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On 2008-04-29 22:55, qureyoon wrote:
David Stone has a nice deck production in his DVD, Real Secrets of Magic Vol 1. If my memory serves me correct.

David Stone mostly do performance standing, so I think it will suit you Smile

Basically, it's Sl**v*ng, and it uses a Flash Paper, which surely catch attention Smile

Very nice one.

I think David Stone also uses a t**k* production that he combined with this.
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Today I did this with the card box in my shirt pocked (no jacket). Opened the top of the card box (leaving it in my pocket) and pulled out the 'invisible' deck and let person shuffle. Replaced 'invisible' deck into box and tapped twice to make it 'visible'. Just impromptu, but worked in a pinch. Smile
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Its been said but sleeving would be an excellent idea, that or possbily using a holdout.
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I didn't see sudden deck mentioned here. To make a deck appear I feel that David Regal's Sudden Deck 2 will do the job well also. Have an envelope laying on the table, and after all your initial patter about the invisible deck, open the envelope and take out the blank piece of card board/box and ask if they specs know what it is, give them one piece and explain to them that that's how a card box would start of as, and then start to magically print the box and fold it, then suddenly you seem to have made the card deck appear as well and pour it out of the box. And now you can continue with the initial routine.
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Feifei, I was not familiar with Sudden Deck 2; not only is it a great effect, it's perfect for Invisible deck...! Thx
John Long
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I think it is Fantasm magic that sells a trick where you wrap the *invisible* ID up in a cloth and tie a ribbon around it - and the ribbon and cloth clearly show the shape of a deck. I think you open it up, and show it to be invisible. Do the bit with the invisible ID, and then suddenly the deck becomes visible in the cloth. You would then do the revelation.

In the demo, it looked very nice. You will get the special cloth, and apparently instructions on how to make the appearance (which I think is slight of hand and misdirection)

I've wanted to then be able to make the deck invisible again (dissappear).Any thoughts?

If you can't find it online at their site, pm me and I will check on the source.
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Ben Salinas has a DVD out regarding the Invisible Deck. He has the deck palmed in his hand, plam down. When he ask for the deck back he brings his hands to their's and turns it face up as he brings it away.
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At a key point in the routine I would secretly secure the deck in a "Tenkai", then as I requested the spectator to toss the invisible deck back to me, I would apparently catch it at the fingertips. It always brought a gasp from the crowd.
Mr. Ree
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Magic Enhancer: Jay Sankey's new DVD, "Invisible".
Got more out of this than expected.

jinx8107 and Michaelmagicart:
Thanks I had never heard of this type of “handling” before.

whitjm5: Reallyl shows that “kiss” can apply here.

feifei: I have been very happy with everything I have
from David Regal. Sudden Deck 2 has more than one application for me.
(Thanks for helping me spend some money.) Smile

Dynamike: I did not catch this at first but there are more people using
some type of "palming of a deck" than I originally realized. I noticed this as
I have gone back and watched various DVDs that I have on the invisible deck.

John Long: Thanks for the heads up on this method. It is interesting that
the cloth shows the shape of deck.
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John Long
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The name of the Fantasm product is Paranormal Deck. You get the special cloth and an ID.

If you do a web search, you will be able to find an online demo.
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Magic Enhancer
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Robert Haas
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Not a problem Mr. Ree, you're very welcome...

Robert Haas
Robert Haas
Magic Enhancer
Quality magic products for the working professional.
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Hi Mr. Ree.

There is a great deck production by David Stone in his Secrets of Magic DVD set.
Terry Owens
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I use the cheap empire mesh egg bag and gut makes a nice production bag for invisible cards. I used it the other night...I like the sound of gasps.
Mike Melito
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To be honest I keep mine out on the table. It's in plain sight the whole time. Emphasizes the fact it's not been touched. I start off "Here's my deck, you can use this one (invisible one)"
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I sleeve or with out sleeves I have the ultra mental deck in my pocket. I turn my back when the specator is looking at the invisible card and turning it around, "so I don't see anything." I casually place it hand in pocket, palm card case, kind of place it against thigh. I ask for spectator to toss the (invisible) deck in its case to me. I reach up and time it as if I am catching the deck. If timed right it is surprisingly strong to some. Others know what is going on so it is a gag. Works well for me.
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For a parlour setting I use Corradin Box by Anton Corradin to introduce the Invisible Deck.

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I really like the bag idea.

I recently saw a nice reveal trick done using a bag and it really added to the main effect.

For me it added an extra wow factor that I got from the performance when compared to the version without the bag reveal.
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I do "the invisible deck" for over twenty years, but with a... MINIdeck of bicycles.
It is in my left coat pocket and on the table lays approx. 20cm of flashcord.
I go to my pocket and palm the minideck (very easy). I take the falshcord from the table and take it between thumb and first finger of the hand that is palming the minideck.
I produce a lit match, the flashcord goes up in a flash and with a circular movement the minideck appears.
I have allways had very good reactions.
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I make-believe "throw" the invisible deck out to an audience member while it is still invisible. As they go through the routine of removing the invisible deck from the box, shuffling, picking a card and turning it over, etc. there is perfect misdirection to get the invisible deck from my pocket into a palm position against my side. When they pretend to throw the deck back to me I bring the palmed deck up in front of me along with my other hand in order to catch the deck and then I let go of the deck and let it spin up above my hands about 2 to 4 inches before catching it in my hands. It catches people by surprise.
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David Regal's Sudden Deck 2 might suit your needs. You show a sheet of cardboard, fold it into a deck box and remove a deck of cards from it. Very nice.

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