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I watched these dvd's, I like them.

I watched them to see the approach taken in structure, method, and concept of ideas presented, not to be entertained by the performance, I have my own performance style....but I can see looch is a performer in his own right, and his style appears to be more casual, and believable, rather than a "put on" shtick.

Unless you plan on playing the performance part of the dvd for your audience,I wouldn't loose any sleep over it.

If you are looking to copy someone elses style until you find your own, I would reccomend reserching performers that fit your age, and charachter type.

I could be wrong, and am happy to be, BUT I believe these dvd's are for teaching,not entertainment.

Take the best of what you can get, or understand, and leave the rest...or come back to it when it makes sense.

I don't know Looch at all, but I hope my post helps keep things in perspective.

all the best, always,
Andrew Gerard
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I'm not familiar with Mind2Mind but with Simply Psychic I can't disagree with your more on the conviction in the performances. Not disagreeing with your view that the performance on Simply Psychic is good but the venue is completely different than that of which is on Looch's video. Simply Psychic is more of a formal parlour presentation set in a close up environment and as such it's very scripted. Looch's video is presented in an entirely different environment all together, it's basically strolling but instead of strolling magic it's strolling mentalism. Looch's is more conversational (due to the setting it's trying to replicate) as opposed to more formal. It's very much taking two very different presentational environments and comparing them as if they were one of the same. I can't comment about Mind2Mind though as I have not watched that one yet.
Chris K
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On 2009-04-01 10:37, kissdadookie wrote:
Aussiemagic, I think it's befitting to ask at the minimum for reasons why you thought Looch was a amateurish performer.

As somebody who was recently attacked for having a low opinion of something, I have initial feelings of sympathy for aussiemagic. However, with that being said, kissdadookie's point in completely valid. Sharing your reasons seems the minimum before calling somebody "amateurish" or whatever. Same for good performances (just saying it was "good" would be an equally empty comment).

I'm not exactly in agreement with Looch's response as it is 1.) a logical fallacy and 2.) inconsistently applied. In regards to 1.), it's the same fallacy (ad hominem if I am remembering correctly) that people use when they don't want to listen to their doctor for example. "You should lose some weight, it's unhealthy", "Yeah, but you're a bit pudgy doctor, so your opinion doesn't matter". Clearly completely unreasonable, you are attacking the person and ignoring the actual subject matter.

In regards to 2., I didn't see Looch coming in and asking/saying "Only professional performers can give positive reviews" yet he says the same thing with negative reviews. Pretty hypocritical. I don't blame him, mind you, it's easy to get into that kind of mode when you feel like you are being attacked but lowering yourself 1.) isn't fooling anybody and 2.) only results in you lowering yourself.

Now, in regards to the content, I can only say this: really great performers, who I know personally, say there is good stuff in here. I having nothing but respect for Looch, even though I may seem to be criticizing his response a bit (because, frankly, I am).

I have a bit of a problem (ok, a rather LARGE problem) in evaluating an instructional DVD based on PERFORMANCES merely because you shouldn't copy anybody's performance anyway. It's like saying you don't like a food critic because you don't like how he chews, utterly ridiculous and, interestingly enough, completely missing the entire point of the DVDs.

This doesn't mean Aussie is wrong, merely that I PERSONALLY think he is using the wrong criteria to judge this TYPE of media. Looch is wrong, in my opinion, in his response but he is as free to share his opinion as aussie is to share his.

I had to weigh in on this because, again, attacking negative reviews is counter-productive to the whole premise of "magicians helping magicians", isn't it?

Marc Spelmann
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Having been the subject of scathing reviews and high praise I can hopefully ease the tension in the room.

Looch does perform professionally first and foremost, I have passed work onto him and I can say with hand firmly on heart that the client feedback I get is always 100% positive. Does that mean that Aussie Magic is wrong? No not really..

Let me keep this brief and as always these are just my personal views.

I absolutely hated The Spice Girls, I thought they were talentless and painful on the ears, but I would have millions of fans telling me I was wrong, they are hugely successful, millionaires and world renowned, but in my mind, my view was valid and correct for me personally.

Aussie Magic can only say what he feels, a little harsh but Looch is my friend. He really didn't like Looch's style of performance or delivery. There is no right or wrong here, just like a friend of mine not enjoying 'Slumdog Millionaire', I loved that movie but it wasn't the same for my friend.

I enjoy Looch's style, for me it is slightly edgy, breaks from the norm and feels organic. The location is clearly not a regular performing environment but was perfect for what we wanted to achieve, the brilliant students we had in were perfect for Looch's style and they genuinely loved the experience.

I think that the material on Looch's set is brilliant and a strong close up mix and mingle set of three or four effects could easily be gained from the effects taught on the set. I wont ramble but Aussie Magic I can say Looch is not an amature, he really does this stuff. However the fact that you didn't enjoy his style or delivery is absolutely fine. Albeit little disappointing for Looch, myself and Peter as we believe the product is worthy of the praise it has received but none the less only you know what you like and do not like.

At the end what does any of it really mean? We are all different and like different things. Live and let live. Lets just try to be diplomatic from all sides.

Good thoughts

It's not goodbye, just see you later...
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Well said Marc. I agree whole heartedly.
Marc Spelmann
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London U.K.
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Thanks Ogre1234, Just trying to keep things in perspective.

My material and style isn't for everyone but for others they really enjoy it. I absolutely love Graham Jolley and Bob Cassidy but both could be and have been judged for being a little rude or harsh in their delivery to participants.

Cliche I know but one mans food is another mans poison or in this case one mans cherished DVD is another mans frisbee.

Good Thoughts

It's not goodbye, just see you later...
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Danny Habel
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Lets get off all this feeling stuff and discuss the material.
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