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This past weekend talking to a friend, he told me how he could do magic tricks, cards tricks, and that he wanted to show me. He thought I would be very interested in learning. I told him that I always had an interest in magic, and that I always figured I would be good at sleight of hand. I always had an interest in learning card tricks, sleight of hand, and magic in general.

It is funny to me that when I was in Vegas about 7 years ago I picked up a Svengali Deck at one of the tourist magic shops. I never even opened it up. I knew one day I would make a larger step towards magic and performing. I guess that time is getting closer.

I did my crash course on reading the board, and I am so glad to have found my way here. From reading the posts in the "newbie" area I have come to a few conclusions:
1. I ordered Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic.
2. I am going to pick up, Royal Road to Card Magic.
3. I am going to pick up one red deck and one blue deck of cards.
4. I will pick up some Sponge Balls.

And that should hold me for a while. I plan to enjoy my time and learn by practice. I have nephews and nieces who are very young and I would love to perform magic tricks for them. I come from a long time playing music in bands so being in front of people and performing isn't that tough for me.

One of the reasons for me wanting to get into card (eventually coin) tricks is for the sleight of hand control. The fine motor coordination for my hands.

Last April my wife and I were in a car accident where the car we were in (Ford Escape) was turned over on its side and spun about 180 degrees. The other driver blew a red light and plowed into us, he never touched his brakes. I had two discs rupture and cause spinal cord compression. I started losing the feeling in my hands and immediately started losing muscle control over my hands and fingers. My hands would go dead, my legs would go dead. Coming from a musicians background, not being able to play the guitar was very scary for me. Two months after the accident and a MRI I was fast tracked into surgery, and my two discs were removed and replaced with cadaver bone and a titanium plate with screws put into my spine. I have been in pain everyday since the accident and the recovery has been slow, but I am doing really well. For what could have really won't hear me complain.

My hands still go dead every now and then, but the further away I get from the accident and the surgery, the better I am doing. My guitar playing isn't what it used to be but I am pretty optimistic that I will get better through practice.

I figure working with the cards will help my hands get in sync and help me to work on my fine motor skills. I think that the therapy it will provide for me will really be masked by me having the drive to learn card tricks.

And for the record....Lefty and starting at 40.

Thanks for reading...
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Welcome to the Café! Sorry to hear about your accident, but you sound like the type that has the determination and will to put it behind you and rehabilitate. Good luck on your magic journey. The practice will certainly provide good therapy for your fingers. All the best
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Welcome! Interesting post.

I am back into magic after being in and out over the years. My grandson got me back into it, and I am having a great time. I am at the point in life where my hands are suffering from the hubris of my youth, and the sleight of hand is very theraputic.

I am not a pro, but feel free to PM if you need help.


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Welcome to the Café, The list that you made is a great starting point. You can't go wrong with Mark Wilsons complete course in magic. Good Luck on your journey
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I wish you luck and continued recovery.
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Magic will be good for your physical and mental well being. The art has helped pick me up when I needed it and increased my dexterity as well. That is a plus because I play thrash metal guitar also.
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Thanks for sharing your story

You seem to be on a good track, there are many parallels between music and magic. All the scales you learned way back when in some ways will be like the card moves you'll start to learn

Best wishes on your journey into magic
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Hard to find a better recovery therapy than magic. And you have two great texts to begin with. Keep up the good work and welcome to the world of magic.
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Welcome to the Café, D68. Every journey starts with a single step... It sounds like you have taken your first in the right direction. Good luck.
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D.68… You should also check out the Cups and Balls. I wish that I would have given them more attention when I started in magic. Now that I have returned to magic later in life, the Cups and Balls give me the most satisfaction. So much to learn and just fun to do.

Best wishes to you,
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Have a nice recovery!
Best wishes,
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If you get the Royal Road To Card Magic with Paul Wilson you will love it. He teaches very well and there are cool tricks in it after he teaches you each sleight.
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Yes, thank you for sharing your story and welcome to Magic and to the Café.

I can some what relate. I also used to play in bands back in the 80's but now I'm deaf. I can still play but I have no idea how I'm sounding now. Smile

Magic was a big help for me. It helped me a lot in the area of confidence. I'm sure it'll be helpful, challenging and fun for you too.

As others have already said. Feel free to contact me if you need any help with your magic. We got a lot of knowledgeable magicians here on the Café that will surely help in any way they can.

Ron Jaxon

After regaining my ability to hear after 20 years of deafness. I learned that there is magic all around you. The simplest sounds that amazed me you probably ignore. Look and listen around you right now. You'll find something you didn't notice before.
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Hi D68,

Welcome to the club. I know you'll do well. It's kinda interesting that after all you've been through, and the pain you have endured, the hardest thing you are going to have to deal with in magic (especially cards) is that your left handed.

Take it from a fellow leftie, it's a trip! Smile

You'll do fine. Take it a day at a time and you'll get there!! Good luck!

S. Patrick
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Welcome to the Café! And thanks for sharing your story, sounds like you've endured quite a lot. I think that magic will help with recovering the dexterity in your hands very well. In fact many IBM Rings teach basic sleight of hand to people with motor skill impairments as a way of therapy with wonderful results. It's called "The Healing of Magic". The fact that you play guitar is good news as well since that means you have some fantastic muscle memory that can be regained. Good luck and good health.
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Welcome to the Café. And from all the posts above you certainly have a very warm welcome. Take care and recover well. Drop by often and make lots of friends while you progress in the art of magic.
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As a fellow car crash victim, welcome to the world of magical therapy! Magic has helped me focus on something other than the constant pain the crash gifted me. This world of wonder and amazement is beneficial mentally and physically.

I opted to not have surgery, as the word 'exploratory' was used and they were not sure what would happen (50/50 surgery could work or make me worse). Yoga is another avenue to use for recovery.

Don't lose heart when learning. Let the pain inspire you to focus more on your sleight of hand. I focus on coin sleights and have LOTS to learn, but man it is just amazing therapy!

Be well.
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Good luck, and maybe check out a video or two as well.
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