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It is on the way and I am EAGERLY awaiting it! Smile Smile
CoolMagic4U---aka---Ed Smile
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Haha! How can you miss Lee's stuffs??
I will buy his video, even it's nothing about magic... ^_^"

Michael Lam
Don't just dream, stay awake and action!
Bob Kohler
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Up front, I have to tell you that Lee Asher and Paul Wilson are two of my favorite people. "Hit The Road" is by far the best way to get a peek inside of the West Coast magic scene and more.

They take you into places nobody gets to go...
They show you things nobody gets to see...
You get to meet people nobody gets to meet...

They pulled out all of the stops, called in all of the favors and basically exhausted themselves in producing this whirlwind tour. It's not a training video, it's a living video. You do get to learn some really cool magic and hang out with "The Boys."

Their gas credit card bill alone is staggering...why not support their project and help pay their bills.

Who knows, maybe if they make a tiny profit they'll crank up the camera and take us all for another wild ride and "Hit The Road."

Support the boys and buy your copy directly from them! They fathered several children during the trip and they need the money.

Home of the BK Pro Line
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OK now I'll take a bashing....

I like the DVD. I like what I learned. I like the amusing stories. But... I have a complaint. I sat down with some kids to watch this (it's a magic video - no harm right?) and the language that was used and the end bit with the breasts....I don't get it. Are we going to need to start having a rating system on magic videos? Maybe just a warning would have been appropriate. There was however a warning on the dvd just before the breat part (thank you!) no kids allowed at that point. But any kids buying this to check it out themselves will most likely find that an open invitation to keep viewing! (don't get me wrong it's not a woman exposing her breasts; quite the opposite - I think...) I have some magic DVDs, but not a ton. Is this common on instructional videos? I am not saying they had no right to have it on there, I am saying that I was a bit shocked but mostly confused - why is it on there? It doesn't make sense, to me anyway. I still like it - I give it 2 thumbs up, just odd about the other stuff.....
Lee Asher
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Hey all,

Thank you for the positive response I have been receiving from most of you privately and openly here in the forums about HIT THE ROAD. I just wanted to tell you if you missed the Magic Radio Show ‘two hour story telling’ about the making of HIT THE ROAD this last Monday, you can still hear it through archives. Click the link below to take you straight to the spot to hear the show. If you own the VIDEO/DVD, you you must listen to it. If you don’t have the VIDEO/DVD yet, you still have to go and listen to the show! Go NOW!!!!

Here is the link.....

Look for DOWNLOAD THE SHOW (It’s underlined) for the May 12th show. Click on it and you are in business!

Have fun listening to it...because we had fun talking about it.

Have I ever steered you wrong?

Click Here To Get Started Right Away
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On 2003-05-14 06:34, Bob Kohler wrote:

They fathered several children during the trip and they need the money.

Smile Smile What does that mean? Smile
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The DVD is one of the best I bought and I can't wait to see the second one released!!!
Lee and Paul, thanks for sharing with us!!!
Great jobbbbbbbbbbbb!!
MJ Marrs
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I really enjoyed this DVD! There was a nice selection of material that was taught. These weren't filler tricks, but rather some strong magic. For example, Dean Dill walks you through his wonderful trick "No Extras" using ordinary objects and Dave Regal shows you a top-notch trick that you will probably carry with you (which takes up very little room in your wallet) from here on in.

Even if no tricks were taught, I would have still liked the DVD. Paul and Lee have the respect of the inner circle of magic, and therefore, they are able to go places and meet folks that most of us don't get to. Sure, you may see the big name magicians at conventions, or you may be able to see one of their shows; but to actually get a glimpse of what these guys' lives are like is a difficult thing to do unless your part of that inner circle.

I live right down the road from the Magic Castle, so I have the wonderful opportunity of seeing lots of great magic by some of the best. But I'm still very glad that I spent the time and money on this DVD. Hopefully these guys will take us on some more journeys!
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Dean dill is GREAT!. I/m a fan ofhis incredible, I really mean "incredible" coin (sleights) magic. Now, John Carney helped him improve one of his Matrix (he does dozens on other videos). In this, four DIFFERENT objects (a coin, a cork, et.)c moe one at at ime to a central gathering place without card cover!! (OK; he uses his bare hands, Shadow Coin style, but no gimicks!. There is also a cute, different 4 ace quickie that looks like fun. Otherwise,I am happy to hear some dissenters; I thought perhaps I just had no appreciation for the finer things of life.) However, the Video IS fun and I have a lot more of it to see. For Me; the Dean Dill blaster is worth more than the entire price. I think (one man's opinion) it is FANTASTIC!

