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Pittsburg, CA
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Profile of dooblehorn
I have to give the highest kudos to Jeff at MJMMagic.com and Frank at theAmbitiouscard.com, two of the nicest, most helpful people I have ever, ever dealt with. Ambitious main product line, super quality, no junk there. I have one of their leather chop cups, it's super nice.
MJM shipping is free in US and Canada, match anyone's price, 10% off returning customers.
Based on all the good things I've heard here about Loomis, I just ordered from Dennis there. He was super responsive to my email inquiries, and though mail-order, is local to me.
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The online stores that I usually use are: PenguinMagic, MagicGeek, and MagicTrickStore.
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Drew Tomlinson
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Profile of AlchemistsWarehouse

I received a payment request yesterday for underpriced shipping from an order that was placed and received last July! (I have an account with Hank Lee so can check my order records).

The same email also told me my order was being sent today (yesterday) even though I have received this about 8 months ago!

The order was for a single book priced $12.50. The shipping (UPS from the States to Turkey) I paid at the time was $32.00. Hank Lee now is asking for $18.95 more as they underestimated the shipping!

I immediately emailed Hank Lee through the email that the PayPal request was sent and through the website.

Within an hour I received an email from Hank Lee! No, it wasn't a resolve to my problem, but an email flyer advertising free shipping!

I wrote again to Hank Lee and he said that the request had been made at the time of the order (which I never received) and this was a reminder. He was going through a list of customers that had had such "underpayments").
I wonder if this is a scam? I wonder what the law is on this even if the shipping was underestimated. Is it normal to be asked for shipping 8 months after receiving an order?

Today I reluctantly paid $20.00 (I don't know why but the request in my PayPal went from $18.95 to $20.00 USD!) but will NEVER use or recommend Hank Lee to any one.

It seems I am not alone.
Is it normal to be charged more than 4 x the cost of the item for shipping (I send books by TNT to the States - the book I received was softback, then ones I send are hard back and cost cheaper to send than what is being requested here...)

I do know from my own experience that international shipping is expensive. However I would never go back to a customer once an order is completed and then ask for more money. That's just awful.

You are very nice for paying it. I think I would have said "sue me"...

I hope you have better experiences elsewhere.


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Profile of Swann101
I am strugling with hank lee at the moment. I ordered meteors through them end of last year where they ran a special, for where you get the same amount of free magic as the order you place. In this case is was $499. I emailed them before I placed my order to asked if all was in order and if I orderd meteors I would recieve $499 of free magic to which they replied, "Yes, that is right all is in order" I was also charged over $100 shipping for meteors! They said that my shipping charge would be amended, as where through other magic shops, similar sized items, my shipping is usualy about $15 (internatinal shipping). Well no free magic arrived, and my shipping charge has not amended. I emailed them again, and they said they will sort out the problem, which they haven't and now they are not replying to my emails. Realy pathetic, I will never do business with them again!!!
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Profile of rklew64
Best of the Best: So far from my experience.

Penguin - responsive customer service
Daytona - responsive customer service
Magic Management - a good deal everyday.
Levit Wands! - Outstanding Quality
Moonlight Magic for wands! - Outstanding Quality
Roy Kueppers - for coin supplies
Hocus Pocus - responsive customer service
Outlaw Effects - for just outright BadA$$ stuff
Gimpy's boxes - Outstanding Quality
Viking Magic - Outstanding Quality
Misdirections - Mentoring and great overall shop as well as a brick and mortar
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Profile of acer
I buy to Penguin magic, Magic Warehouse and MJM. I'm very satisfied.
Mysterious Mike
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Another vote to hocus-pocus.com
The performance is what really makes it all worth while.
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Fallsview, NY
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Profile of clownmagic
MagicVault http://www.shopmagicvault.com all the way! Those guys never fail to amaze me with great customer service and really attractive pricing. The owners are performers and street buskers that bring a lot of knowledge to the table. They have a newsletter where they often include coupons for free stuff.

Outlaw Effects http://www.outlaw-effects.com is also a great specialty mentalism store. Mr. Roth is very skilled at making great specialty props.

For balloon stuff I stick with LaRocks.
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Harrisburg, PA
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Profile of mmreed
Thanks for the kind words. We do our best to keep prices lower than most. With magic being a hobby for many, it's tough at times to swallow some of the pricing on props. We try to help by offering discounts and coupons in the newsletter, as well as other free perks. We are in this for the fun of it - not the money. My checkbook will vouch for that! hahahah

I agree with you on outlaw effects. Roth makes some great specialty items. Check out http://www.imentalism.com/ those guys have some great ebooks and custom items as well.

Thanks again for the kind words about our shop !
Mark Reed
Wedding and Event Entertainment
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Profile of wdwfan71
I just made my first purchase from Madhatter Magic shop and all I can say is WOW!

Placed my order Friday afternoon and had it today!!!(Monday) Talk about fast!

South Carolina to Pennsylvania in two days using just priority mail, not bad!

