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Terry Veckey
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Let's leave our family relationships out of these threads, thank you. Let's just say, it was an interesting clientel that frequented the finer restaurants in Chicago's northewest suburbs then. Btw. I started at at the New York Lounge but left when Marshall asked me to work at Lancers which became Victors. While at Victors I was also working at Allgaures Fireside and Faces on Rush St. (LOL, I was in a lot of demaned back then.)

Anyway, Marshall squared off against Jimmy Grippo in a court case in Vegas. They each were called in as expert witnesses. The case was about a prize-fighter and whether it was legal for him to be hypnotized prior to the fight. It's killin' me. I can't remember all the details. They each got a lot of publicity though.

Terry V.
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On 2009-02-11 14:02, Bill Palmer wrote:
If you mention Marshall to non-magicians outside of Chicago they are unlikely recognize the name. I know this from my own experience.

Yes I agree - and the same thing happens when you mention such "famous" magicians as Dante - Blackstone - Blackstone Jr. - Doug Henning - Mark Wilson - The Great Thomsoni and many other magicians that were well known to the public for a "short" time because they did their act on a TV show.

I wish I had a dollar every time a spectator wanted to talk about the "last" magician that they saw that was on TV - and it ended up to be Marshall Brodien doing the TV Magic Cards.

It is interesting but a lot of today's audience doesn't remember or doesn't know about a lot of the TV shows that a lot of these "famous" magicians used to appear on - like Mike Douglas and Ed Sullivan.
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Dennis Loomis
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The title of the thread would seem to eliminate Doug Henning. It specifies that the magicians concerned were popular before 1970. In 1970 Doug was a student at McMaster University. His Broadway show, called The Magic Show begain in 1974 and his first TV special was in December of 1975. That's when his popularity really began.

Milbourne Christopher did appear on some TV programs, but they were not his own "Specials" in the sense that Henning and Copperfield and Blaine have had their own shows with their name in the titles on a major network in prime time.
Christopher did package a TV show featuring many different magic acts for CBS or maybe NBC, but he was only one of the acts on the show. Another of his specials was actually an episode of the Jackie Gleason show called the American Scene magazine. Christopher put all of the magic together and was onstage almost continuously as an assistant, but Jackie Gleason performed the tricks (many from the Abbott Magic Catalog) in his character of Reginald Van Gleason III.

Mark Wilson's hour long TV shows were called Magic Circus. They were not network, but syndicated shows and there were 4 of them.

These early TV appearance hardly made Milbourne Christopher a household name, as Henning and Copperfield were to become in the 70's and 80's. And Blaine and Angel more recently.

As has been pointed out, mere name recognition is not the same thing as popularity. But because of the numbers of kids that watched Mark Wilson's Saturday morning show: The Magic Land of Alakazam (whose first sponsor was Kellog's) probably Mark Wilson was the best known magician of all times. Every time he did a Saturday morning show, more people watched him than watched Blackstone, Thurston, Kellar, or Dante during their entire performing careers.

Dennis Loomis
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No order here but these are the name most people know as of today... Would be a nice poll to have most non magcians to take.

Harry Houdini

Houdini is one of the greatest magicians of the world. He was born in Hungary and in his childhood his parents moved to the United States. He made his first show when he was 9 years old. He started his career with card acts and later became famous for his escape acts. He showed his most famous magic named “Chinese Water Torture” in 1913. He is thought to have the power of picking any lock in the world. He wrote many books regarding some of his tricks. In his later life he became famous for his act as a ghost buster. Houdini was inspired by another famous musician named Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin.

David Copperfield

David Copperfield is the famous musician and illusionist. His famous magics are disappearing Stature of Liberty, flying, levitating over the Grand Canyon and walking through the Great Wall of China etc. He is also famous for his story telling power. This American talented musician started practicing magic when he was 12. He entered in the Society of the American Magicians as the youngest person and when he was 16 he started teaching a course in magic in the New York University. He also acted in some movies including ‘Terror Train’, Pret-a-Porter’. He is also famous for storytelling. According to the Forbes Magazine, his per year income $57 million in 2003 and became the tenth highly paid celebrity in the world. He makes over 500 shows throughout the world in a year.

