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Florish dude, Excellently said
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Harris Deutsch
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A couple of times a month I visit our 3 and 4 year old class.

In the preschool class, I use a short vent routine and 2 Pennies to tell the story of the woman who came with only 2 coins of low denomination.
(I call them pennies, but of course they were something else)

Giving with a cheerful heart is important..and Not bragging openly.

There are many ways to give and help our church. (that was this weeks lesson I shared with the little ones) To the tune of Mulberry Bush..(music by my trusty yellow uke) we sang..
This is the way we help or Church, help our our church
this is the way we help our church..every time we come.

As you know we are no longer under the law.

Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
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Alan Wheeler
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I always understood the giving of the tithe or firstfruits to represent the fact that it ALL belongs to God. This lesson could be taught by performing the Hopping Half into a tea cup: here is what can happen when we don't give everything to God!

Similarly when we do offer everything--no matter how little, as with the widow's mite or the boy's loaves and fish--God sees the offering as very great and can use it to do great things. Perhaps the Dream Bag or other production routines could demonstrate this truth.
The views and comments expressed on this post may be mere speculation and are not necessarily the opinions, values, or beliefs of Alan Wheeler.
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Mpcasey originally asked what effects or ideas we could contribute that teaches the topic of tithing - and as this is a magic forum, let's not allow personal convictions to get in the way of what was asked. Chances are, we are not gong to change each other's theology in a few post - and I would imagine that mpcasey is still looking for good ideas.

Here are some of my contributions.
I have used spring bills
Jumbo Money
the $100 bill silk
Torn and Restored Bill
Six Bill Repeat
in lessons on both tithing and stewardship - it really comes down to your creativity. Have fun!
Jamie Doyle
Dan Bernier
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I used to work with multiplying candles but have since gone over to D'Lites. However, I was just thinking that maybe multiplying candles might work for this. I originally used them for talking about sharing the light of God inside of us to others who live in the dark, but I think it could be applied to tithing as well.
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I agree with Ken the 6 bill repeat is a great effect. I use it with the thought that you just cannot out give God. If we share what we have it will always come back to us.
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Gospel Dan - Great idea... I need new multiplying candles myself

Ron London put out a great idea for a "six straw repeat" that I've used. Same idea as the six bill repeat, but with straws from McD's. The beauty is that you can use more than six. Go with ten - then give one away - you've still got ten!
Jamie Doyle
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Jamie - where can I learn more about Ron Londons "Six Straw Repeat"?
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Try to email him:

I haven't had much contact with him in the last few years.
Jamie Doyle
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Thanks Jamie!
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Also use effect like the 2 dollar window (Two one dollar bills change to one $2 bill. Also effect like the Hundy 500, Extreme burn, or Hiney 500 (all based on Patrick Pages easy money). Also Barry Mitchell has a number of effect "Bank Bag Bounty" and others that can be use to teach stewardship.
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I've thought about this a lot in dealing with the teens in our church youth group. They have more disposable income than I do! LOL

But I think it important that kids learn that when they "get", they need to consider "giving".

I think any effect using money could probably adapted, or even just an aside after a series of money effects like, "everyone seems to enjoy money tricks, almost as much as money itself! But let's never forget that everything we have comes from God (James 1.17), and when we receive money we should always do two things: 1. say "thank you, Lord"; 2. What do you want me to do with this?

I do agree that Six Bill Repeat and Miser's Dream definitely have direct teaching opportunities.
John Russell
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On 2009-07-15 20:42, John Long wrote:
I will stick my neck out here..

"Tithing", meaning 10% of income, is NOT the biblical standard for giving. There is not one passage in the new testament that recommends the believer give 10% of his income, and it wasn't the standard in the old testament.

Stewardship, is the issue, as giving with the right motives. The new testament only teaches to give "not grudgingly, or under compulsion (i.e.; "tithing")", but "cheerfully" (2Cor 9:7). The problem with "tithing" is that people either feel guilty if they don't give 10%, or they feel justified to do as they like with the remaining 90%. Both represent a misunderstanding ot the scriptures.

