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Nathan Kranzo
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Ok, we all have a story or two about something that happened by accident, but looked like a miracle.

I was performing at a company picnic one time and just as I was about to restore a cut piece of rope a butterfly appeared out of nowhere and landed on the rope where the knot had just disolved.

It looked like the knot just morphed into a real live butterfly.

It was a miracle.

Anything like that ever happen to you?


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I was performing for a group of teens and a heckler was giving me a hard time.. I was on my knees at a coffee table performing "Coin Through Table" I did not know that the heckler had also placed his hand under the table, (under mine which was also under the table with the concealed coin) I popped the coin against the underside of the table for the sound illusion at the same time I pretended to press it through the top with the other hand.

While doing this, I accidently dropped the coin. IT FELL RIGHT INTO THE HECKLERS HAND! he was unaware that my other hand was under the table above his, Suddenly my "heckler" became my biggest fan.. he started yelling out how I was better than David Blain! In his eyes I had performed "real" magic. I'll never tell him it was an accident *L*
Tom Smile
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J.B. Bobo
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Hi Nate,
How are ya? I was doing some magic outside at a Café one time, and had a card selected and signed, ready for a card to mouth routine if my memory serves me right. I was springing the cards from hand to hand, when the wind kicks in, and like a chump, I drop every single card. In shame, I take on the task of picking all of them up. The selected card at this point is hopelessly lost. I run through the deck looking for it, ask them which one it is, with an out in mind. Its not there! I start looking around, seeing if one blew away, nope. I lift up my shoe, I don't even know why. Turns out I had stepped on gum, and by total accident stepped on their card! Everyone freaked, thought it was planned out fully. I accepted the applause and pretended to be a baller Smile
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One time I performed PH's invisible palm for my friend..

I placed "ONE" ace on the table, and I didn't expect he would put his hand on top of that card right then.

I immediately think :"damn, now he knows I have 2 cards on the table".

but fortunately he didn't feel anything.
and I proceed to perform the trick and he frrreeaakkkkked out when he lifted his hand up and found 2 aces on the table.

He freaks out and said :"Dude I really felt the card goes through my hand.. HOW THE & DID YOU DO THAT?? I FELT it, it went from the top of my hand to underneath it".

I was rolling on the floor when he said that.

Nowadays I do the last "Invisible Palm" sequence with the spectator putting their hand on top of the "THREE" aces and proceed to do a rub-away-vanish on the back of their hand to create the same illusion that floored my friend big time by accident ...

Don't give up, don't EVER give up.

Corporate magician - Nash Fung
Nathan Kranzo
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Great stories guys... keep them coming.

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John F
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Hello Nate.

What a wonderful effect, what a miracle. If only there was a way to do the butterfly effect regularly.

A story of mine, which isn't quite as miraculous as yours.

I was doing some card magic for two friends of mine one evening. I put the cards away so there were no cards involved and had them both think of any card, there were no restrictions or any suggestion or forces (verbal or other) et. I correctly guessed the 1st card, and then to my amazement (as much as theirs) I guessed the second card.
To top that I had my friend think of any card again and guessed that card correctly 1st time. I did not ask them any questions, I just correctly guessed their cards 1st time, every time.

As you are probably fully aware, there is no method (or at least I had no method) for doing this with the sucess I had. Just chance I guess.

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I was doing a show at the Chicago Board of trade. A spectator asked me if I would do something for his daughter I said yes. As she arrived I realized she was blind. I asked her to hold my hands as I tie a false knot in the silk. I grabbed her hand after I tied the knot while she was holding my hands. I made her run her hand through the silk after we tied it. When the knot disappeared while she held it ,I realized that she felt that she made the knot disappear. The smile on her face was the most amazing thing that I ever saw. This moment I will never forget
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Alessandro Scotti
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I was at the magic shop and my friend Paco there was performing for a customer. There were other people in the shop and three guys stopped by to see the trick, which was simply the invisible deck. So spectator is asked to think of a card and he says "Six of spades". I see a strange look on the face of one of the guys and at the end of trick he says: "Amazing, I've thought of the six of spades too". Then spectator asked to see the trick again, so he got to think of another card. While he was thinking I hear the same guy whispering to himself in a very low voice "Please, let it be anything but the ten of hearts". After a while spectator says: "Ten of hearts". The guy went almost pale. Spectator saw a great trick, but this guy left the shop convinced that the magician could actually influence the thoughts of everyone in there...
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I was doing a bit of table hopping for a local restaurant and one of the customers brought up DB. He asked if I could do anything as astonishing as "naming a thought of number".

