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My two year old daughter, a massive wiggles fan, and Conjurer to be had her second birthday recently. Although she doesn't know the TT secret, yet, it's hilarious to watch her stuff a red silk into her tiny hand, then cram it into her armpit.
We had around 20 adults and 12 kids. Ive long been a magic/gag collector, so getting the props wasnt an issue.

My dear Mum, a dressmaker, knocked up a Captain Feathersword vest, I added feathers to a sword, and a pirate hat...

In the week leading up, I culled my magic set to stuff I was going to use, and made the following list...

Flash Cotton
B in a Box (Bella, the Birthday appeared out of an empty box)
Appearing Flower
Appearing Fish(kozuch)
Pop Pops
Squirt Flower
Thumb Tip Silk
Color Change Silk
Flip Flop
Sponge Balls
Floppy Wand
Coloring Book
Super Gel
M & M box
Appearing Wand
Flash Cotton
Rat-half a rubber rat, looks like its crawling in your mouth, wiggle with tongue to make tale move...
Egg Cup
Pop Pops
Flash Paper
Sponge Bears

Finger Chop
Cut & Restored Rope
Pen Thru Note
Cup and Balls
3 Length Rope
Elbow Coin
Floating Dollar
Shock Pen
(Its split into 2 parts because the first part is what I had time to script, the 2nd part was just the 'left overs') I had a few more things coming in from eBay which didn't make it in time, so I fashioned my own igniter from an old TT and the top half of a bic lighter. Also, it wouldve been a great closer had I recieved the Snowstorm in China effect on time, but not to worry.
I knew all the tricks by heart, had a script, which is below, but had an issue with memorising the whole thing. My solution to that was to load an expandable briefcase with all my goodies, in order of performance, and then to run thru the script, giving each trick a yellow post it note. From there, I loaded my pockets with what had to be there, and left a post it of that too.

Heres my script.
Why, Ahoy there me maties! Are we all having a grrrreat day?
I was digging around for buried treasure, and I found me this
big box of magic! Let me try and show you some, Flash Cotton
Arrghhhh...suck finger

B in a Box
...Firstly, where’s the Birthday Girl, Bella? Can anyone see her?
Oh, wait, maybe shes in this box? OPEN, Nope, not in there!
Maybe if we all shout Wheres Bella, we can get some magic going. Argghhh
Wheres Bella, Wheres Bella? SOMEONE FROM BACK SHOUTS, "Is that her?"
Here she is, yayyyyy!

Appearing Flower
Grab Vase Stand
Ok, before we start, lets make this place prettier and get some flowers here…
Whats the magic word again? Wiggly-Waggly-Woo, TAP… Argghhh, much better

Appearing Fish
Right-o, time for a drink, being a Captains hard work…
Kozuch, glass, jug, Martini Glass, TAKE A SIP, SPIT, arrgghhhh,
Theres a fish in there! Come up, have a look, Squirt Flower at kids.

OK, OK, everyone sit down again… Pop Pops RIGHT PANTS POCKET if they are slow.

Arrgghh, Argghh, Argghhh CHOOO! BLOW NOSE INTO SILK, Ooohh Yuck, argghhhh, LOOK FOR WHERE TO GET

Arrgghhh, that’s better, RUMMAGE, What else have we here?
OOohhgghhh! Look! Color Change Silk Quickly kids, what colors are there?
Blue! Red! Arrgghh you sure? Yellow! Green! Nope, guess again…Blue! Red…
ahhhh…you aren’t really good with colors are you? I know what, Try this one…
Flip Flop, Ill get this ready, and you tell me the colors OPEN 2X SIDE, COLORS, AS BACK TURNS, red! green! blue! ROLL, TURN BACK, Hmmpphh, I only see gold, Ill have to get something else… Red! Green!, blue! Huh? What? Turn back, gold again, AArrghhh, maybe we’ll leave the colors for another day…

Sponge Balls Here’s an easy one…Can you tell me what colors these balls are?
Red! Yes that’s right! Ok, how are we at counting? POINTING, 1, 2, 3.
OK, Can I have someone from the audience please?
Argghhh, Hello, KID. OK, so we’ve got 3 balls here, 1, 2, and 3. Ill put 1 in my pocket, and get these 2 here, and put them in your hand, Hold tight!
Hang on, how many balls are in there? 2? right, ok, open up, 3 POP OUT, Arghhh, SCRATCH HEAD, 1, 2, 3. Hmmpphh. PALM 4th FROM RIGHT VEST POCKET, Arrghhh, please go sit down, as KID takes off, pull the 4th from his ear, ARGGHHH HAAA, Whats all this then?

