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What The Audience Sees:

"This Jamie guy is way too far out. Check it. He came into our office and we're all totally pumped- Magic Friday's a big hit around here. He says he's going to show us something that's just "A quick trick, nothing crazy." and pulls out his business card, "Just in case someone asks for it after..." out of a business card thingy, "And I only have one card left, so no fighting...". He then takes out two cards, a King and a Six and asks me which one I want. I say the King, obviously, and he says, "Perfect, I'll give you the SIX!" and he does. Ha Ha. He then asks me to put my hands over it so that he can't get it. And since no one trusts his hands, he puts his King into his business card thingy "So there's no way I can mess with it..."

Now,I didn't actually see the face of the card when he put it into his holder and I thought he might have done something tricky when he laid that Six into my hand, so when he said,
"Watch...See, I now have your Six!" we weren't too impressed. I think someone liked it, but I've seen him do better. So then he goes, "C'mon, that was good! Here, keep your hands together on that King (ed. see the JDG TIP) and I'll show you how I did it. I'll even show you face up. Now, I can't get at your King, but watch..." AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! The @%^$@^% SIX changed into the King in front of our very eyes! It was caraziness! I think Sheila even passed out for ^%^@% sake! OMG, I feel dizzy even remembering it..."

How It Went:

I hope you can get a feel for my presentation from the write-up above. Basically, I want them to ask for the Six. If they do (which they don't, lol) then I give it to them. If they ask for the King, then I do as above (still giving them the Six). Now here's the thing. When I put the Six into their hand, I want it to look slightly or sleightly(magician/writer inside joke, lol) fishy. Because once I put the King into my WOW, I'm making it look like this is the trick. That is, when I turn my WOW over, it's holding the Six now. Make sense? I kind of have a "Ta Da!" expression to which almost everyone says, "Ah, you just switched it when you put it into my hand..." (which I actually didn't). So, when I say, "No, I did it magically! Look, I'll show you..." they're floored. And that's exactly how it went on Friday- it killed.

Best Lines:

"Sheila! Sheila! Get up! Wake up!" -Lol, okay, maybe she didn't actually pass out but she did have to sit down. This guy was pretty funny, though.

"Wha...Bu...Ho...Wha..."- I think this person hasn't finished a complete sentence since.

Angry Bob Rating:

For those of you reading this article for the first time, Angry Bob is a co-worker who has an understanding of some magic because his uncle was a magician. Angry Bob knows that TT’s exist, for example, but he has no desire to become a magician himself. He also has an anger management problem that can be experienced first hand if he can’t figure out how a trick is done. A high rating means he has no idea.

Okay, I know you're all waiting for it so here it is: 5/5. He had no idea. And here's why (I'm going to be stressing this line in my upcoming book because I feel it is so crucial):

When he said, "Give me your case @$^(*#&*&!! Now!!!!" I pause... look (for a millisecond) like I don't know what he's talking about... look at my hand with a look of ("Oh, that.) and hand it to him while saying, "Here, knock yourself out." That phrase is worth its weight in gold. It says, to the spec, that there is no way that whatever item you're handing them has anything to do with the trick or you wouldn't have handed it to them. But you've got to be fearless when doing it. Even the smallest hesitation will blow you away and you'll never get your WOW back, lol. I then hand them my business card (a couple of people during the day asked to see the WOW) and said, "Here, let me trade you- you can call me later and I'll tell you how I really did it..."

My Rating:

This is going to be a weird one. As good as it is and as great as it went, I can't help but thinking "Prop" in my own head. And I did a professional gig the other night where a good friend of mine showed up with his new girlfriend. I did some magic for them and spoke with him the next day. He said his girlfriend's least favourite routine that I did was WOW. Now, was it because my Crazy Man's Handcuffs was way better to her? Or was it that I had done some other card stuff with no apparatus and this just didn't feel right? Or was I just "off" for this one bit? I'm not sure but I'll defintely make a note of it. That said, WOW, on its own (like Friday) it seemed to destroy so let's say 9/10.

I should end that rating on the thought of: Sometimes we fall too in love with our own gear and inventions. It's almost as if they are our girlfriends or wives, of a sort. Once we decide we love something, we often fail to see any faults with it ever again (if you want stay married, anyways.) And while it's an attribute encouraged with human relationships, it is the exact opposite with magic. Because it doesn't matter as much what we think about someting as much as what the spectator thinks. Just something to think about...I do love WOW, though, lol.

The JDG Tip:

If you're going to do the presentation that I use, then it's important to brush up on your audience management (when I "reveal" that I now have their Six, I immediately use my other hand to put on top of theirs so that they don't look a the Six in their hand) and your poker playing (handing out your WOW will be the greatest Bluff you do). Remember, Be Nonchalant and Fearless! BNAF! That's a good saying, lol.

Closing Thoughts:

It's always surprising how many people PM me with Magic Friday questions and comments. I really appreciate the fact that people actually read my work and take the time to say so- Thank You!

Go buy an AIP bottle, or just have a great week!

jamie d. grant
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