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Alan Munro
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Kentwood, Michigan, USA
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I'll turn down a request if it's a bad time to perform something. I will also turn down requests for specific tricks, by telling them that it's too good to be performed outside of my paid shows and I only perform those in their entirety.

I'll probably change my wardrobe a bit, when out in public, because people sometimes recognize me and a performer is always on.
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I can't believe I have
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I had to learn how to say no, especially when I am at my day job. Employers don't always appreciate magical performances at work. I used to always oblige customers and coworkers when they asked but I found that I wasn't getting much else done. I now tell them something like "they're not paying me to do magic right now". I will occasionally perform an effect at a meeting, which often times are pretty boring so nobody minds a little diversion. With friends it's different. If they insist on something, and you just want to relax, you should have something really fantastic ready so they won't feel they need to see more. I've found that if you levitate a dollar bill for instance you can get out of doing more magic.
Timothy James
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Athens, Georgia
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I have a friend who is a successful high school football coach. After his season is over and he finds himself at someone’s house watching a college bowl game or NFL playoff or the Super Bowl people turn to him as ask for his expert opinion, never mind what John Madden or Chris Collingsworth is saying in the background.

I have two other friends, one of which is a dentist and the other an attorney, whenever they are in a social setting and someone finds out their respective occupation they are besieged with, “I have this pain or this problem…. I have a small legal problem…” And they are quick and always happy to dispense any advice.

My wife is a professor of Religion at the University of Georgia, in our current climate people are asking her something along the lines of… “Why do the Muslims hate us so much… I heard it said that the Quran says… Is it true that Muslims believe…”

In all cases, they are happy to talk about their jobs.

When someone learns that I am a magician, I know I will be hit with, “Can you do a trick?” In preparation for such time, I, like probably everyone here, have walking around magic, a deck of cards for a quick Ambitious Card routine or another illusion, a coin purse for a real quick coins across, and a small plastic ball and vase with a spare ball. I have also used cups and tissue paper and beer mugs and napkins, for a Cups and Balls routine. Sometimes I carry a small pocket size set of Chinese Linking Rings. All of this takes up no pocket space and I am ready for a small show if necessary. Some of my magician friends hate working with drunks... personally, I love working with drunks as you can do anything and it amazes them like a simple double lift, and living in Athens with the University of Georgia here, Saturdays in the fall are a mile a minute with all the tailgaters.

On Sunday, two weeks ago, my wife and I were at a restaurant after mass and when the waiter recognized me he asked for a “trick.” After we ate I obliged and it morphed into several “tricks” that brought other diners to our table to watch, all in all, the waiter’s simple request turned into a 30 minute show.

My philosophy is that as a magician, - - and not one that I am imposing on anyone - - I have a certain image that I have fostered and that I now have to keep up which means that anywhere, anytime I have to ready to improvise and adapt and provide for the request. I’m sure on my death bead I’ll have to ask someone to …pick a card…any card.

"Ave Maria gratia plena Dominus tecum..."


Would you do anything for the person you love?
Donnie Buckley
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Cleveland, Ohio
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You know, this used to really tick me off.
I felt like a trained seal.
I felt like I was only being invited to the party because I would be entertaining.
I felt like I was being used.
Then something changed.
I accepted what I was.
I'm a magician.
So yes, I am "on" all the time, and I always will be.
BTW, it works both ways: many times I have gotten what "I" wanted by applying a little magic...
It's still annoying when kids climb all over you and won't stop, but that's not the magic's fault. That's just my fault for being a softy for kids.
You can't hide/deny who you are (forever). I say "go with it" and find a way to live with it.
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If you want to perform, then perform. If you don't want to, then say no.

I had a friend who was constantly asked to "do a trick" whenever he visited a certain friend and his wife. He finally told the wife that this is what he does for a living. (Her husband was a plumber.) He asked how she would like it if every time they came down for a visit, he took her husband and asked him to check out some pipes that he thinks are leaking?

She got the point and stopped asking.
by EVILDAN....
"The Coin Board Book" - moves and routines with the coin panel board. -
"SLASHER - A Horror Whodunnit" - a bizarre close-up routine based on Bob Neale's "Sole Survivor."
PM me for more info.
"Zombie Town" - a packet effect about how a small town turned into zombies.
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is really regretting his
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On 2009-03-03 16:50, Yellowcustard wrote:
I went to a meeting of magicians once a two things I heard discussed in the bar after was people always want us to perform. The other is where can I find real people to try stuff on.

This is one of the funniest statements I have seen in a long time. It's funny because it is so true! Hilarious!!!
"...that's just my opinion. I could be wrong." Dennis Miller Smile

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old things in new ways - new things in old ways
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All kids today are aware that batteries have to be recharged sometimes -- works the same with magic, right?
"the more one pretends at magic, the more awe and wonder will be found in real life." Arnold Furst

eBooks at questions at
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If you where a playing the drums... and you had a beautifull singing voice... so basically you can make anything into a rythm and you can sing.... so you can do it anytime anywhere basically... does that mean that you should do it all the time then?!


so don´t be afraid to say no... you don´t want it to be something that every one can access at any time.. so let it be special!

-kalle moen
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I agree that you shouldn't have to be on all the time. But if you are going to refuse try and be polite about it. People are always saying that if we could do real magic then we would be able to anytime anywhere. True, but even if I could do real magic, it doesn't mean I would want to all the time. Do we meet actors and ask them to perform a piece from a movie.

On the other hand I would like to be ready anytime to do a little something for someone to hopefully brighten their day if they needed it.
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I like the plumber story....

Tell the kids that each trick has to be earned... and find time consuming tasks for them that mean you will only have to do a trick every half hour or so Smile
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I feel bad having only
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Maybe I am still too amused by the reactions I get some times but if asked I will usually show one or two effects just for the reactions, that's what I started learning magic for, to amuse myself and others, money is just a perk
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Wes Iseli
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Here is how I leave the house every day. I have four pockets in my jeans or suit pants. In my left front pocket I have my wallet which I also carry Heiny 500 and a couple of other money effects in. In my right front pocket I have a business card wallet which I have a couple of packet tricks and of course business cards. In my left back pocket car keys with for me no magical purpose but their is a trick on the market like copper silver with keys. In my right back pocket a deck of cards with a rubber bands around it.

I know this may sound like a lot but I have been doing magic for 15 years full time and I don't even have to think about being caught off guard people know who I am and do ask almost every day to show them something & I am ready.

With this set up I can do 30 - 45 minutes easy but most likely the people who are asking are people we run into shopping or while running errands they are shopping or working and don't want a 30 minute routine in the middle of a store either.
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