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Hi there. This is my first ebook review here, I hope you like the style of the review.
Ebook: Card Addict by Peter Duffie
Medium: Ebook
Link: or www.peter
Price: 21 card tricks for 15$.

This is my first Peter Duffie ebook. I was intrested in what he has to offer, and as the ad. of the ebook says, this is the Duffie book to have if you're intrested in his work. I second this opinion, as the ebook gives you an idea on how Peter Duffie's magic look like ( mixing sleight of hand effects with some semi-automatic card tricks ).

No sleights are explained beside the reverse faros, though this is fine as the sleights are known ones ( Elmsly count, Double Lifts, Vernon's Strip-out Addition, Riffle force and false shuffles ). The explanations are crystal clear, with a lot of nice photos when needed ( and when not needed ). The production if the ebook is very good too. Some effects stood out for me, and I use them in my work, and some items I didn't care for because of either the spelling involved, or the setup that results of a trick that is not worthy of it ( I think math-magic people will appreciate it .. ) With that, lets go into detail.

The ebook starts with "Kick Start Aces", which is a very unsual way to make the spectator locate the four aces. A magic card is used throughout the routine, where two freely selected cards ( one above and under the magic card ) turn out to be 2 aces, and when the magic card is inserted by the spectator into the deck, the deck is spread only to find the 2 aces on both sides of this magic card. The routine plays very well with no extra playing with the cards, with a setup that can be done easily, I use it quite often.

"Sweet Sixteen" is something I didn't care about, as I don't like the plot. You can read the effect on the ad., if you like it, then this is very good as the method is direct and straight to the point.

The ebook moves into "Six Card Interlude", a routine that some magicians will kill anyone who perform it. Its an *interlude* that involve spelling and some dealing piles. Its nice to do on the phone, but still, its not good. Better than it is the next trick, "Magical Mixture", which still didn't get my attention. It needs some dealing piles, and involves a setup that in my opinion makes the trick less worthy of performing, not to mention the spelling involved.

The next trick, "By Pass" is a breath-refresher. A very good *quickie* that I used quite often when asked to do a quick trick involving 2 spectators. One card is selected,then another one which is flipped face up. Snap, produce the supposed face up card from your pocket, only to show the first card as the face up one. Might sound complicated, but its no way is. The plot is simple, direct and doesn't take a minute to do. You end dirty as far as the deck is concened but its corrected easily. The method is straight forward and done with borrowed deck.

Then comes "Halloween Location", which is something that is just amazing when it comes to self-working tricks. This is what the spectator sees: You openly write the number 31, spectator thinks of a number in a very fair way, and then think of a card that lies at that number. You assemble the deck, show your prediction ( number ), and adding it to the spectator's number, spectator deals and finds his card. The only problem with this routine is the location of the card usually becomes 40 and above, so the spectator will have to deal 40 cards to find his card.

Then comes the first lie detector in the ebook,"Fact or Fiction" is a lie detection trick, which is very good because you don't spell anything. Just ask the spectator, and turn over the top card of the pile to show *the right answer*. The trick is done with a packet of 12 cards only ( a setup ), and has a magician sucker effect ( by that I mean that you tell them you find their card, but you find the wrong one ) which is something I like ( I patter about how I can't find cards in a full deck, then I allow them to select a card from a packet ony to fail to find it. I tell them not to lie in a funny way, then go into the lie detection ). The trick is very good, and I use it whenever I have the time to do the setup ( CHaSD with 12 cards ).

"Miracle or Impossible Again!" is a spelling trick from a shuffled deck. Spectator picks a card, then you find it by *Misdirection*, as all magicians do, then you show that this is not a *puzzle*, its a *miracle*. I didn't care much for it, I don't like spelling that much.

"Make Mine a Double" is a stunning 2 of kind ( aka "mates" ) revelation, where a spectator pick a card for you and him, only to find that its 2 of kind. The method is easy, and one of the cards is freely selected. I use this when I want to use 2 "mates", I do it quickly and go on with the routine I'm doing.

The ebook goes to "Fat Chance", with a different plot that what we normally see. You challenge the spectator to find his card out of four cards, and he freely selects three cards, all proven wrong and you show the last as his card. You end clean, which is nice.

"The Brown Detective" is a good trick done with a borrowed deck. In short, selection is lost in the deck, and the Jack is going to find it. You cut the deck into 2 piles, deal the top two cards together, and the Jack is dealt with the selection.

"Totalizor" is another off-beat card plot, where you produce 2 cards with the same total as the two selection. Note that the spectator stops you as you count the cards in your hands, then show the face cards to be a match total. 20 card setup is needed, which is a pain to be honest. However, the next trick "Mental Pack" is a stunning effect with an easy card setup ( A-10 ), the deck reveals a thought of number then the selection appears sandwiched between two cards ( which Peter does off the pack, like that common sandwhich trick ). If you don't mind the setup, I highly suggest performing this one.

"Suit Carrier" is a version of the Hofzinser problem, which involves spelling and transfering cards. Read the plot in the ad., as this is excatly what happens.

"Hour Magic" is a math-magic trick done with a good presentation. There is dealing piles in this one. The spectator finds his card after a down/under deal, being left with his selection.

"Innocent Confusion" is one trick that reads dry, but still to be a good effect if performed well, especially that its sleights-free. You write "16" on a piece of paper, Deck is cut into 3 piles, spectator selects one one take a group of cards to his pocket, and remmeber the bottom card of the reminder. The deck is assembled, and you add 16 to the number of cards in his pocket, the selection is found at that location. This is excatly what happens, and no sleight of hand is involved ( one sleight, but it not really a sleight .. ).

"Word Count" is the longest spelling trick you will ever come across. The setup is very simple, but the trick is LONG as far as spelling is concerned. Even if you want to fool your magic buddys, this is too much .. ( spelling A-C-E, T-W-O, all the way to either Seven or Ten ).

The next trick is a trick I use, a self working effect done from a borrowed deck, and dressed up with a dark presentation ( the down/under deal is a ancient mixing technique done in the old magick .. ), which is a very nice spectator theme that I perform with in serious way, and spectator goes for it. Card is selected and left face down, another spectator ultimatly get 2 cards, one is the value and other is the suit of the selection.

Straight Quality Poker is a neat trick with one nessecry under/down deal ( others can be done and repeated as spectator likes ). The trick is done with a packet of cards, you place a Jack on the table, spectator ( or you ) takes top and bottom cards and rub them on the Jack, changing into 2 mates. This is done two more times ( with a under/down deal involved ), and the remaining cards are shown to be a Royal Flush with the Jack.

Last two tricks are "Heaps of Lies", a lie detection trick that needs spelling, and a perfect blackjack hands production.

I hope you found this review helpful. Some tricks read dry on paper, some are not the best tricks around, and some are just to fool you magic buddies. Some are very good for laymen, I use 4 effects from these notes personally, which is good enough for me for 15$.

Thanks for reading. Possibly the longest review in the Café to date Smile

~ Feras
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Hey Medifro

Many thanks for your in-depth review of The Card Addict. It is very much appreciated.

Best Wishes

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Hey Mr.Duffie, honored to talk to you here.

I'm a fan of yours ( like many other magicians Smile ), I just wanted to apologyze if negative reviews of some effects offended you. As you can see, I'm not a big fan of spelling ( "Ritual Abuse" is an exception, haha ).

You're effects compromise 50% of my card work. From this ebook I use By Pass, Kick Start Aces, Fact or Fiction, Ritual Abuse and Fat Chance. Love'em all.

~ Feras
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