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R. Dunn
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I have decided to start a new topic on this as it's now available to purchase.
The whole thing looks a lot better now and weighs in at a whopping 80+ pages.

Here is a copy/paste of what I had to say about this;

I have to admit that I used to be very much an impulse purchaser, though over time and with experience that stopped and I begun only purchasing items I really thought I could use.
With that said, I couldn't help myself when I heard of this and gave in to the impulses of old and purchased.
This has literally only just been made available, or so I believe, and so thought a review would be useful and wanted.
I also just wanted to share my thoughts on it.

The name of the pdf is O.C.D. and it's from John Barratt who I believe is a Café' member here named y2john.

There are 9 effects included with a few having variations.
Here are the effects inside and what I think of each.

K-Bend; A key bend that uses a very unexpected and simple gimmick which I'm betting basically everyone already has. I couldn't believe how simple this was, and that I had never thought of such a thing before.
There are 2 routines inside, the first is the main one and has a specs borrowed key be signed and bend in there own hands. This is more for those times when you literally have next to nothing on you, and is very good for one-off performances and requests. If you have a marker so the key can be signed, you can perform this version.
The second routine is the same as the first apart from the borrowed key bends in your hands and the key is not signed (unless they have a marker handy).
The gimmick is the same for both apart from version 2's is something to always keep on you, whilst the first is more for when your caught off guard.
I really like this and it is something that will be going straight into my walk around, the gimmick is very clever and the routine itself is very well put together.
I have seen this done live by a fellow performer and it was after seeing it and a couple of the other effects that I found out about this release and I just had to get it.

My score; 9/10

Intuition-X; Not sure exactly what to call this effect, but it goes something like this.
You bring out a stack of business cards and lay them out on the table, you then explain that this is an experiment in intuition and that you want them to place there fingers onto any card, then another spec is to do the same, then another to do the same. The other cards are gathered and shown to be blank on both sides, they then look at the cards they have there fingers on and on the back of each is a large X.
That is one way in which this could be used, but I think this is something that has a lot of presentation possibilities.
I actually like the idea of how this effect came about, it was used as a pool table routine where all the cards that the balls from a break land on have the words BALLZ on the back, while the others are blank.
You have to do a little set-up, but once done you can perform it over and over with the reset taking just a few seconds.
Im sure the method to this has been done many times over, but the routine makes this into a very deceptive effect.

My score; 6/10

MindStep; A thought of card under foot that is completely impromptu other than needing a deck of cards and some spectators. This has to be one of the best things in here, and I will be using this a lot from now on as it's a very deceptive and well thought through piece. You also learn a variation called MindStepPocket'd where a card is removed and has a prediction written across it's face, this is then pocketed.
At the end the card in pocket is revealed to be the thought of card from one of 2 specs, and not only that but the prediction you wrote when you removed it from the deck is the name of the spec who would think of it.
I have not done the pocket version as one of the techniques used I have no experience with and it will take a lot of practice, but the mindstep effect is just brilliant and so simple and deceptive.

My score; 9/10

Evil Intent; The best way to describe this is a very simple and easy russian roulette, but it has a different feeling to it and deals with the emotions of hate.
Also included is a completely propless and impromptu version, and I have no experience at all with that stuff and so have no idea if it will work or not, but to me it seemed kind of obvious after reading the explanation.

A picture is worth...; This sounds like a very powerful routine, but unfortunately I can not put it to the test as the technique employed is something I have absolutely no experience with, but I can imagine it being really strong.
I actually would not use this as a book test, but as simply a thought of word or number.
There is some set-up for this, and you are going to have to carry a few things with you if you want to perform, but I'm sure for those who can PW this will be worth it.

My score from how good I think the effect could be is 7/10, but I have not put it to use so can not really give a rating.

Inside your mind... inside my shoe; Another great card piece and again will be one I'll be using a lot from now on. You tell the spectators ahead of time that you have been keeping a card in your shoe, and that you'd like to try and influence them to name this card.
This floored me when I saw it performed as though I am aware of the methods involved, they are completely covered by the presentation of the routine and I just didn't see any moves or anything.
Also this is incredibly simple and easy to do.

My score; 9/10

V-Doo; A very dark and 'real' feeling effect that could easily be mis-used and is really not my thing at all.
There is no doubt that this is an extremely powerful demonstration and one that should only ever be used in the form of entertainment. If wounded caused some fuss and concern then this is pretty much gonna raise hell as it may be taking things a little too far.

My score 1/10 if based on this working for me, 10/10 based on how powerful and effective this piece could be. Im sticking with the 1/10 though.

C-Bend; A signed coin bend that has a good visual bend.
If you really know your coin bends then you'll know what kind of thing to expect with this, though the bend itself is different to what ive seen elsewhere visually.
Pretty bold as far as getting the coin signed, but I know it works as I got to see this live. I knew what was going on but the spectators had no idea.
personally I love this, and it'll be going straight into my repetoire.

My score 9/10

The O.C.D. Effect; The name has nothing to do with the actual effect, but it is explained why the name was given, and part of this is because this is apparently one of the very first things the creator came up with and performed. You get 3 versions, though the last 2 seem like they were tacked on for completion's sake, with the first looking like the real routine.
It is another coin bend but it is completely different to C-Bend and is very good also.
I also got to see this performed and one thing that stuck in my mind was how the specs percieved what had taken place, with them thinking that a chosen coin bent in there own hands, with the performer never involved.
Extremely simple in it's workings, and another very good effect.

My score; 8/10

I am very happy I made this purchase and have found a number of pieces that I'll be using from now on.

I have to say that the pdf is pretty large with like 60 pages.
There are no pictures inside, and so you may have to read over a couple of times to fully understand everything, but I think he did a pretty good job at explaining.
There are some grammatical errors and mistakes, but I feel that a lot of work has been put into this and so won't be too harsh on that front.
Difficulty is hard to say as some of the things are so simple and easy that you'll be able to basically put them to use straight away, while others require you to know a certain sleight or technique already.
Patter and presentation is not the main concern with this, and I for one am glad that he only covers this for a couple of the routines as I agree with his view that everyone should put themselves into everything they do so that it suits there character and personality.

Overall I give this pdf a 9/10, there are some grammatical errors and you are expected to know some basic moves and techniques, but if I mark it based on what I got out of it and how good the effects are then a 9/10 it is.

This was my review that I posted a bit prematurely as I didn't realise it was not the finished product, and some of the details on pricing and how to order were not correct.
I now know the actual details;

This can be purchased at -

The price is $25 and it says that all orders will be sent within 24 hrs of purchasing.
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This PDF is a steal at $25.00. It contains some "real" workers within this document. There is something for everyone!! This is a very well written PDF with 88 pages of great material not just 8-10 pages.

Highly recommended!!

Frank V
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I agree.. an excellent PDF and it is highly recommended. John really has put his heart and sould into each effect and you will be pleased with the PDF.
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Cheers for the comments... but I have decided to only sell the ones that have now already been bought as I am gonna be putting together some stuff that includes some of the effects within but in more detail and with vids.
I have just got access to a vid cam and so feel I can do a better overall product now.
I will send those who purchased all the updates seeing as you took a chance and purchased what I had to offer... when completed I will send everything to you.

I also thought that instead of a mismatch of effects I'd make it so specific styles are grouped etc.

Also I will be sending out some preview versions once I feel they are done so I can get the opinions of others as to be honest ive never really shown fellow magi my material so at this time, apart from a few, only specs and participants have seen anything so it'd be cool to get others opinions.

Anyway just an update...

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