Marty K
Marty K
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I have to say this the first dvd that I have purchase recently which I think is fantastic, the tricks are good. the only thing I could of done without is the 100,000 breast
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I got it and I LOVE it! Tons of GREAT material on there....
CoolMagic4U---aka---Ed Smile
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Having finally dipped into this DVD, I can say it is well worth the money, and I haven't even seen it all yet!

The Haunted Card made me immediately think of Ken Krenzel's Eerie Card Spin Out from "The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel", an effect I used to do. Not sure which is the better method, they are fractionally different.

As mentioned elsewhere, the Matrix idea is very clever. Yep, this is a DVD worth owning.

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Okay, folks. There have been some positive notes and negative notes on this DVD. For those who don't own it, here's my review of the material taught on the DVD. There are a lot more other things on the DVD that are just a great and better at times, than the material. These include character interviews and performances from some of the knwons and unknowns. Though, for time's sake (the DVD is long and would we hard to review everything), I will give my OPINION on the material taught in the order it's presented on the DVD:

"Mish Mash Matrix" by Dean Dill: This is a "Chink-A-Chink" style matrix using only four different objects that can be done anytime, anywhere. It's a neat little effect and can be a great, little impromptu trick.

"The Lucky Seven" by David Regal: Like all of Regal's effects, this one fooled and amazed me, nonetheless. Bearing a resemblance to his "Self Evident" from Star Quality written by Harry Lorayne, this trick is just a strong "reputation-maker". Imagine a spectator dealing through a normal pack of cards, stopping on ANY card they wish, and there card matches a miniature prediction in your wallet. And no, there aren't fifty-two compartments. This is strong, and you're gonna love it!

"Resistance Is Feudal" by Lee Asher: Ladies and gentleman, another fooler and clean gem from Lee Asher. What if you could change ay four of a kind into the four aces? Well, if you add the word "visually", the is definitely a trick for you!

"Uprising" by Paul Wilson: A non-gimmicked card rise that climaxes in a visual production of all it's mates. Need I say more. Need I say all these phrases and lines that sound stupid and corny that are overused in ever living magic magazine review, etc. in this post! Well, sorry, but the ideas are that good!

"Haunted Card" taught by Earl Nelson: He says in the DVD that he learned it from Mike Skinner, who saw it from Joel Fisher, and Earl Nelson taught it in his book Variations. This is one of the coolest things on the DVD and is just a neat revelation. A card slowly project from the middle of a normal deck of cards on the table. Really nice production for any card magic routine.

"Tornado Production" by Ashford Neitel: This has to be one of the top, top highlights of this video. The man, not to well-known in magic, did one of the most amazingly flashy and visual pieces of magic I have ever seen. Get ready flourish guys (well, maybe not Cobra cutters' style)! Four queens just visually get produce from the deck in a crazy looking, in-the-hands, flourish cut! Well worth the practice!

"All Thumbs" by Alain Nu: Fine folks, not being an authority on silk magic, I really don't no what to say. The trick is okay, but I feel it's hard for the audience to understand and confusing at times during the presentation. I guess it may work in a silk routine, but I didn't like it as much as the other items on the tape, not being a silk guy.

"LJ visits BJ" by Allan Ackerman: This is another effect I didn't like as much, either. It's a combination of Larry Jennings' Visitor plot with a Brother John Hamman switch at the end, with an ending resembling a "Your Signed Card"-type thing, also by Brothen John Hamman. The problem with the effect was it was to complex and hard to think about. They're Jokers involved and Kings and a prediction and lots of weird, complicated stuff. I'd avoid this one, unless you want to confuse your spectators.

"Peppermill Cut" by Lee Asher: Though not taught, but showed in slow motion, this cut is a nice display for the middle of a card routine. It's not really a false cut, though it doesn't change the order of the cards. It's more of a cool display.

"Back Four" by Paul Wilson: Cool impromptu effect where you bury four aces in the pack abnd find them quickly behind your back. Not startling, im my OPINION, but it's a nice quick trick.

"Spiral Spliced Color Change" by Steve Beam: Interesting color change to play with. You need big hands to do it.

"Molecule Two Production" by the Buck Twins: Really neat-looking, flourish cut with a cool production. Worth it just to learn T.G. Murphy's Deck Flip!

