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I guess those rumors I heard about Sankey joining the Angel crew was not true then huh?

I am a fan of these my self.
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Jay is spot on with this video. It is just too funny. You just have to love the last credit, "Dedicated to real magicians everywhere". Do yourself a favor, if you have not yet viewed the youtube video above, check it out, hilarious!
Gerry Hennessey
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Jay, you da man!

"Every discipline effects every other discipline. You can't straighten out the corporation if your closet is a mess" Jim Rohn
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Now that was funny... Clearly he is not part of TEAM ANGEL...

Those Mindfreak Consultants always remind me of a bit the late great Bill Hicks used to do about celebrities who do Diet Coke commercials...

Anyone who knew Bill's material would know the line I'm referring to which is unprintable here... But there was an appropriate three word term he used to use..
Smile When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth...Smile
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Not only did Cris age that young girl to 18, he also caused her clothing, other than the jacket and hat to grow with her.

There was a time I had the blues,

the reason was I had no shoes.

Until I met upon the street

a man who had no feet.
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That video by Jay Sankey was awesome! As for Jay being a part of 'Team Angel' perhaps that vid was made after he left? Seems like an almost vengeful-but-theres-more-truth-than-we-realize kinda video.

It was a huge cheap shot for Angel to Bash Blaine though. What's next? Blasting Houdini, or Paul Harris?
'For Those Who Believe, No Explanation is Necessary. For Those Who Do Not, None Will Suffice.' - Joseph Dunninger

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I had not seen the 10 to 21 year old video before. I have two daughters, 11 and 13, and there is no way in hell that I would let that guy get close to them. There is something sick in that entire routine.

The question really wasn't if the little girl wanted to see herself at 21, but that Criss Angel wanted to see her at 21. That entire routine has child molester all over it.

A very sick man.
Bill Palmer
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There has been a virulent rivalry between Criss Angel and David Blaine ever since that first Blaine special. It's a pity, really, because David did something that Criss has not been able to do. He took a term which applied to one the oldest forms of magic and made it apply to what he did. Whether you like David Blaine or not, he achieved one thing few of us ever do. He defined a form of magic. He walked into a meeting of television network executives, laid a self-produced, crude video on them and sold them on it.

Why did David do this? It's hard to say. According to one of my friends who has been involved with David's subsequent specials, DB had been shunned by both of the major lunchtime groups in New York, and he wanted to do something none of them had the chutzpeh to do.

He did it. And that ticked them off, because in that single moment, he had proven that a person with enough drive can have what it takes to become famous.

Criss was doing an illusion show at the time. It had some really nice moments in it. He resented David's fame, and wanted to build on it. And that spells disaster for a person's inner being.

Doug Henning got famous because he had something different. David Copperfield did the same thing. So did Blaine.

But since the mass exodus of the brains and soul of his show, Angel really doesn't have it any more.

When Johnny Thompson says that Criss' acting in this segment is some of the best he has seen, I have to say that Johhny is doing some of the best acting I have seen!

When Criss finally goes back to the theatre and stays there, he will be better and so will magic.

"The Swatter"

Founder of CODBAMMC

My Chickasaw name is "Throws Money at Cups."
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Bill.... that was probably the most insightful, and intelligent thing I've read yet. Now I don't feel so bad for being a fan of David Blaine.... Smile
'For Those Who Believe, No Explanation is Necessary. For Those Who Do Not, None Will Suffice.' - Joseph Dunninger

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Who The Hell Are You?

Listen up unknowns, al---are on TV and/or doing the BIG shows. The public knows who they are.

So, that makes 'em a target. Unfortunately, too many in the magic fraternity try to build themselves up by attempting to take down the big names in public. (like this forum, for instance-kinda sorta.)

When you do this, it makes you look and sound like a whiny weasel. Ya like 'em, ya don't like 'em. BFD. No body really cares about your little opinion. They got more dough, pull and fame than most of us will ever get.

So, go ahead and try to get a little attention by burning the ones at the top of the heap. It will be fleeting.

Me, regardless of my opinion of the BIG NAMES in the biz, when someone asks my opinion of them...I simply say, "don't know much about them, but their success rocks." (or something like that-you get the drift.) Then I go about my biz of entertaining, socializing or what have you.

There Ya Go,


P.S. Hope to get to meet ya Bill when I relocate to Galveston. Cheers
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I find this video irritating, and yet I can relate. I know that any trick I do, everyone says, "Yeah, but have you seen David Blaine?" and it may even be the same trick or genre. It's interesting to me that even a professional such as Criss would have a need to fight the comparison. Blaine started a niche...
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Well, I thought Sankey's video was a hoot, and it speaks right to something that has really bothered me...

Big name magicians breaking the "code of TV" and taking advantage of the technical limitations to pull off stunts they could never do in person.

I was a pretty big fan of Copperfield in high school. His theatrical approach was what I always wished I could do. Then, he thoroughly disappointed me with the ridiculous Grand Canyon levitation. I suppose he was a victim of his own success and the need to "out-do himself", but my hero fell off his pedestal hard that night.
It is always darkest just before you are eaten by a grue.
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