. Well this wallet is set up to do the trick using Bills (bank notes)! Frankly, this is the one routine that I have used most often with this wallet. I do it on the spur of the moment and as an impromptu trick when caught out and wanting to perform.

I have also performed Arthur Carter’s “Out of this Wallet” for a couple of decades. The Stealth Assassin is built to do the trick (this is not on the instructional DVD and is suggested here for those of you who actually have read this far!).

The Stealth peek is a joy to use. I have used in the hands peeks and center tears for years. I never thought I’d go back to using a wallet or other prop for a peek. Well this is just too easy and natural to use to pass up.

I tend to perform a set of three different tricks using the wallet, Cash (Visa) Cabaret (on the DVD), Out of this Wallet (not on the DVD), and a drawing duplication (on the DVD). The focus is not on the wallet, it comes and goes and appears to just be a tray, a marker, or a place to hide something from view. It is the casual handling of a day-to-day object that helps it fly by. Watch Peter and Marc handle it on the DVDs and you will get the idea of how casually and indifferently it should be used.

Bottom line…Peter Nardi has designed and built an excellent prop and working professionals tool. He has provided a wealth of routines, ideas, and tips on using the prop. The whole kit and caboodle gets my strongest recommendation.

As to price? I believe that he is selling it too cheaply (I was checking out a Harrington’s catalogue and the Italian leather wallets started at $100.00 and they just carried cash and cards!)!

I like it, I use it, and I have two just in case one takes a walk!
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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Wow! What a review!

Little to possibly add to Harry's piece above except to give my vote for the SAW too. It's a smart, everyday wallet/tool which both carries and also (in itself) allows for a range of great effects.

Harry: were can I find the Arthur Carter effect you mention? Thanks.
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I have always been skeptical of mentalism because as an amateur who mostly performs as a hobby, most of my peers (law students) are incredibly difficult to convince. But, I was able to do a half dozen great distinct mentalism tricks within 2 hours of getting this wallet. The DVD was all that was required to get me started.

I found that, for the skeptical crowd, the use of a spirit writer in combination with the wallet leads to some incredible reactions. You could easily do an entire show with just this wallet, loaded nicely.
Gaz Lawrence
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I am trying to get hold of a sight unseen wallet can anybody tell me where I may get one regards Gary
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I may be some years too late, but is the owner forum that Nardi mentions in the DVD still online? xD
Jamie Ferguson
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On Apr 2, 2014, calle225 wrote:
I may be some years too late, but is the owner forum that Nardi mentions in the DVD still online? xD

Yes it is, although it's been hijacked by spammers as the security was none existent.
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How does this wallet stack up the F1 Nitro?
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I currently have both,

The F1 nitro card to wallet feature is amazing, it also contains all the features of the stealth assassin, however it just makes the wallet a bit too chunky for me, the SAW looks and feels like a nice slim wallet even when stuffed with stuff. Feel free to PM me with questions or if you are interested in buying my nitro!
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