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Danny Hustle
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Boston, MA USA
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If you had the opportunity to ask a successful street performer a few questions what would they be? The list doesn't have to be twenty questions long but please number your questions in order of importance to you. This is open to everyone especially guys just starting out.

I don't want to say too much about it at the moment but this is part of a project I am involved in where we will be asking these questions to a guy who has done very well on the street. You questions will be heard! Smile



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1.) How did you get started performing on the street full time?
2.) Did you have backing to help you out in your start?
3.) Do you think a street performer can sucessfully support a family with no other income?
4.) How did you start to plot out your act?
5.) Are there any tricks that you learned to become sucessfull quicker?
6.) What were some of the tough times you've hit because of the path you choose?
7.) If you have to do it all over again wuld you choose the same path?
8.) How do you travel with your rig?
9.) Do you allways stay in cheap hotels when you travel?
10.) A week in the life of you on the road... (tell us about it)
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What are the three most important advices you would give to your student (if you had one)?

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Lancaster, pa
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1. What advise would you give to someone just starting out?
2. How would a beginner find a mentor if there are none in his area performing on the street?
3. How do you handle hecklers?
4. How did you break the fear of performing on the streets.
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1) I don't want to leave my family all season...
is it worth it to Busk Weekends in the same area
(Nürnberg with Magic and Guitar Music for example)?

2) What do People respond to best?? Well known stuff
or your own passionate played styles? Is it content
o context that matters more?

3) My strongest point is singing/guitar playing.
Should I only do that or incorporate Magic in my show?
I have some Magic routines that drop jaws, but can play
and improvise for hours on Guitar.

4) Where are the best places to play in Europe,
and especially in Germany, and at what times?

5) Does it make any sense for a guy close to 50 y/o
to start thinking about busking as a way of Life??
With a young Daughter and a wife?

6) What Routines bring the $$$ (all other things
being equal)?

7) Should I be "myself" or get costumed out?

8) Do People respond better to "Blues"
or Happy stuff? (regardless of Magic or Music.)

9) Where do you find out where you get permissions
to perform in any city and what it costs?

10) What are the Top 10 Busking Styles, Tricks or Songs
that bring in big hats?

Thanks, just shooting off the cuff....
Must matter to me! Smile

Last Question:

I always get good reactions from people
but am afraid to go to the streets, although
I do it at times.... What should I do?

The Burnaby Kid
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St. John's, Canada
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What adjustments do magicians with performing experience elsewhere have to make in order to be successful on the street?
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"Can I borrow 50 bucks?"

Just kidding!

Actually, I really could use the 50 bucks...
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T. Sebastian
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Ozark Mountains, USA
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Sorry Gaddy, only made 49 today.

1) How do you handle frustrating days? When you're on and doing your best work, but a crowd of forty people only yields five bucks.
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York ,PA.
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# 7 from ShawnBs' list
Life is too important to take seriously.


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Los Angeles
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Is the equity flow smooth or are there lean months?

How much traveling do you have to do to keep it successful throughout the year?

Have you gotten to the point where you can tell a given crowd is not going to be good tippers or do you still get surprised?

Do you do a table act or from your pockets?

Thanks, Danny!

Oh, my friend we're older but no wiser, for in our hearts the dreams are still the same...
Leland Stone
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What resources did you find useful in your development as a busker?

Was there something you anticipated but found did not occur, and what did you not anticipate for which, in hindsight, you wish you'd prepared?

Does your busking work enhance whatever Magic you may perform elsewhere, and if so, how?

Top 10 mistakes made by noobs?

Top 10 tips from the pro?

[Continuing with the Letterman theme: Stupid Busker Tricks?]


"Gaddy: Frisco's most gifted busker, or best covert panhandler?"

Robin Z
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What was your biggest mistake?
kid iowa
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How do you work your transitions from effect to effect?

How often do you throw in a "money" line before your hat line?

How has your character evolved since you first started?
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What was your first experience of street performing?

What do you wish someone had told you when you were just beginning?

How do you control the crowd (i.e. getting them into the right angles, stopping people obstructing the street)

Why do you busk?

when is the best time (i.e. days, am / pm) to busk?

How do you chose where to perform?

Do you have several different acts, or do you just use the same act?

What things do you need to consider in planning your routine?

How often do you move pitches?
Mario Morris
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Mario Morris
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I got intervewid hear in Portugal they had 10 qwestions to ask. Is this any thing to do with it Danny?
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Hope I'm not too late to put my 2 cents in --
how about a little more digging into 'regional' styles: changes and adaptability ... for instance, what might play well in miami might bomb in new orleans -- what are universal truths and what differences have you come across that you might not have expected...

I was recently down in Argentina for a vacation and worked a show there language was definitely an issue although I managed pretty well with what little castillano I am familiar with -- how do pros manage the language barrier? that's all I can think of for now.
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Could you have done anything else?

Can you do anything else?

Would you do anything else, if you could? ,...please be honest.

Why are you a Busker?


Best tip?

Worst tip/experience?


What do think of `normal folks´?


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P.s.: What not to ask:

Can you live from this?!?

How much do you make a show?!?

Where's your best pitch???? (,..,it's not nice coaxing folks to lie!)

,..one other `favourite': So,... what do you do for a living?

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How do crowds work?

Are there any telltale movements, noises, 'group activity' in a crowd that we should be aware of when performing?
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How long before you were confident, and really got the hang of stopping your first group?

How long before you felt confident in keeping your crowd?

What is the best way to develop a good hat pitch?
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