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(I've always liked to write, as it's a good outlet. Usually when Hospitalized for Depression, I do most of my writing. Don't worry there are some positive poetry. As you'll notice my poetry is kind of in lyric Form. I'm a compulsive rhymer or however you spell it. Warning some are graphic, and some are a bit scary. I would never do that stuff though. I like to have fun with words and I'm into metal and horror. I wrote this in the hospital. I and others were safe. I've always been encouraged to write. Please look at the dates. I am right now happy. When I can I will mention my inspiration behind the poems like 12 in all and they are not long. I hope you enjoy them even the the more sad, scary ones, Ed.)

The Right One 12-7-08 (This is just a description of my "Ideal Girl")

I love how with blue eyes she looks at me across the room,

by doing that she really makes my heart zoom.

She has such beautiful long flowing blond hair,

and the way she tosses it around without a care.

She's so beautiful in her cheer uniform,

her style is not boring like the norm.

Her heart is so kind, pure and giving,

well at 18, she has not had much hard living.

She's so playful and bright,

I think her and I would fit together just right.

She's a lover of kids, animals, and to those who struggle,

I just want to take her into me and cuddle.

She has a scent to die for,

it just makes me want her more and more.

Last but not least she loves God with all of her heart,

with a love like ours nothing will ever tear us apart.

The Death Of Ed 12-6-08 (I was depressed)

There is no reason for me to go on living,

I'm just so tired of giving and giving.

I just feel so misunderstood and people don't get me,

Why? WWWHHHYYY ??? is my plea.

I feel so rejected and hated by mankind,

I'm tired of my life being at a constant grind.

I sit at the foot of my bed,
awaiting for my blood to shed.

I put the razor blade pushed to my skin,

Oh God, please forgive me of my sin.

Trembling I slash my wrist so deep,

as I watch with tear-filled eyes my blood seep.

As the bright red blood drains from me everywhere,

**** it all, Like I ****ing Care.

My heart stops, my eyes go black,

That's it there's no coming back!!!

**** YOU ALL!!!

The New Year's Eve Plan 12-6-08 (Depressed)

New Year's Eve is almost here,

and my plans are set and clear.

If I don't find love by that time,

against myself I'll commit a murderous crime.

I feel powerless over being lonely and sad,
people see I don't try and it makes me so mad.

Time keeps ticking and ticking away,

pretty soon there will be no more to say.

It seems as if girl after girl just doesn't want me,

rejection...rejection is all I get and see.

I have my gun all cocked and loaded,

in my mind my thoughts have exploded.

I pull the trigger blood splatters the walls,

as I go up listening to Heaven's calls.

My soul is so Happy and Glad,

again I see my dear old missed Dad.

Jesus My Lord And Savior 12-7-08 (Trying To Write Something Happy and About My Faith)

Jesus Christ is my beloved Lord and Savior,

and it's being blessed in His love that I savor.

He's the ONLY one you should look up to,

He'll guide you in what you need to do.

Whenever in trouble He'll ALWAYS be there,

He's the one that PERFECTLY cares.

People flocked on earth to hear His wise preaching,

and boy He did (does) the Best Preaching.

It was for you and I,

He out of pure love went to calvary to die.

All we have to do is love and follow the Lord,

and in doing so your life will never be bored.

All you have to do is let Him into your heart,

He's been there "a knocking" from the very start.

Along with Jesus you get His Holy and Blessed Mother,

and let me tell you something She's like NO OTHER !!!

The Magic Of Eddini 12-8-08 (Trying To Be Positive and Writing About One Of My Greatest Loves)

I love performing my Magic,

not to do so would be so tragic.

I LOVE making people smile and be all happy,

especially when maybe they were feeling a bit crappy.

Harry Houdini was my inspiration,

and into my art I've put in lots of perspiration.

I love and perform for all ages,

the secrets can be found in many Magic Pages.

I love to amaze and really FREAK people out,

often they are so startled they even curse, scream, and shout.

The smile on the kids faces make me tear up,

things like to vanish from beneath my Magic Cup,

I mostly perform for college students and teens,

heck on occasion I perform even for pre-teens.

I LOVE this gift God has given to me,

it really makes me happy as I glow in much glee.

(So there ya go, I began on a HAPPY not and ended on a HAPPY note)

Ed D.

Copywrite 12-17-08

P.S. Okay that's better and there should be no reason for this one to be deleted as the violence toward others is gone.
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
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Oops forgot one sorry...

Life Sucks Heavenly Love Doesn't 12-7-08 (Depressed)

My life is in such inner turmoil my heart is breaking,

I'm so sick of all of this *** aching.

I hate being single with no kids and a wife,

I feel my life is in so much strife.

I feel as if I'm sitting waiting to die,

help me God is my prayer and my cry.

All my life's energy has been draining away,

is this earth a place I reallt want to stay?

NO ! No it isn't, I want to leave this place.

I'm tired of being such a disgrace.

So I take my pills in hand,

I swallow them all so I go to the promise land.

God greets me with a smile,

saying "Come with me Ed and let's talk a while".

I love feeling this HEAVENLY love,

the love that ONLY comes from above

Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
Rupert Bair
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Edd, poetry is one of the finest things a man can do in life, but let me offer you a little advice, you may choose to either use it or disregard it but every line of poetry should be true to you and should flow naturally, it does not have to rhyme, when you want everything to rhyme you end up putting in words that are untrue to you or don't suit the flow of the poetry. A good poem will use rhyming words placed through out the piece.

Good luck, your on the right path.

P.S A little poem I wrote called More Continuities.

Time will take its toll on everything - it will all age.
Gracefully I lay my hopes on my earth.
Crunching snow and flowering blossom.
Gone today, but not forgotten.
And when this day ends, it shall find its way to another.
This love that has been shared across the earth,
Will prosper and live on forever, as long as man keeps his dream.
From Winter to Spring then to autumn and winter,
A beautiful cycle to entrust to the newborn.
Everything may change, but nothing Is forgotten.

Inspired by Continuities by Walt Whitman
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Profile of Eddini_81976
I understand and I have done poetry like that. To me I like to have the challenge of rhyming while still staying true to my feeling AND I DO. It's word play and fun, but TRUE. I'm versatile too. I can right Romance, Suicide / Depression, Horror / Homicide, Magic, or everday things. One of my Best Poems is HERE check it out, and it doesn't rhyme. It's a little long but you'd like it Rupert. Look it up. Margarette responded I think. I like short stories and so on. I wish this site had a 18+ forum, then I could write all sorts of things. I've (ACTUALLY TRULY WONDERED) how Steve could do that with PROOF of 18. Like mail a copy of your driver's licence, they mail you a code and you can go into the 18+ section. Not like porno, but jokes, one liners...etc. I also asked if the site could get a Video Uploader. Peace, Happy Holidays, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
Josh Riel
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Sonnet of friendship
By Josh Riel

I had a dog, I named him Steve; He barked, he bit, and then he leaved.

I'll get another, name him ted... And beat him, beat him till he's dead.


I used to write poetry. One day I realized that stuff was best kept to myself.
Magic is doing improbable things with odd items that, under normal circumstances, would be unnessecary and quite often undesirable.
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Profile of Eddini_81976
Awesome I agree BUT I think some should be shared though, Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
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Profile of Eddini_81976
Any other poets "In Da House" Ed, (Eddini), C.H.
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
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