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Hoppini, the Mediocre
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Profile of Hoppini, the Mediocre this "crimp" palm the one that's sort of like the CP except its betwwen your thumb muscle and the "meat" at the bottom of the 2nd and 3rd fingers?

I'm thinking it might be one I already know...just not by that name.
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I must say that I have found the advices about C.P. in very useful!

Hoppini, the Mediocre
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I see.
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On 2008-02-13 22:06, The Amazing Noobini wrote:
My CP problem was always that I was able to do it fairly well after the first two days or so. But a year later I am still nowhere near being able to for instance snapping my fingers while holding out a coin in CP.

Since I don't really feel that I use any muscles when in CP, I fear that I will never improve on what I have now. Which is pretty good. Just not rock solid.

It happens the same for me, I've been doing magic for about 7 years and lernt the CP in 2001, at first I had a very good CP but after going in an out of magic a few times I loss some of the abilities to CP a coin, for instance mi pinkie is ackward like is separated from the rest of the fingers, like when you pull that pinkie away from the ring finger and my thumb is a bit crimped (spelling).
I think I hold the coin in the right spot, the very same David Roth and Michael Rubinstein teach in their videos.

The issue I have with the CP is that sometimes for example when I try to type in the keyboard, use the mouse or anything like that when CP I feel that the coin just slides from the side of my pinkie, the coin slides that muscle that is beneath the pinkie and is used to CP and the way I found to keep it in place is to press more and more the coin into CP and make more pressure with my thumb wich makes my hand look more crimped.

Any suggestions?

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I've been working on the cp for just a few months and I feel like maybe it comes naturally to me. I can type, handle additional coins, and drop coins from cp one at a time. I attribute some of this to the fact that I've been playing guitar for 15 years and have a fair amount of finger dexterity as a result. One thing I have found though is that a coin with a very sharp edge is much easier to maintain in cp. I use re-edged coins from Schoolcraft and they are incredibly easy to work with. I can cp a coin with a smooth edge as well but with the sharp edged coin, I don't necessarily have to hit the sweet spot for the coin to stick. I have a lot more leeway as far as where in my palm the coin is located. Hope this helps.

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I read in another thread that using rosin may help your cp. Has anyone tried this and does it help ?
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I like to do as Harris mentioned. I practice my CP and Coin Roll together. Usually just one coin in CP while rolling another. I think it's really helping to improve both.
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Hoppini pm me I will send you a demo of my crimp technique,,,,
this palm has several names one of which is called the "thumb crotch".
to tel;l you the truth I can clasicc palm but my hand looks like a claw
and evehn some of the best names in magic look like they are squeezing oranges LOl ...
this is why I do not ever use the classic palm ,,,, its my hands
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Make sure you don't make the "tall tail" sign when practicing....ammar has a good teach in also.
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While practicing, wiggle fingers 2 and 3 as you put the coin into position, this might assist the coin into the "sweet spot". It helped me!

Don't do this during a trick, though... as the muscle movements might telegraph your action to the specs...
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Bertrand Thornley
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Here is something I don't think has been mentioned yet: make sure you practice in a way that keeps your CP what I call dynamic. That means practicing going into CP-easily- from another sleight. Like from finger palm to CP, or thumb p to CP etc. Of course the reverse as well. That way your hand can develop the skill it will require in a real routine. I'm having really good results that way lately.
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Harris Deutsch
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Just commented on a thread on the Okito Box...which goes well with Berts idea...

After securing coins from a "sealed" box..the coins (at least for me) go to finger palm. From their 1-4 coins go silently to classic...

In my routine, I produce them one at a time (usually from a small hat or other object..ear..spectators cell phone...) and coin roll while keeping the remaining ones in classic...

Gesturing can help...

going from classic to finger palm (1-4 or 5 coins) to adjust your glasses...(while showing an "empty hand".

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Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
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