In the old testament, there were three "tithes", count them:

1. First Tithe: Annual tithe for the maintenance of the Levites:
Lev 27:30, Num 18:21-24, Neh 10:37,38

2. Second tithe brought to Jerusalem for the Lord's feast(Deut 12:17,18; Deut 14:22)
- for a festival; a National Potluck!
- Could convert to money if distance was far(Deut 14:24)

3. Third Tithe; given every third year(Deut 14:28-29)
- For the Levites, alien, orphans and widow(s)

These three would average out to 23 1/3% of ones income,

But, as those cheesey informercials used to say, but wait, there's more!

- 1/3 shekel Tax; for service of the temple (Ex 30:11-16, Neh 10:32-33)

- Gleaning (Lev 19:9-10)

- Year of the Sabbath; every 7'th yr lenders give borrowers release from all debt(Deut 15)

- Rest Land every 7'th year; average loss in income would be %14 (Ex 23:10-11)

- and then there were the voluntary "offereings" (Mal 3:10)

So, if you want to base you giving on the OT, be ready to hand over a lot more than 10% (but I am not saying that that should be our standard either).

If anyone is interested, I have a ~2 page text file that I can email, that lists out all the types of giving that happen, before, during, and after the "law".

So, I would not recommend teaching on "tithing", but to talk about stewardship - God owns it all, not just the 10%, and we are accountable for what we do with 100% of what God has entrusted to us.

While I agree with much of John's remarks--about giving being an issue of stewardship and the fact that we are responsible for 100% of our finances, I also recognize that there is something significant about the "tenth" throughout the Bible--even before the three tithes he mentions from the OT. In fact, the first mention of the giving of a "tenth" is when Abraham gave a tenth (tithe) to Melchizedek. That tithe was mentioned, then, in the NT, in Hebrews 7. Jacob also--long before the law--(Gen. 28:22)--promised a tithe/tenth to the Lord of all with which he was blessed. Of course, John mentioned the tithes of the OT Law, and it's true they gave more than just 10%--but it does seem 10% was the "minimum standard," if you will.

And, Jesus himself, in condemning the hypocritical attitudes/actions of the Pharisees, mentions they SHOULD have tithed on the little thing (mint, anise, cummin), but should not have neglected the more important matters of the Law. (As John pointed out, giving is a matter of the heart--not just the pocketbook.)

So, while I agree that the NT believer is to give from a cheerful heart and out of love and gratitude, I don't think that really ever excuses or justifies our giving "less" than 10%. In fact, "grace giving" (which I believe in), I believe, calls for much MORE than just 10% of our money. Our whole lives are to be living sacrifices (Romans 12:1-2), so giving only 10% of our income seems a bit contradictory, doesn't it? We should be motivated to give "abundantly" and "sacrifially"--and to live lives as sacrifices, too!

Anyway, I'm not debating or arguing--just stating my opinion. And, though we may disagree on some points, from what I'm reading here--most of us agree that giving is important--and that teaching children, at an early age, to give is not only good, but it is very important to the spiritual development of that individual--and the person he/she will grow to be. Giving is a matter of faith. It's amazing to me how many individuals who claim to believe that Jesus can save their souls, have trouble trusting God for a few bucks (to take care of them if they "tithe" or "give," etc.). That's why, I believe, giving to the Lord should come out of our checks/money FIRST--instead of waiting to see what we have left over at the end.

Anyway, I was taught not only to tithe as a child (which meant 10 cents out every dollar earned), but I was taught to give offerings, as well, over and above the offering. One of the major emphases in our church was supporting missionaries to take the gospel around the world, and I have had the privilege of supporting God's work in countries I'll never have the chance to visit, but, one day, hope to meet brothers and sisters in heaven who came to know Christ through missionaries I had a small part in supporting--with money God provided. So, once again, He gets all the glory and all the praise, but I get to "get in on" the blessings through giving! (Isn't that just like God!)

I'm thankful my church & my parents taught me about giving!!!
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