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On 2008-05-19 12:51, JoeHohman wrote:
Be wary of Miraskill with certain groups, particularly people who play a lot of cards where card counting is required. I performed this for a woman who is an avid bridge player, and while she didn't bust me or even challenge me, I could tell that she sensed something wasn't quite right with the pairing of the reds and blacks.... she didn't know what I did, but she knew I did SOMETHING.

(Out of about 50 people in the audience, SHE was the spectator I chose.... )

What were the odds of that huh ? Great effect though.
The effect is the important thing, how you achieve it is not.......
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Mick's routines sound very good...and for only 20$ a piece.
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On 2008-03-23 00:05, Slydini62 wrote:
It can be found in his booklet entitled "Intimate Secrets".

Actually it's called Intimate Power; his take on the Triple Prediciton is found on p.60.
The Mati Envelope
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Chance's Token
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Mick Ayres
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On 2008-08-06 23:40, CardWiz wrote:
Mick's routines sound very good...and for only 20$ a piece.

This is extremely belated, CardWiz, but thank you for your kind words. BTW, over the past few years the cost of these books has increased to $35 each. However, performers often inform me the books are still underpriced.

I am still performing for Disney and since 2008 have added two more books to the Act-Series: NOETIC LICENSE (Book Three) and S'LIE (Book Four). The reviews for these new editions have been nice and generous as well.

Thank you again for your kind comments about my work.

Warmest regards,
Mick Ayres
THE FIVE OBLIGATIONS OF CONJURING: Study. Practice. Script. Rehearse. Perform. Drop one and you're done.
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1 DECK DO AS I DO by John Carey
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I also recommend the Card College Light series to help put together a routine. There are several excellent suggestions found in those books.

I've been trying to build my confidence back up and put together the following routine for a large family Xmas gathering. I pulled it off with no hitches and was very happy with the result.

1) Poker Player's Picnic from RR to CM.
2) Gemini Twins (I created a script based on Dopplegangers.)
3) Untouched by Daryl
4) Do As I Do (I have a script based on Simon Says)
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I like the Jaz's routine so much. It's perfect structured and manages the emotions very well. Vote for that Smile

"Make your magic meaningful" Max Maven
Rick Holcombe
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I like to follow "Do As I Do" with an effect from The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings called "Optical Prediction". After that I like to do "LIII-kliehood" by Richard Vollmer from Semi-Automatic 2. The whole routine revolves around coincidence.
A Show By Joe
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"Twisted Sisters" by John Bannon

"Torn Too" by Daniel Garcia

"The Grail" by Mike Rose
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Even though there is a lot to it, Bannon's Degrees of Freedom always seems to amaze (even myself). I've had a lot of fun and success with it. And Woody Aragon's How to Find Your Other Half (a quick self working effect he describes in the introduction to his Book in English sounds great... I just started reading the book... haven't tried it yet. The latter might be a problem with a borrowed deck though sine you have to tear four cards in half Smile

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For those looking for inspiration, I did an exercise (twice in fact) in putting together self-working routines from classic books most every magician has. It is documented in a thread entitled "Self-working challenge" and I've cut and pasted my first attempt below. The second is also in that thread but I'll let all of you search for it. Here it is:

Okay, so it's been over a year and my conscience has nagged me long enough that I finally put in the work to post here as I said I would in May of 2007. Possibly even more sad than this is the fact that only one person (thanks trickytrav) has posted since!

So I'm looking at the original conditions of the challenge (which it looks like only one or two people actually met) and in addition to Jud's original criteria (and the good idea Airship subsequently added), I propose that we add another. How about this? The tricks in each routine have to be completely impromptu. That means no set-ups (unless it is one you have the skill to do on the fly, making the trick impromptu for you). I want to be able to take a borrowed, spectator-shuffled deck and go to work.

With Jud's original criteria (only inexpensive books purchased from Barnes & Noble, Border's, etc. and 2-3 routines of 3 tricks each), Airship's "chapter and verse" idea, and my self-imposed impromptu guidelines, here is what I have come up with.

Routine 1
Just stringing some tricks together would make no sense... a through-line or theme for the routine is necessary to justify performing several tricks in a row. From a presentational standpoint, I asked myself a) "What story am I trying to tell/What am I trying to communicate?" and b) is the premise interesting/entertaining?

The theme for this routine revolves around the idea of the performer having an acute sense of touch which is responsible for the magic that is happening. Perhaps the performer could relate a story about how the sense came about (i.e. the performer was struck by lightning or he/she burned their fingers when they were younger and they developed hypersensitive scar tissue, etc.). I'll leave the why's of your newfound acute sensory abilities up to you! Here are the tricks:

1. "Heavyweight"- New Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 7.
2. "Cardini's Color Discernment"- Scarne on Card Tricks, p. 163
3. "Transposed Thoughts"- New Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 98

The idea here is that you begin demonstrating your abilities by accurately sensing the weights of packets of cards, which seems quite difficult to do reliably (though perhaps still possible given years of practice). Follow this by upping the ante and using your sense of touch to identify colors (the idea being that black cards and red cards differ in weight, however miniscule and virtually undetectable these differences may be). Finally, you get two spectators personally involved by demonstrating your amazing abilities with two selected cards.

