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I'm getting ready to put out a DVD of some effects I've come up with over the years and remembering all the videos I have seen/have (mostly VHS stuff!) I know some have the performance and then the explanation right after (each one) and then some have all the performances together and then all the explanations together!

Wondering what people like the best!!!??? I mean even if the DVD doesn't have the "go to" feature and you have to fast forward/search for stuff like good 'ole VHS!!!

Whatever gets the most "votes" on here is what I'll do!!!

Also...if you like the classic "Torn and Restored Newspaper" effect and would like to see what I've come up with...and review it (I'd send you one free!!) Please let me know (PM me!!). I've been "experimenting" with this for the past several years and have come up with something...well...very different!!! Smile

Would have some "bonus" effects on there also.

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I always liked the performance, immediately followed by the explanation.
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I'm a fan of play all performances first, then all explanations first.
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If one trick is a part of a whole routine, then I'd like to see the whole routine with the explanation of each part following. That way, I can see how the whole set is put together and how well it works for me.

But if you're doing an anthology of tricks with no real connection between them, then performance - explanation, performance - explanation works best for me.

Douglas Lippert
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I like a straight run through of all the performances, and then it goes into the explanations menu. That way, I can pick what I liked the best to practice first.

I'll send you a PM about the newspaper.
Douglas Lippert
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Performance, immediately followed by the explanation.
Doug Higley
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Just like in the 'bedroom'.
Higley's Giant Flea Pocket Zibit
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I like to see all the performances first, then the explanations. That way, if you're someone who likes to watch everything straight through as a "show", you can do that. And if you want to see the performance then the explanation of an individual effect, you can do that just by clicking "menu" after the effect. Best of both worlds.
Bill Hallahan
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I'd prefer one long performance, or, if there is too much material, several performance sessions all run together. Once I've seen the explanations enough times, I generally only want to watch the performances after that.

I wish both options were provided on magic DVDs, since DVD technology allows this. The DVD specification provides a built-in scripting language. Few producers take full advantage of it, though, other than just to make buttons you can push to do one thing, i.e. go to a title or chapter on the DVD.

You could theoretically put performance 1, explanation 1, performance 2, explanation 2, etc., and still be able to just play all the performances, or just all the explanations, or see them interleaved. I don't know why DVD producers don't take advantage of this. I expect they aren't aware of how to do it, and/or the common DVD production tools don't make it easy to do.
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My favorite performances are the ones in front of an audience. I like for several methods to be shown on doing the same effect. I dislike when everything is squeezed into one disc. I like it better when three discs are used.
Patrick Differ
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I like effect in context. As long as I've been with magic, I still like to watch stuff that kicks my trasero.

I want to watch something happen. Then, I want time to think about it. Then, I want more time to wonder about it. Then, I want more time to let it really kick my trasero.

Then, I want the time to decide.

Whatever you do, regardless if you are presenting isolated or routined effects, DON'T GIVE THE WORK RIGHT AWAY.

Instant gratification is child's play. Respect the art, and honor the conflict. The fact that you are willing to "tip your mitt" is enough to say that all your "real work" should be the last thing presented.

The only difference between a teacher and a magician is that a teacher "tips the mitt."

And the best teachers let them try to figure it out for themselves first.
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Josh Chaikin
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I like all performances, then explanations. Sometimes I just like to watch the performances, and sometimes I need to reference the explanations. It was one thing when we had VHS; now with DVDs, things are a bit easier. Still, I like the format I already mentioned.
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I think it depends. If you are watching a full show where every piece will be explained, then I would like to see the performance uninterrupted. Then, a recap in the studio on each trick will work. Tarbary and Martin Lewis does this well.

If it's an assortment of performances, I would like to see the performance first, then the explanation.

Also, Tom, I PM'd you about wanting to review the Torn and Restored Newspaper. Would like to help you. Please let me know if you still need help on this.
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A performance followed by explanation of that trick. Then, the next performance/explanation duo.

That way, after you watch the trick, you can see how it's done immediately.
For people that want to watch performances all the way thru, they simply have to click [Next Chapter] as soon as the explanation starts. Whereas if it's all performances followed by all explanations, those who want it performance-explanation back-to-back have to hunt after EACH performance (ugh).

Also, performances should be in front of a live (and not jaded) audience!
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Lawrence O
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Favouring the all performance first is requesting the magician to show us his character and his act first.
Requesting effects with immediate explanation is showing more interest in the tricks and less in the performer.

Both are valid but address different needs.

As I like "real magic" (whatever that is) more than additional tricks, I prefer the all performance first.

Another reason is that I can share the show with relatives or friends without having to break the secrecy.

With today's DVD technique (not having to rewind a tape) the all performance doesn't prevent, using the menu, to get very directly from the performance of one effect to its explanation, but still allows to enjoy a magic act alone (studying character and act structure) or with non-magician friends exactly like a TV show.

Now, admittedly, not every DVD, even with "all performance" first, is showing either a character or an act...

The all performance structure on DVDs, however, offers more flexibility.
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Josh Chaikin
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On 2008-11-07 15:12, Diavo wrote:

Also, performances should be in front of a live (and not jaded) audience!

Hear, hear!
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