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Landrum, S.C. by way of Chicago
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On 2003-03-24 06:48, Peter Marucci wrote:
Brad Burt writes: "It is called the Wonderland Dollar and was invented by my friend Nick Brown."

Well, not quite.

Full marks to Nick Brown for his current use of the principle.

But the principle is an old one.

It is generally attributed to Bob Neale, back in 1983, but Terri Rogers and others have used the concept.

In fact, my own version -- Through the Looking Glass -- appeared in my Showtime column the Linking Ring magazine in 1991.

And I've been doing the Playing Card version, Terri Roger's, since 1986.

$24.95 for the "Wonderland Dollar"? Smile Yikes!!!

Cheers! Smile

aka Steve Taylor

"Every move a move!"

"If you've enjoyed my performance half as much as I've enjoyed performing for you, then you've enjoyed it twice as much as me!"
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Henrietta NY / Chicago Ill
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On 2003-03-20 01:24, BradBurt wrote:
I am now actually carrying a new item that we have recently started marketing for the simple reason that it fits easily in my wallet, is instantly reset, is easy to do and just knocks the socks off of non-magicians and magicians alike. It is called the Wonderland Dollar and was invented by my friend Nick Brown.


Please don't take this the wrong way...I looked at the site and description of the wonderland dollar. From the description that I got I think your friend might have reinvented someone else's trick. The wonderland dollar sounds EXTREMELY similar to a trick that I learned as a kid when I was taking magic lessons at Bob James' Magic Shop in Elmhurst. The only difference that I can tell from the description of the wonderland dollar is that Bob taught me the trick using playing cards instead of money.

I just thought that you should know that. I don't think it is a big deal, but still you should be aware of that fact. I will say that it is a very good trick and I completely forgot about it until reading your post. Thanks for the reminder of a trick long forgotten.

As far as the topic of this thread and doing impromptu magic, a good impromptu routine to learn would be:
-"Something from nothing" from 'Off the Cuff' video
-Crazy Mans Handcuffs
-Bic pen routine (I foget what it's called) from 'Off The Cuff' video.
-Voodoo ash transposition
-Torn and restored cigarette from 'Tribute to Slydini' video.
-Mental prediction (Think-a-number)

I always carry a deck of cards on me so I usually will just go into my card routines. The above list would be if I was completely caught off guard. The only props needed for the above list would be:

-a bic pen
-2 cigarrettes
-an ashtray
-2 rubberbands
-2 different coins

all common items that you will probably be able to get a hold of on very short notice.

Jonathan Lareau A.K.A "Jonny Card Trick"
"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Feel free to check out my website
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I almost always carry cards around... They're really the most versatile and from there you can continue with loads of other tricks
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Crazy mans handcuffs! Or the Slydini sequence with a coin, followed by the coin that falls upwards. Recap's simply awesome too!
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Tom Sawyer let me whitewash these
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Quite by accident I found that if you can borrow a piece of paper and a pen you can do a great close-up/impromptu version of Meir Yedids "Total Destiny". Check it out!.

S. Patrick
Mark Martinez
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I always have rubber bands for Crazy Man's Handcuffs around my wallet and B'wave in my wallet.

Success comes before work only in the dictionary. - Anonymous
Vinnie Anderson
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I usually carry a thumb tip and silk on me, a deck of cards and scotch and soda..
I do several coin vanish routines, scotch and soda routines, some matrix stuff, several card tricks, and some silk vanishes with the tt.

Smile Smile
Rich Fredeking
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Jacksonville, Florida
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As stated before I carry SLowBurn in my wallet always.
Rich Fredeking
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I always have 2 decks on me. Invisible deck and a regular deck. I normally start w/ the invisible deck then do dr.Daley's last trick then to finish it off I do strange voyage. Recentally I have been doing a ring on string to.
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I usually travel around with Scotch and Soda all ready set up and this is usually my opening trick. Smile

I also usually carry a tt everywhere I go. I usually do a dollar change routine where I'll change a dollar into a five and then buy myself a drink at the bar, which will buy me some time to think of what's next. Smile
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A TT, a deck of cards and A Scotch and Soda
works well no matter what level of magic you're at.
"Our technology is ahead of our humanity"
Albert Einstein
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absolutely right
Steven Leung
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found the Magic Rainbow after
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Well, just bring a deck of cards along can perform endless tricks.

I still practice card sleight even my girlfriend is next to me when she does her shopping of all kinds.

I believe that some day I will forget to bring my girlfriend out yet I still have a deck of cards with me.

Remember, misdirection is the key, you do not need to do the first trick with a set up deck. After the first trick and show that it is a normal deck, the world is all yours.
Most memorable moment - with Maestro Juan Tamariz & Consuelo Lorgia in FISM Busan 2018.

"Being fooled by a trick doesn't always mean they are having a good time" - Homer Liwag
andre combrinck
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South Africa
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Since I smoke I always do Superman(from Tremaine's The Amazing Book of Magic Tricks).Basically you use the silver paper inside the packet to make small balls.These vanish and reappear,and finally vanish almost in the spectator's hand-Brilliant.Coins Across and Shadow Coins/Chink-a-Chink also come to mind.Penetrating Ash is also a great impromptu trick.
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I have a list of all the tricks I would do if I were asked to do a trick. They consist of easy, impromptu stand alone effects. Like the ACR or something along those lines. Pretty much something impromptu
What the eye sees, the ear hears, the mind believes.
-Harry Houdini
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LosAngeles, Ca
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I typically will do card warp, bill switch, 3/4 across, re-capped, B'Wave or Kollosal Killer. Just depends on if I sense they will enjoy something more visual or else a mental type of effect.

"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway" - Griffin

"Any future where you succeed, is one where you tell the truth." - Griffin (Griffin rocks!)
kihei kid
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Re-cap Revisited.
In loving memory of Hughie Thomasson 1952-2007.

You brought something beautiful to this world, you touched my heart, my soul and my life. You will be greatly missed.

Until we meet again “my old friend”.
Vanished Zauberer
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A quick three card monte works nicely. Some stuff from On the Spot works very well too.
"Stress is when you wake up screaming and you you realize you haven't even fallen asleep"

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Depending on the situation I may do one of two things. If it is a place where I am with friends and I know everyone and they want to see the latest thing I am working in, I show them. Sometimes if there is someone new around I will do something impromptu like my living and dead test.

If I am in a "corportae setting" and there is true potential to make new contacts for work, then I will do some impromptu mentalism HOWEVER, if I am in a situation where they are basically asking for a freebie (please understand that when one does this as a living, it is my job and I am not a performing dog who does tricks upon request) I ask them "If I were a Proctologist, would you drop your pants, hop up and the table and ask me to have a look? This is my quiet time and I would rather not be working so perhaps you could come out to my next show at.... and see me work there" to which they usually understand and usually come out to the show where I treat them as special guests, which they are because I invited them.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
Canada's Leading Mentalist
AB StageCraft
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I love to show people my "exploding head" trick.

The only problem is that I can only do that trick once!


Seriosuly. I tell them their star sign using "sign language". This is good, because you carry it around in your head.
"Here's to our wives and girlfriends...may they never meet!" - Groucho Marx
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