Routine 2
Almost everyone has heard of Extra-Sensory Perception and each has his or her own beliefs about the subject. With this routine, your through-line is that you'll be demonstrating the four types of ESP, these being a)Precognition- foreseeing the future, b)Telepathy- reading a person's thoughts, c)Clairvoyance- seeing that which can't be seen, and d)Psychokinesis- moving/manipulating physical objects with the mind. These effects obviously have a mental flavor to them so how you play mentalism is up to you. I personally prefer the tongue-in-cheek approach.

1. Precognition: "Open Prediction"- More Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 9
2. Telepathy: "The Card Revealed"- Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 46
3. Clairvoyance: "Sleight of Mind"- Self-Working Mental Magic, p. 90
4. Pyschokinesis: "The Piano Card Trick"- New Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 58

You can perform these in whatever order you think is the most logical and/or based on strength of the tricks, moving from weakest to strongest to create some type of dramatic build for your audience. I have listed them in no particular order. "Open Prediction" is obviously a prediction. "The Card Revealed" is a great trick where you read the spectator's mind twice... a playing card and a number they've never spoken, written down, etc. (and it doesn't involve the "Clock Trick" methodology either). "Sleight of Mind" involves at least five spectators so if you're only performing for one, then you can eliminate this one and easily use "The Card Revealed" to demonstrate both Telepathy and Clairvoyance at the same time. Finally, "The Piano Card Trick" is a classic and really is a simple transposition of one card, but you can play it as if you are causing the card to dematerialize and rematerialize in a different place (the "even" pile) with the help of everyone's full concentration, hence it is your demonstration of Psychokinesis.

As an alternative, you could also use "Mental Rescue" (More Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 91) or "Braude's Mental Card Trick" (Scarne on Card Tricks, p. 89) in place of "The Card Revealed" for your Telepathy demonstration and "Gemini Twins" (More Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 1) could be used in place of "Open Prediction." "Gemini Twins" could also be used, if you sell it properly, in the Clairvoyance demonstration instead of "Sleight of Mind." Finally, "Attraction Aces" (New Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 87) or "Player Piano" (New Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 60) could also be used as a demonstration of mind-over-matter (Psychokinesis) instead of "The Piano Card Trick."

Routine 3
This carries the same premise as Routine 2, but adds the interesting angle of the spectator doing all of the demonstrations! You could start by discussing how some people have ESP and don't realize it. Most everybody has had an experience where they knew what someone would say before they said it. Or perhaps they've intuitively had some sense of when to avoid something only to later find out something terrible happened at that very moment at that very place that their gut told them to stay away from. Using this presentational angle, here are the tricks:

1. Precognition: "Paradox"- New Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 29
2. Telepathy/Clairvoyance: "Gemini Twins"
3. Pyschokinesis: "Topsy Turvy"- Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 109

"Paradox" is an effect where the spectator "predicts" his own card but it actually turns out to be the card he selected. It's kind of a self-working version of Hamman's "Your Signed Card." "Gemini Twins" makes another appearance here with a different spin. If you say you're going to "remove a few random cards" (don't refer to them as predictions as is traditionally done) and attempt to send a thought to the spectator to stop at the appropriate spot, then this becomes a case of the spectator reading your mind. Or perhaps, the spectator is unaware that he can "see" the cards but the fact that he stopped on the mates of your two removed cards proves his abilities as a Clairvoyant. You justify the use of two cards because the first one "might have been blind luck." Finally, "Topsy Turvy" is an effect where the spectator mysteriously causes his card to turn face up in half of the deck simply by "concentrating on it," then he follows this up by causing your card to turn face up in the other half. Again, it is the mental concentration angle that makes this a demonstration of the spectator performing Psychokinesis.

Alternatively, you could substitute "Cards Can Think" (New Self-Working Card Tricks, p. 123) in place of "Gemini Twins" for your Telepathy demonstration in which the spectator reads the performer's mind. In "Cards Can Think" the performer could say he's thinking of a card and will remove it and place it face down in full view, after which the spectator successfully reads the performer's mind by ending up with cards that match the suit and value of the performer's mentally chosen card.

There you have it... a bit of my thinking on the Self-Working Challenge. I'd love to hear others' takes on this. Obviously these tricks are not exhaustive and I honestly spent very little time looking through Scarne on Card Tricks, any of the Bob Longe books or Magic with Cards by Garcia and Schindler, all of which were inexpensively purchased from Barnes & Noble. Enjoy.
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I recently purchased The Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks by Big Blind Media and will be adding atleast 2 of the self working effects into my routine. They are so powerful and very easy. The first one I will be adding is Contact Colors & the sencond one I will be adding is Your Aces are marked. I'm sure I will be adding one more but I'm just not sure which one at this point. So in total I will be adding 3 Self working card tricks to my routine along with 3 tricks with sleight of hand and then to end one effect with a gimmick. Great Thread.. Thanks everybody for sharing their thoughts and their posts.
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