I said "Sure, think of an odd number between 15 and 50." (I was intending to let it go and go on with my routine thinking he would forget about it.) I picked up my cards (ready to do OOTW) and asked him if he thought the top card was black or red.

He got it right and I put the 3C on the table and I placed the next red card beside it. It was the 7D at which he stood up amazed and called the surrounding tables over.

The number he was thinking of was 37 (of course). Not only did I get credit for an effect I wasn't even doing, I had a nice group audience for OOTW, TestaCroce and as luck would have it, this table is the one I had selected for the finale of my T&R to Impossible location.

When he found the envelope containing his card (to which he was holding the corner to) taped to the bottom of his table the look on his face was priceless. I thought he was going to pass out.

O' what I would have given for a camera crew that day.
Rob "Riff, the Magical Clown" Eubank aka RiffClown
<BR>Magic is not the method, but the presentation.
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Wow, those stories are really great! We should make a book or something! Smile

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One day some friends of my wife's came over to visit and the subject of magic came up (I wonder how that happened?). I agreed to do a few magic tricks for them. I began by doing the old "riffle the deck in front of a spectator's eyes and have him think of a card" routine. His wife was by his side.

I felt his card was the KH or the 7C. I was not comfortable with my normal "reading his mind" ending and so, preparing to use an out, I put the KH on the top of the deck and the 7C on the bottom. I then asked him his card and he said "KH". I turned over the top card to reveal the KH.

I then began to put the deck away (effect completed) when his wife exclaimed "You didn't name my card"!!

Well, I finished putting away the deck and asked her to concentrate on her card. She did.
after suitable by-play, I said "7C". She literally screamed!! Needless to say, I claimed exhaustion and did no further tricks for them that day.

Magic is a vanishing Art.

This must not be Kansas anymore, Toto.

Eschew obfuscation.
Rod Rigo
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I’ll tell you something that happened 5 years ago. At that time I never dreamed about being a magician, so I didn’t know anything about magic.

Anyway, I was playing cards with a girl, and I have a huge crush on her. I told her to shuffle the deck and to think of any card. She gave the deck back to me and I took a card from the center of the deck (I didn’t know what card I was holding). Then I said to her that if I got her card right she would have to go out with me.

She named the card (8C) and when I turned over the card I was holding, we couldn’t believe that it was the 8C.

I really believe that it was real magic, not only because I got the girl, but also because from that day on, I started getting interested in magic.

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I was at a friend's house for dinner, and he pulled out an old, solid gold coin that had belonged to his father. He kept it in a memorabilia box on his mantel.

A bunch of us looked at it. I made sure I was last, having fingerpalmed a quarter. My idea was just to do a one-handed switch and hand him the quarter as a goof. I thought he'd gasp, I'd give him back his gold coin, and that would be it.

Instead, he took the quarter without looking at it and placed it back in his memorabilia box. This left me with his gold coin concealed in my hand.

"You put the gold coin back in the box, right?" I said. "Yes." Then I made the coin "materialize" in my hand. He absolutely flipped out, since he was convinced that he had himself just put the gold coin away in a closed box.

Great moment!
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Haha, I was doing Bill Malone's 'my favourite opener'. So i controlled the card to the top, dled and throw changed the card onto her hand. Then i acted like I lost her card and stuff.

'So, what was your card?'

'Queen of hearts!'

My heart skipped a beat, the queen of hearts was right at the bottom of the deck and i was staring at it. I did a pass to control the card but who knows, I could have accidentally controlled it to the bottom instead. Anything could happen. I just couldn't let her flip the card in her hand over. So, I controlled the queen to the top and picked up the card from her hand and said 'Would you be impressed if the card in your hand changed to the QH? She said yes. I dled.

She flipped.


'I can change cards by reading your mind, and whatever thought i receive from you...'

My effect had a double impact. She even changed her mind and reselected a card in her mind, the QH. =p Thank god. Hahahaha... She never forgot me for that effect. Smile
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