"Apparation Aces" by the Buck Twins: With a wave of the arm, you make the four aces magically appear face up. A really cool in-the-hands ace production.

"Melting Coins" by Nathan Kranzo: Once again, not an authority on coin magic, but it is nice-looking coin production using a lighter.

"Punch Too" by Paul Wilson: Interesting "magician fails, then recovers" trick. Not a facoite, because I don't like sandwhich-type endings, but may work as an impromptu item for others.

"Yo" by Lee Asher: May not have looked as good as it could have on the presentation-side, but has the potential of being a really good attention grabber and as Lee Asher uses it, "A Moment in Magic." This is the one flourish where you can make a pack of cards be equivalent to a Chinese Yo-yo.

Well, those are all the items taught on the DVD. There is a lot more shown on the DVD as I mentioned above. Take a look at Aaron Fisher's trick! Have fun rewinding. In all, the material taught is okay to great in range, but the whole DVD is worth getting just for watching it. My opinion, try something new. Get this DVD!

Greg Bornstein

Steven Leung
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Dear Greg Bornstein,

It is a honest review, and I agree with them mostly. Maybe there is a culture difference, some tricks that works in my country are not rate high in your review.

Alan Nu's no TT silk trick, I did that in the magic shop with demonstrators there, at the very first time they really think I have a TT! Later, when they watch the video and recall my performance just before, they know that they are being cheated and burst into laughter!!! I think it is one of the greatest moment in my magic when people of the same circle appreciate my effort and in return, their happiness give me confidence to do better next time.

What's more should I ask for in this DVD? I believe it will be Vernon's 4 Ace trick, Aaron Fisher's 2 card transposition effect, and a 3 coin transposition which are not taught in the video.

My rating of this video (10 is highest): 9.95/10
Most memorable moment - with Maestro Juan Tamariz & Consuelo Lorgia in FISM Busan 2018.

"Being fooled by a trick doesn't always mean they are having a good time" - Homer Liwag
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Ambitious Card Freak,

I completely agree with you and I knew when I wrote that review that there would be some disagreements. In my opinion, most of the stuff on the video works in the eyes of laypeople and is extremely effective. I do believe strongly in the notion that Allan Ackerman's effect is hard to follow. As I mentioned, the silk effect by Alain Nu is not a field I am strong in. I'm basically giving you a layperson's perspective. For some reason, for me (and I'm sure some guy out there is thinking "What a dumb magician!", etc.), I couldn't follow it the first time I saw it. I watched it again, and it worked more, but I do think the presentation on this thing in the real-world would need to be slower for a layperson to follow. It's a real neat concept in all, and Alain Nu did a great job playing the with the effect.

Now, the things I said weren't startling didn't appear startling to me AS A MAGICIAN. Remember, for all magicians, my review is definitely opinionated towards magicians looking for new material. I think Back Four would show great skill to laymen and the same with Punch Too. As a magician, I felt there were better methods to accomplish similar effects, yet have a better look. Still, it's an opinion.

And believe me, I can see the whole culture difference thing.

Just wanted to clear stuff up for all magicians at this forum.

Greg Bornstein Smile
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Are the tricks mainly card trick?
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The majority, but there's osmething on there for everyone. Refer to my review above for more details. I would like to stress though that the DVD is just worth getting for a new take on the magic world. Smile
Dr. Bombay
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This DVD rocks! Paul and Lee give us great insite to a magic scene none of us will ever be involved in.

The Dean Dill stuff was worth the price of the video. I love stories like his!!!
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Okay I got this DVD one month back and after watching it lots of times, I realised that this DVD is really unique all by itself. Alot of great magic was shown by some of the top magicians around the world(pity though that most of the best tricks were not taught).Anyway some of the best tricks in this tape were the ones not taught such as Aaron Fisher's routine which I tried to do using a double faced card which I assumed it was done as such before I realised that it was not possible. Another highlight was the one performed and shown where all the aces were revealed when the deck was cut into 4 stacks and the bottom cards all changed into aces(i think its from the Vernon Chronicles not really sure though). That was brilliant. Hmm..yes another routine that I felt should have been taught was the one where the 3 coins kept travelling invisibly from one hand into the other. That was freakin amazing and I have no idea how it was done.OKay that's all folks.

any of you guys know where Aaron Fisher's trick can be found (books or dvds?..) cause I really wanna find out how it is done.
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