Who likes coloring in? Coloring Book Ive got this magical wand here, Floppy Wand It’s a bit floppy, but it works fine. Pass to kids Does it feel OK to you? GET BACK, FLOP AGAIN, Ok, so here we have a coloring book. FLIP FROM THE BOTTOM, but, theres nothing in it, so, I need to give it a WIGGLY WAGGLY WOO, FLIP FROM TOP, Arrghhh, that’s better! Now though I need some color, so everyone, yell out your favourite colors, and we’ll see if we cant jam some into this ‘ere book, Red, got it, Blue, got it, green, got it yellow, thanks, OK, that should be enough! FLIP FROM MIDDLE
Arrghhhh, thanks for helping on that one…

This time, Captain really needs a drink, Super Gel GRAB PLASTIC CUP, POUR FROM BOTTLE, ADD SOME Captain Powder, STIR, Splash onto kids!!!

Who loves M & Ms? M & M box I found this box here, SHAKE, OPEN AND OFFER TO KIDS, arrghhh, its empty. PUT DOWN. PALM Appearing Wand,WITH A Flash Cotton POOF! WITH WAND, WAVE OVER BOX, TIP, HAVE POO READY, LET KIDS GET M&Ms.

DROP Poop, Argghhhh, who left that behind? KICK TO BEHIND TABLE, Peee Yewww!

Argghhh, did anyone see that? Out of the corner of my eye, It was quick, it was fast, woop, there it goes again… Rat FROM LEFT VEST POCKET, DIVE DOWN INTO A CORNER…MMMMM MMMPPHHH MMM

Egg Cup RUMMAGE Ok, what else have we in heeeere? Ohh, lookee here. Can I get a helper please? OK, Here we have a little ball, in a cup. Can you please get the ball and put it in your pocket. OK. CLOSE, REOPEN, WITH BALL, Hang on a minute, Didn’t I ask you to put it in your pocket? CLOSE. Show me the ball. KID SHOWS BALL, OPEN UP TO SHOW NO BALL. OK, now put it in your pocket again. Right, NOW REOPEN, WITH BALL AGAIN, Arrghhh, IN A HUFF, CLOSE, Ill do the magic around here! REOPEN, WITHOUT BALL, Put it back please, argghhh, round of applause for KID mumble, mumble! Pop Pops RIGHT PANTS POCKET away…

Im hungry! Does anyone want peanuts? Peanuts Hilarity.

Ok, Its time for a story, Who knows the 3 Bears?...

The rest was made up on teh spot...

...and I can add it if you wish, but I used kozuch and flash paper for my finale, utilising a Captain Feathersword puppet Bella recieved he told me the first fish was lonely...

I was really nervous about 10 minutes before going on, but remembered reading on about the 10 deep breath thing. That really centred me, as I went on, after about 2 minutes I was having fun, and went into auto pilot.

It was a great show, and sure, a few things I wouldve changed, like making sure the wiggles CD was restarted so it didn't end halway thru the show and so on, but on the whole, everyone seemd to enjoy themselves...

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What feed-back did you get?

Like the costume
Have wand will travel! Performing children's magic in the UK for Winter 2014 and Spring 2015.
Potty the Pirate
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Dragon, I LOVED your show description. No doubt, it was action-packed, and full of great comedy moments. I'd suggest that you probably could have got a LOT more business in places, but that's something that will come with time. What I like is you understand the pacing required for a great kids' show.
Remember that kids like stories, and you can engage them for a good few minutes getting them into a story, but to do so well, the story must be FUNNY. Include references to stinky, snotty, slimy things, etc. Corny puns are good, and always get a kid or three out of the audience for some interactive magic.
for a party for the under-5s, I'd scrap everything in the 2nd part of your show though, apart from D'Lites, which the young 'uns love.
The way you listed your show, and posted notes everywhere is just what any pro would do if pressed to learn a lot of stuff in a short time. In fact, many of my props have patter cues permanently attached, so if I don't use a prop for several months, I can perform it without any rehearsal!
Let us know how your show develops, glad to see another new keen pirate at the Café...
All the best, Potty
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Great web sites guys! The feedback was awesome!
Being family, and friends, I was weary that they wouldve been the worst kind of spectators, but with my demeanor of having found this chest of magic, they were sort of going through the process of discovering what was in the box with me.

I had volunteers up for Finger Chop, egg cup and sponge balls, and had them all yelling their heads off for the coloring book and color change scarfs.

The Dlites didn't quite make it as it was too sunny outdoors, but the late inclusion of the Floating Dollar was a hit, as I had it set up, and wasnt going to perform it, but a gold cigarette packet wrapper blowing past during the show caught my eye, and looked great in the presentation.

Potty, its funny that you mention the stinky, snotty, slimy things, because the greatest laughs came from my unscripted sponge bears routine. I had an 11 year old kid come up for it, and showed him the 3 baby bears. I asked what were the 3 bears names, and the audience shouted mama bear, papa bear and baby bear. As I had Papa bear holed up somewhere, I reclaimed, no, no, no, not those bears, these bears are Huey, Dewey and Louie. The 3 bears went into his hand, and when he opened them there was a 4th bear! So I had Huey, Dewey and Louie squeakily talking to the one he held. Where were you? Whats your name new bear? Someone in the audience shouted Pooey!, and from there, as this kid had to answer in a squeaky 'Pooey' voice, we all had a ball. Then the 4 bears started crying for their Mama, so all 4 went into his hand, and out came Mama bear.
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