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Dr. Bombay
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Ya, the CD is very clever and you can perform wonderful productions and vanishes. The lightening bill switch is worth the price of the gimmick!

It does take a knack to get used to it. It's worth the practice, though!!!
Ty Argo
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Columbus, Ohio
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Much agreed. The Lightning Bill switch looks quite nice.

With C.D.- Streamers, silks, sponge balls, etc. can be vanished/produced from an OPENLY empty hand. Bill switch with no palming or TT and much less folding.
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thanks for all the good info folks; will definitely look into it.
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Does anyone " tailor" the Sanada or Cloaking device to their hand size, shape, or coloring ?
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Sunderland, North-East England
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I know Jay and I think of all of his products the cloaking device is one the best. The appearances and vanishes look like real magic.

Fantastic and highly recommended.

"The Power to Amaze"
magic fett
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Don't let Jay fool you, like all good magic the gimmick only does some of the work, you won't be doing what he does with this gimmick without practice. Of course that is the way it should be.

I will also chime in with see his live lecture if you ever get the chance. Talk about inspiration, he makes you believe magic is real. Fooled the best of us with the simplest things. I know my mouth was dry after watching probably because of
this----> Smile
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NYC area
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On 2003-06-02 12:28, Nicodemus wrote:
Does anyone " tailor" the Sanada or Cloaking device to their hand size, shape, or coloring ?

I modified it to better fit my hand, per the instructions in the video.

As for practice, I walk around during the day with this thing on me, practicing "moves" over and over... no one notices...

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I own the gimmick and love it.
Highly recommended but to perform it as well as Jay, it needs practise.
Jay cut mine to the size of my hand at a convention and it fits perfectly.


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Pleasant Hill, CA
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Not the best if you are doing scott guinn's pb&j because of its size and color. other than that it is ok. I would first get comfortable with a regular sandana gimmick and then give this a shot.

jsb's is comfortable, but if you do close up stuff with it like the pb&j routine you'll will really have to watch your angles and this may result in some unfortunate telegraphing.

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I'd love to know what you guys that like the cloaking device are smoking and also where I can get some?

Its a 2$ finger shell/sanada gimmick with a fancy new name. BETTER yet, I ALREADY owned one before buying this "NEW improved device". So I wasted the 20$ obviously.

I bought this as FS2 gimmick, an amazing NEW device.

Finger shells, even in his modified form have been around a long time. I think his
written descriptions of his effects are very misleading. Why not just say the gimmick is an improved finger shell? Oh yeah,then you couldn't get 20$ for it I guess...

You can go to any magic shop and get this for 2-4$ I'm very dissatisfied with that purchase, as well as my "eclipse tip" and tip dropper his stuff,its all junk.

I have purchased and am very pleased with his pockets and topits set, but the rest of his products I think he should be more honest about.

"eclipse tip is an improvement on a time honored magician's prop."
Really? looks and works like any other soft thumbtip to me, no difference at all.

I've spent thousands buying and collecting tricks and props. Part of me is insane and I want everything, so when I found Jay's products I started buying them all,
one by one. All I can say is save your money, because he has nothing new to
offer the magic community, just new clever names to ancient props and gimmicks.

I will say his customer service is excellent, but his products, with the exception of the pockets and topits set, are all junk. of course he wouldn't take any of
his trash/junk back since I was buying the "secret"

Hey Jay, what if I already bought these secrets years ago at 10% of the price you
charged me, can I have 90% of my money back?

Flame me if you like, I speak the truth, and someone should before more people waste money buying gimmicks they probably already own.

NEW fancy names to resell old gimmicks, I should try that. Here are some ideas :

The crow (for my raven rippoff) (129.00$)
The blundy 500 (hundy 500) (79.95$)
The Rat (for the bat) (59.99$)
The thumbulator (thumbtip) (19.95$)
Enchanted Goblets and spheres (cups and balls) (99.00$)

I'll begin taking orders for my new and improved gimmicks/tricks at a 300% markup since it worked for Jay the same rules should apply.




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I was at a Jay Scott Berry's lecture with the sanada, flip tip, and toppit. Very well done.
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Pleasant Hill, CA
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I didn't know the thumbulator was going to be released...i'll take two.

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Thanks Steve (Haywire) for your 13 June 2005 is refreshing and helpful to have your feedback/comments..

I find your response far more valuable than the uncritical accolades given by the (so many ) contributors who seem to have allowed themselves to become bliss-ninnies in thrall to Mr Berry.

Thanks for the independence you provide.

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Jeez, I went to penguinmagic to see if they had it in stock, and the picture they have for it, you can totally see what it is!
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Hi haywire. first of all I appreciate that this is a free country. you are free to say whatever you think. However, how many card guys come up with a "new" card deck which is just a twist on a prior deck and charge 50 $ for it.? I WANT TO SAY THAT JAY SCOTT BERRY HAS INNOVATED HERE, SOME OF THE GREATEST GIMMICKS IN MAGIC. IF YOU SEE HIS LECTURE, THIS APPLIES TO BILL SWITCHES. THINK of all the time spent on a bill switch with a TT. sorry, he makes it way easier and much cleaner.

I do think one of his weaknesses is ..." however having to hold your hand in an 'O' shape is a little odd. I think there are better ways of doing similar effects that just require some more practice. " but if you think of some of his innovations and see how he hides the device outside of this position, we have to say that he is one of the great innovators in magic. what small device could you NOT USE WITH PARTICULARLY HIS DIFFERENT SANADA VERSIONS. SO WE HAVE TO GIVE HIM CREDIT. FOR BEING ONE OF THE MOST PRACTICAL GREATEST INNOVATORS IN MAGIC. THERE IS ALMOST NO END TO THE USES HIS DEVICES CAN BE PUT TO. WHAT PRICE SHOULD WE PUT ON THAT.? WITHOUT JAY, WE WOULD NOT HAVE ACCESS TO USING THESE DEVICES TO EVEN CLOSE TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL.
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Brooklyn NY
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I just started working with jay's Cloaking device for the $100 bill switch and I agree with COUNTRYMAVEN its amazing and better than the TT. He realized and inovated with the Sanada to improve its ability and utility
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Where did you get it? I would like one, I sent a message to him on messenger, but received no response
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On Dec 27, 2018, Magic_son wrote:
Where did you get it? I would like one, I sent a message to him on messenger, but received no response

JSB's lecture for Penguin Magic teaches this and much, much more. Fantastic value.
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Bill Hegbli
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Eternal Order
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A teaching DVD is worthless without the gimmick. He asked where to purchase the gimmick. Jay Scott Berry, is very difficult to find and contact. He skips all over the world, living in different countries and centering on his music more then magic.

He has not offered his magic items on any of the websites for over 20 years.
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Glen Spey, NY
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If it’s not available for sale as Bill states, then make your own.
The instructions on the DVD TELLS YOU HOW TO TAILOR THE Cloaking device for your hand.
Using these instructions it’s not hard to figure how to make your own.
You’ll need 2 SANADA gimmicks, scissors, and the tape mentioned on the DVD.
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