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I'm trying to take nothing to serious. it makes it easier to forget nervousness and (for me)it puts things in perspective. mistakes happen, "bad luck" happens, people get cancer, people die, it's just life. so everytime something goes wrong or I feel too much pressure, I just think "hey, it's just..." and suddenly it's all easier. that applys to magic as it applys to everything else. it's not always easy and sometimes I just can't get into the right state of mind, but it made my life a lot more enjoyable.
Bertrand Thornley
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Clarissa35f, perhaps you should try harder to understand instead of trying so hard to be right. Our egos,left to themselves, will kill us in the end!
Believe it

"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business." Tom Robbins

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Clarissa ... there are always going to be people here who try to tell you how to think or what should be of most importance in your life. They often have good information to impart. Unfortunately, the smug sanctimony can make that good information hard to swallow. I just try and approach each posting with an open mind and see if there's anything valuable in there for me. If there is, I use it. If there's not, I try to ignore it. Arguing a point around here doesn't accomplish much outside of entertaining others (not that that's a worthless thing in itself). Smile
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I can understand the idea that if a magic effect does not go well, it's not the end of the world. I had that happen just the other day. I was practicing my Erdnase on the Bus, and this guy saw the card change and He wanted to see me " do a card trick".

So the conditions were not the best the bus was moving, I was getting a bad vibe from the guy... I just knew he was the type that " hates to be fooled." and woul;d more than likely try to sabotage my effect. But I saw it as an opportunity to learn.

I thought to myself.." If it does not go well, the world would not end." I shuffled the cards, and he says ... " You didn't really shuffle them." I was going to do A 4 ace assembly...but then he says.." you have one where I pick the card?" so I switched it, gave HIM the cards and saaid.." here you shuffle and cut..."

Sooo I did Fechter's "That's It." I felt he would get an ego boost when I supposedly went past his card, it would be " magician in trouble." But in this case he would deep down think he got me..

I did learn a few things...his behavior as I performed confirmed he was someone that deep down feels like he loses if he was fooled by a magician... helped me also deal with being nervous, since his vibes kind of got me all jumpy. I have to admit... I am ashamed I really enjoyed it deep down when I showed I had his card all along...I never showed it, and I did not do the "sucker" gag at the end as if rubbing it in his face... I asked " This isn't your card?" " No you past it a long time ago..8 with a smug look*..." What was your card?" " The Joker." " oh.... The Joker..* turn over the Joker in my hands..*" The guy got off his chair and walked away shaking his head. The amazing thing is, My nerves were so on edge, the adrenaline so high, that when I did the DL, I could not tell you if I did a Strike DL, or a Thumb Count DL, or a Vernon Pushoff... whatever. to this day I don't know what DL I did, all I know is, I did a DL, and It was good.

I have to say, that thinking as has been suggested that it's not the end of the world if I fail, DID help me to calm down during the effect. My only quibble was with the emotional content that came with the phrase used by the OP. I never disagreed with anything substantial he had to say...Just with the words used.

I am sorry if there was a big brouha-ha over this, since the fact is, I acknowledge his wisdom, it was helpful.
“Amateurs practice until they get it right.
Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.” <Anonymous>
"There is no such thing as magic, there is no other way that could have been done" <Whit Haydn>
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Yesterday, at the end of school, I decided to show the kids 20th century silks, using a devil's silk as the vanisher. So of course the gaff yellow silk poked out of the purple one a bit too much and all of the kids sitting at the front could see it. I told them the effect needed repairing and would take it home and do so.

Instead, I used the devil's silk to vanish my mobile and gave a patter about not having mobiles in exams. Then I put my silk in my pocket and left it there for the rest of the lesson. Phew!! They wanted a trick, I delivered one and will be better prepared next time. Especially, when this trick gets videoed for the website.
Have wand will travel! Performing children's magic in the UK for Winter 2014 and Spring 2015.
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Relaxing when performing is the key to pulling off great performances.
Even when you mess up, it may not seem like you did to the audience.
They must just in fact think it is all part of the act, depending how you the performer handle yourself.
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Easy to say, hard to do
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Some great advice in this thread, really inspiring.
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Two related points:

I've been actively participating in kite flying. I was a board member of the national kite club, and am currently the president of a New England kite club. I've been involved in kite competitions and have travelled all over the country in pursuit of kite flying excellence.

At one point I was writing a column for the national club's newsletter/magazine titled "It's Only Kite Flying". I tried to explore the kinds of things that Jaxom is talking about. Kite flying isn't life or death. You can have a passion for it but in the end it really isn't that important in the grand scale of things.

The second point is the retirement of a supreme court justice. I wish I could remember his name and the exact quote. When he was asked what he is going to do he said that he was going to go fishing. It isn't that fly fishing is all that important, it's just that there isn't anything much more important than fly fishing.

I view magic, kiteflying, the model making that I do and most of what I do for fun and as a profession the same way.

Having said that, I've made lots of great friends while pursuing magic, and that *is* important.
Marty Sasaki
Arlington, Massachusetts, USA

Standard disclaimer: I'm just a hobbyist who enjoys occasionally mystifying friends and family, so my opinions should be viewed with this in mind.
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