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Milford Haven. Pembrokeshire wales U.K.
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Not much to add really, Table hopping I keep everything in my pockets. However, I do not want bulgy pockets (I have said elsewhere I do not wear a jacket and have short sleeves, I wear a waist coat which is slightly longer than normal and square cut rather than tapered at the bottom this looks better as I am not slim) I have extra pockets put into the coat when my talior is making them. actually I am waiting for 3 new ones from her at the moment. depending on what I plan to perform I might also wear a dushecks vest
under the waistcoat.
Andy Charlton
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I always wear a jacket, and everything goes in the pockets. I have my Mullica wallet with " Flash cash", Colour Monte and some odd cards for Hoodwinked and card warp. This gets them used to the wallet before I do card to wallet, (Usually my closer.)

Often people will ask me to sit and join them at the table while I work, and time and sight lines permitting, I can do cups and balls (Jiggernaut), triumph and other card effects that are easier on the table, more variations on sponge balls etc. If not I have enough to work all in the hands and up in their sight line.


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Steven Youell
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On 2002-03-22 21:47, Scott F. Guinn wrote:
Actually, I do cups and balls table-hopping--a two cup, one ball routine with three final loads.

Chop Cup Routine with one of the restaurant's coffee cups is VERY cool...

J R Thomas
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Champaign Illinois
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Dittos - Scott Guinn

I usually carry everything in my pockets.
I have a briefcase that locks and usually store it some place relatively safe but accessable. Anytime you can come up with a routine utilizing items on the table it's great (ie... one cup routine with a coffee cup, Williamson's spoon routine, torn and restored napkin, a table knife as a wand... I actually tried the Vernon wand spin with it... don't work there anymore.)

I try to avoid the bulgy look.
I bulge enough as it is.
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Burton-on-Trent England
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I hear of people going on their rounds with a bum bag (fanny bag) this seems practicle for carrying more props or if doing a longer routine than normal.

As for me, I more than manage with just my pockets Smile
Best regards, Lee

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Geoff Williams
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St. Pete Beach, FL
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I've seen friends use a fanny pack/belt bag while wearing a tux.

IMHO, it looked goofy.

I believe the FP/BB should only be worn outdoors (such as at a picnic or park event) and with a less formal attire.
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Magique Hands
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When I first started out in restaurants, I performed with an assistant (my wife). I worked out of my pockets for the most part, but she was able to keep various other props in a very elegant, evening purse.

Many, many times, when I was finished with a routine or an effect, I would hand my props to her and go on to the next routine or the next table. She was also my 're-set man'. This way, I could perform non-stop if needed.

We still perform together in this manner on a number of occassions... people really enjoy our 'teamwork'. And besides... she certainly adds a certain 'Class' to my close-up/table-side show.

- - Troy
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J R Thomas
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Champaign Illinois
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Dittos - Geoff.

Fanny packs are convenient but unsightly...hmm..sound like my ex-wife.
Those who hear not the music

Think the dancers mad
Scott F. Guinn
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"Great Scott!" aka "Palms of Putty" & "Poof Daddy G"
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Fanny Pack--I think I used to go to school with her!

I agree that they are incongrous with a Tux. That's where stuff like the Klamm and Chazpro pocket organizers come in handy.

I did a walkaround gig at the Grand Opening of a water park in a local town. It has kind of a Safari theme, so I wore Khaki shorts, Hiking Boots, a white Polo shirt, a pith helmet and one of those khaki fisherman's vests with about 25 pockets (where I kept my props). It worked well for me and the client LOVED that I came "in costume!"
"Love God, laugh more, spend more time with the ones you love, play with children, do good to those in need, and eat more ice cream. There is more to life than magic tricks." - Scott F. Guinn
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The venue should help to dictate the kind of storage means suitable. Personally in most cases I use a jacket that I've had altered (best $20 I've payed to a seamstress!) with extra pockets along the bottom insides.

IMHO I find that "FP"'s etc can be distracting to an audience, especially if you have to fish around in them within your set. I like to be able to casually reach inside my jacket to ditch / then produce whatever needs to be used next. Smile
Tony Chapparo
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Albuquerque, NM
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I try to keep all of my props in my pockets.
Occasionally I will use just the edge of the table, but for the most part the table is off limits... Smile
Tony Chapparo
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I arrive at the venue with a briefcase and garment bag. I get dressed and load my pockets with most of what I will need. However, there are some consumables that need replacement. For example, I'll usually do a C&R rope routine which requires about 6 feet of 1/4" rope. I'll load up a few bundles in my pocket, but after about 6 tables, I have to reload. At the same time, I'll add or subtract stuff into my pockets. So, for example, I may add sponge rabbits and take out some dice tricks.

As for cups and balls, I perform many versions: one cup, two cups, three cups and ball vase. Usually, if the venue is cramped (like most restraunts), the ball vase routine is best, as it takes up very little room on the table. If I have a bit more room, then I will do a one cup routine, etc.

Bye for now

Harold Cataquet
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I'm a big fan of the tote-bag change bag...Its great for storing balloons on one side and smaller props on the other.
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I carry my cups and close up mat in my hands. When I approach a table and ask if they would care to see magic. I tell them I would like to borrow a portion of there table the size of my close up mat. Every blue moon I come to a table that has no room at all and they would love to see magic. I usually set my cups and mat on the floor and do something that is in my pocket that can be performed in my hands. However 99.9999% of the time people have no problem clearing a space.
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As far as I am concerned table space availability is a couple of issues. First if you perform after the meal, then there should be no real issue here. Second if they have spacifically asked to see you, instead of approaching cold, then most of the time they clear a space for you.

Once you are invited and welcome, the table space is not an issue. I don't go to tables I am not invited to anyway. Space is not an issue when they are expecting you I guess is my point.

Good Luck

Danny Doyle
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Yes a Gib would not look good with a suite or tux! But looks perfectly fine with a vest.

I made one by sewing 2 generic looking umpire ball bags together side by side..then attacking apron type strings...To give it more of a "pouch" so the pockets tops were not flush with my body and therefor not open and easy for my hands to slip into...I put in a "dart"..or I should say..cut out a "V" shape hunk of material in the center of the top/back...and re sewed it.

Plenty of room/pockets..I can carry a large amount of balloons in once side and plenty of magic in the other including a chop cup or full C & B set. I also made a small table surface the size of a close up mat that easily clamps on to the edge of the table. Works great..very versitile.

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Northern California
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Here's the gib I use for strolling... Hand Crafted Magic
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Rhode Island, USA
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I'm more selective about my material so that I can carry everything on my person. Once in a while I may bring along a small leather 'shaving' type bag to keep a few extra props provided that I have a safe place to leave them.

Review King
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I wear a sport coat and use pants and jacket pockets.
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..........John Greenleaf Whittier
Pete Biro
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Depending on the venue, you, your style and needs, why not carry any bulky stuff in... A DOGGY BAG.
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