Criss Angel
This American magician, illusionist and stunt performer is famous for his television series called ‘Chriss Angel Mindfreak’. He is sometimes compared with the street magician David Blaine. His current telivision show is named ‘Cirque du Soleil’. Criss Angel is a musician and involved in band groups. Three time magicaian of the year champion (David Copperfield only won this award twice)

Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin
Robert-Houdin is named as the pioneer of the modern performance art of illusionism. In his early life he was a watchmaker. He was very influential performer of his time and was thought to be the person who could make anything possible. This Frenchman is called the father of modern magic as he performed in the theaters and private parties which was a new trend because the magicians, before him, performed in the fairs and marketplaces. He is the first performer of the bullet catch. Once he asked a person to shoot him with a marked ball but after shooting him the ball was found between the teeth of that person. He used to wear formal dresses like his audience. A movie was made on Robert-Houdin by the novel called “World of Wonders” by Robertson Davies.

David Blaine
This American magician is famous for his street and close-up magic which was the new trend in magic. As David was a street magician he could notice the real reaction of the spectators. In his earlier life he showed card acts. Later he focused on feats of endurance. He could have been buried for 7 days alive. His TV special ‘Frozen in Time’ was very popular where he showed that he can encase for 61 hours, 40 minutes, and 15 seconds. In his popular named ‘Vertigo’ he was lifted by a crane onto a90 foot high pillar. This great magician told that he became happy when he saw that people irrespective of religion, age, sex, and race come to see his magic and smile.

P.C. Sorcar
P.C. Sorcar is a famous Indian magician who got many international awards for his performances throughout the world. His popular show is known as ‘Indrajal’. This great magician was very popular in 1930s to 1960s. He was awarded the Padma Shri by the President of India in 1964 and The Sphinx known as Oscar of magic twice in 1946 and in 1954. He was died in 1971 at the age of 58 in Japan.

Doug Henning
This famous magician famous for his Escape tricks. He had a distinct way in his clothing and appearance such as bushy mustache and clothes with different color. He first performed at a birthday party of his friend when he was 14. He was graduated in Psychology. Some of his famous magic shoes are ‘Spellbound’, ‘The Magic Show’, Doug Henning’s World of Magic’ etc. He also made many shows in TV. He had a skill to entertain people. He is admired by many of the magic lovers.

Penn and Teller
These American duos are illusionists. Peen Jillette is a raconteur while Teller does not speak during the performance. After meeting in 1975, Peen and Telller have been performing in various serials and shows. Some of their television serials are ‘Late Night with David Lettermen’, ‘Saturday Night Live’ etc. Some of their tricks are very famous such as tractor-trailer, apple and violence, bullet catch etc.

Harry Blackstone, Sr.
Harry was a stage magician who also performed in television. He is also called ‘The Great Blackstone’. He is famous for his show named ‘The Magic Castle’. He was very popular as a USO entertainer during the World War II. Many books were written on him including the comic book ‘Blackstone the Magician Detective’ by Walter B. Gibson and a radio series was also named ‘Blackstone, the Magic Detective’.

Harry Potter
I know that a movie character can not be a real magician. However, I think that as magic is nothing but some tricks that entertain us, Harry Potter, the central character of the movie named ‘Harry Potter’ by J.K. Rowling can also make us amazed with his supernatural activities in the movie through which we feel same of the feelings of the magic. As our focus is on fun then Harry Potter can be a magician. This movie is considered as one of the greatest movies in the world.
Bill Palmer
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You left out Merlin, Albertus Magnus, Cagliostro, John Dee, Roger Bacon and all of the REAL magicians who inspired all of us fakes!

BTW, Doug Henning did just a few escape tricks. He did the upside down on his first television special, but most of his work was in illusion. He did give Jim Steinmeyer and John Gaughan fits with some of his original illusion ideas, though.

Penn and Teller met before 1975. They performed at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival before then.
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On 2009-06-12 00:46, Kevinr wrote:

Criss Angel
This American magician, illusionist and stunt performer is famous for his television series called ‘Chriss Angel Mindfreak’. He is sometimes compared with the street magician David Blaine. His current telivision show is named ‘Cirque du Soleil’. Criss Angel is a musician and involved in band groups. Three time magicaian of the year champion (David Copperfield only won this award twice)

First of all, it's Criss Angel Mindfreak. Now that's that.
Secondly: His current television show is named `Cirque du Soleil`? Are you f****** kidding?
And lastly: He's now received the Magician of the Year award 5 times, not 3. Plus Magician of the Decade.
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