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I searched this forum for advice on dry hands and had some great suggestions.

I am only 26 and my hands go dry as a 95 year old, I can't over hand shuffle, DL or anything!

At times though my hands sweat like a dripping tap.... ruins my cards and again I can't do any sleights.

But recently I use Sortkwik and as sick as it sounds vagisil which both give awesome grip, such good grip over hand shuffle feels easier and other sleights.

It makes me think, is it cheating? Am I cutting corners, or is it the fact I am good at these and just required that little grip to use my full potential.

What do you guys and gals think?
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Whatever works. Except for the vag cream. That's just ick. I don't even want to know how you came to try that out...

Sortquik works, but it will destroy your cards real "quik" too...

You're not cheating, and if you are, then good for you!
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I think I found someone suggest it on here.

I thought it was sick, but my Wife had some so I tried it sneakly.

And it gave me pure grip like never known before withou ruining the cards!

So far Sortquick hasent really ruined my cards, it's quiet good stuff tbh! Just expensive from ebay as I could not find a UK supplier.
Irfaan Kahan
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Vag cream is good for getting a nice grip . . .

My card work is sloppy in performance (by design, not because I can't do it neatly). Therefore, except for DL's which I normally do onto the table (Marlo's tabled double), sloppy shuffles etc don't bother me.
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It's not really the sloppyness without grip.

Its fact I cant even slide the cards properly or grip them when shuffling or no slide cuts and so forth.
As the cards literiall just don't move with a slide of my fingrs or thumb due to dryness.
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Corn Huskers lotion will help treat the dry hand problem. You can get at about any drug store or Wal Mart
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Thanks, I have heard of of that Mark.

Find it hard to find within UK, I think I stick with my Sortkiwk and vagi, seems to do a awesome job atm.
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I can't pick up a penny up from a table much less a card without sortquick. I even have to use it when playing cards socially with friends. If this is cheating, shoot me. I have it sitting out clearly visible when doing magic for friends and explain why I need it. After they see a trick or two I don't think they would care if I was putting peanut butter on my hands.
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It makes me think, is it cheating?

I do hope so. You are a magician, after all. It is a magicians job to cheat.
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I have tried all the above and what works best for me is I get a small spray bottle and put in 1/4 glycerin, 3/4 hand sanitizer and a tad of mint mouthwash for scent. Shake it up and put one or two sprays on my hands, rub them together and I am good for at least 2 hours. The sanitizer evaporates and leaves the glycerin and mint scent.
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Is it cheating to use gaffs or pulls or TTs? Maybe we should be using "real" magic? <smile>

I've got the same problem. When I was younger I'd see the older guys using hand lotion, but I didn't need it. Now I do.

I've had some luck rubbing soft bees wax on my finger pads. Straight glycerin is too messy, but if I follow up by wiping with alcohol I'm good for hours. Probably close to slyhand's mixture.

Haven't tried feminine products but now I may.

...don't know whether to tell my wife...
...what if I could read your mind?

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That's not cheating. Do whatever works for you!
Josh the Superfluous
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T. Nelson Downs might have used a gaffed coin for his coin star. Real magic happens in the spectators mind. To get it there, anything goes.
What do you want in a site? "Honesty, integrity and decency." -Mike Doogan
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On 2009-09-08 03:29, Irfaan Kahan wrote:
Vag cream is good for getting a nice grip . . .

On 2009-09-08 04:16, WazMeister wrote:
It's not really the sloppiness without grip...


My imagination needs washing...

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For me, I have no trouble with getting double lifts without any sort of cream. It's the overhand shuffles and general usage that make me try other things. In a pinch, of course, licking my thumb helps.

I carry a small sample tube of neutragena on me at all times now.
I might also try the vagisil and a few others to see what happens with them.

Corn Huskers is great, but can't see carrying around the whole bottle. Same with the Vagisil. Now try explaining THAT to a lay audience! Smile
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Working tableside in a restaraunt has taught me to keep my hands/props away from my mouth. I carry a small supply of Chamberlain's Golden Touch in a cleaned out eye drops bottle. Doesn't take up much room and works great. Just don't carry eye drops at the same time! Smile
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Bob Johnston
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The product some of you are trying to spell is "Sortkwik" and I have carried it in my pocket for years to help with card work. It comes in two or more sizes, the one I carry is very small (3/8 oz, about 2in) and it has NEVER done any damage to my cards.

To reap its benefits you must apply it, then LET IT DRY for a few minutes, then it does its thing. It does not get your cards or your hands "greasy."

Unlike most of the creams, Sortkwik is a wax based product.

Made by Lee Products Co
Mpls, MN 55420
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Check out Camirand Academy of Magic
Guy has a spray he developed for magicians with dry hands. spray it on 10 min. before you do and card or close up work. Works great!!
The instructions to make it yourself can be found in the book close-up illusions by Gary Ouellet
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That's what we do sometimes, we cheat! but nobody knows haha!!
Whatever works best for you. If its your skin condition, you might want to check
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I too use sortkwik. I put it on before I head into the restaurant and I need not worry about my card handling for the night. It's not cheating, now if you were taking card enhancing drugs, then there might be a problem. So watch the urine test.
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