Great service, I'll be using them for future purchases.
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Profile of nattefrost
Madhatter's prices are very good, great customer service. Bob solari has great customer service, also........ I like places where you can speak to the "main" people easily and directly and I have found that with Madhatter and Bob Solari. It seems people have had problems with Hank Lee. I ordered from them once without any issues, but I am not a regular customer.
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Pittsburg, CA
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Profile of dooblehorn
Ok, I quote myself now, but if you are in Northern California (and even if you are not), give Loomis Magic a try...Denny is really nice, quick shipper and great customer service...
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Profile of bicycle66
I have tried magic depot and they were great shipping all the way to Japan in less than a week I couldn't believe it. Prices are decent as most because just a few clicks of the mouse and you can check out so many other stores. I also tried penguin but it could have just been what I got but it wasn't so great I guess it depends on the quality you want and price you are willing to pay the addage you get what you pay for. There are a lot of good shops on ebay as well. Sean.
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Nashville, TN
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Profile of geoffa
Since there isn't a local shop here in town any more, I order from various people depending on what I'm looking for.

For books, you really can't go wrong with H & R Magic Books (http://www.magicbookshop.com). Great selection and great service. If I can't find a book there, I'll look for the publisher's website to see if they have it (a quick Google search will usually reveal this information).

For effects and supplies, I really like Denny & Lee (http://www.dennymagic.com). Besides supporting a real life magic store, they've always been very helpful. I've also received great service from The Ambitious Card (http://theambitiouscard.com) and The Magic Warehouse (http://themagicwarehouse.com).

If the author of a book or creator of an effect offers it on their website, I like to order from them directly. While it's tempting to save a few bucks by ordering somewhere else, I like supporting people in this way. After all, they should be rewarded for their effort beyond whatever margin they get from magic resellers.

My .02,
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New Hampshire
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Profile of MHamel
I received a payment request yesterday for underpriced shipping from an order that was placed and received last July! (I have an account with Hank Lee so can check my order records).

The same email also told me my order was being sent today (yesterday) even though I have received this about 8 months ago!

The order was for a single book priced $12.50. The shipping (UPS from the States to Turkey) I paid at the time was $32.00. Hank Lee now is asking for $18.95 more as they underestimated the shipping!

I have heard bad things about Hank Lee's but this just popped in my head. didn't he just have a big 3 day convention? He's probably trying to pay that off...

The other thing that happened was one if my IBM Ring members ordered linking rings and when they got them the silver paint was chipping off and when he called hank just said " your paying for the secret" which is true but he didn't order linking ring method book... he ordered THE LINKING RINGS!

I personally know Mad Hatter Magic Shop is good and they will go to the end of the world to satisfy customers. I have become good friends with the owner and it all started from me ordering a couple tricks...

- Marc Hamel
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Central Japan
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Profile of Billgussen
Bicycle66, you'll find that shipping to Japan is a crap shoot. Sometimes it can get here in less than a week, and sometimes a shipment from the same supplier can take between two and three weeks to get here. Western-states suppliers (MJM or Penguin, for example) are generally a little quicker since it doesn't take as long to cross to the west coast on its way to the far east.

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Profile of ballisticmonkey3
1. Penguin. Best all around magic supply
2. Magic Geek. Only because they have an incredible website and excellent video demonstrations for all of their products.
3. Cannons Great Escapes. Primarily just for those of us that enjoy being tied up, chained, and er...stuffed in boxes, but really a great dealer. They are slow because the owners often perform, but their quality and selection is unbeatable, the prices are fair, and they will work with you to get exactly what you need.
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Profile of david12345
Penguin Magic has good pricing on many of their items and very quick shipping - my best experience overall
I have ordered from magic 4 less - shipping takes time but the pricing is fanatastic
I am about to place an order from John Fabjance's Magic Management - I can't get over their prices and selection - magic 4 less has a limited selection on the real good deals
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Sunny California
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Profile of NexusMagicShop
There are many great choices online. I am based out of California, and 3 miles from the largest distributor of Magic Products in the World.

So all in stock products are shipped within 24 hours of purchase. I am responsible for all orders. I also carry some exclusives. My email, and direct line is always available to you. And I am always willing to answer any questions you may have. If you are searching for a specific product that I do not seem to carry. I will check with my supplier to see if available. And then add it within 24 hours. I can also notify you that it has been added.

It really comes down to personal choice and preference. We all have something to offer, and a way of displaying what we offer. Customer service is important to me. So all calls, and emails will be answered within a timely matter.

As far as staying connected you can find me on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Subscribe to our Magic blogs, and more... All accessible from the front page of my store.

- Jason
PM me for 10% lifetime coupon code
Jason of BackroomMagic
www.BackroomMagic.com/| Mobile friendly magic forums and blogs
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Profile of Gracy_hm

The Trick Shop for me has been amazing I get everything I order within 4 days and they have amazing customer service and great prices. They have earned my business and I seldom deviate from them.
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