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Wednesday I'm about to have my first visit to a magic shop, Dynamite magic.
These are the things I want absolutely:
-Brick of bycicles
-Royal road
-Card college vol 1
and possibly also tenyo 4 dimensional trick

Is there something absolutely necessary that I'm missing?

ps. I'm also interested in spongeballs and coin magic
The Burnaby Kid
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St. John's, Canada
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What do you already have in your magic closet/box/whatever?
JACK, the Jolly Almanac of Card Knavery, a free card magic resource for beginners.
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Andrew's right, we'll need a little more info to make suggestions! How long in magic, what books or DVD's do you have, who do you like as a magician (style) how much do you expect (want) to spend etc.! As for a brick of Bikes you'll find a much better deal at Costco than a magic shop!
The Amazing Noobini
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I'm not sure you need both Card College and Royal Road at the same time. If I were to pick one then I would say that CC is the modern choice. Just getting the first volume to begin with is a very good idea.

You should also stop by a bookstore (or wherever they sell paper in your country) and buy a nice bound notebook into which you can write tricks you learn and other useful stuff and ideas. Something you can carry with you when no computer is around.

But it is a good idea not to buy too many things to begin with. You will know later what you need and when. I had a look in my drawer before posting this and there really isn't a lot of stuff in there that I have ever actually used.

Some good DVD course to complement the booklearnin' perhaps. Royal Road on DVD is pretty good.
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Great suggestions Noobini. Let us know what you end up with, Cartomage.
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The best part of a brick and mortar shop is the people, have them demo some stuff they would recommend and choose the stuff that entertains you.
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Hmmm, not sure if I agree with that last little bit of advice. Choose the stuff that entertains you? I hate sponge bunnies, but I only do it, and yes, smile through it because it entertains the heck out of others.
Mark Richardson
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Oakland California
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I would like to second what “bg” said as I too think it’s important to perform magic that you enjoy. If you like the effect you will practice and perform it. If you don’t like it, sooner or later it will go in the drawer that the “Amazing Noobini” was talking about and trust me when I say this, we all have them. In addition to Card College you might want to pick up a packet card trick such as Double Back or Twisted Sister. Enjoy your day!
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I have pretty much...NOTHING in my magic case. So I should drop the RR?
Also, bobo's modern coin magic and Practical mental magic from anneman seem like a good choice.
I want atleast one mental magic book. suggestions? (btw I never did mentalism before)
Dark Deck
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Card College should be enough to keep you going for a while. Also, if you can I would suggest you get Gregory Wilson's Double Take video which, in my opinion, teaches/demonstrates DLs (one of the most used and essential sleights in card magic) better than any other sources that my limited knowledge know of.

Hope this helps.
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Don't overlook the "basic" stuff, like Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. There's a lot of magicians who still do stuff based in that book.

I second the packet trick. I love Twisted Sister - no sleights unless you want to do it, a bit mental, plays big, doesn't take long to learn, keeps themagic juices flowing when you get stuck on "that one move" for a week!

Be careful about trying to spread too thin and take on too much at once. Cards, coins AND mentalism? At some point, you're going to have to choose just one routine and drill it over and over - or at most three that you can cycle between - until you can do these without too much hiccup. Having too many toys gets real distracting when you hit a rough spot, and you can wind up having 15 routines half-done, and nothing you can do really well!

If you intend to some day actually perform, then it's not too early to begin to get a performer's mindset. A good book on performing, stagecraft, audience management, etc. can do you more good than a library of tricks. The best trick in the world is death in the hands of a boring performer! (Been there, done that!)

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Harris Deutsch
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Improvisational and or theatre classes can also be a source of a wealth of information.

Sometimes I audition just for the experience. Smoke on the Mountain and Godspell are the last 2 plays I was actually in(but have not been in a play for 2 years as it takes a lot of time)
Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
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I'm not about to perform very soon, only for some family and friends maybe (i'm only 14 yrs old)
So I don't think stagecraft and stuff is applicable atm. Anyone has an idea of how much mark wilson's book costs?
And YES, I'm going to buy a book of mentalism, coin magic AND card magic. Just to see what I like most. And has anyone ideas about the tenyo 4 dimensional trunk?


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Chattanooga, TN
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I also suggest you hang around and watch. Talk to the folks that are already there. It might be some of the best magic education you can get. And if they know you’re spending money, they’ll likely share more. (Hey, it ain’t pretty, but it’s real Smile )

I'd also get a couple Stripper Decks with backs to match your brick. It's a good utility deck that can be handled just like a “normal” deck, but with an extra feature thrown in. And for straight cards, IMO anything by John Scarne is worth the money.

I was thinking Bobo’s Coin Magic before you mentioned it, so you read my mind (good trick!)

Also, Tarbell is still considered by many to be the ultimate magic course, but the full set will cost. Some folks just get Volume 1 at first. The good news is chapters 3, 4, & 5 are about coins. You’ll also want to read chapter two before you start, just to get the right “headspace”.

And most important of all,

...what if I could read your mind?

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Yuma, AZ
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Anyone has an idea of how much mark wilson's book costs?

About $20-$25, usually. There's a smaller cheaper version - if you can afford the big one, don't bother with the small one.

I'm not about to perform very soon, only for some family and friends maybe (i'm only 14 yrs old)
So I don't think stagecraft and stuff is applicable atm.

And YES, I'm going to buy a book of mentalism, coin magic AND card magic. Just to see what I like most.

Don't ask for advice if you don't intend to accept it. 14 is not too young to create good performance habits. Several major magicians were big names before they were 18. Stagecraft is more than how to do a big stage show like Copperfield. Stagecraft is understanding how to perform, period, whether on stage or in a living room. Miss this, and you're not a magician - you're just another kid with a couple of tricks that he can't do well.

And "do well" isn't about the mechanics of the "secret moves". There are a lot of people who know the secrets and can do those well, but are not magicians. A magician is someone who can capture the imagination for a brief period of time and transport the audience - whether one or one thousand - to a place where normal doesn't exist.

Anyone can get Wilson or Bobo or a Tenyo trick and learn to "do the trick" much better than you or I. But can they capture the audience and get a return inviation? When you leave your family and friends, what do you want them to say about you?

Finding out what you like is one thing - figuring out how to do it well is quite another. You've got a lot of years ahead to put into this. Good magic is NOT learned quickly, and you've got a lot of space to take all the time you need to get it right. There are professionals with 30 and 40 years behind them that will take an entire year to make sure one routine is the best it can be before they ever put it out in front of anyone!

Good luck on your journey. Take your time and enjoy every step.

PS - have you checked out
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Nashua, NH
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Some great suggestions here. Whats your budget for magic? There are tons of books out there to help you get started.

I second what a couple of posts say about books like Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic or The Tarbell books. Mark Wilson's as a single volume really lets you dive right into a number of areas of magic rather quickly.

If you are interested in Mentalism books, 13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda is a great volume that deals strictly with Mentalism.

If you are just looking for cards, in addition to Card College or Royal Road, I really like Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracles DVDs (ETMCM). The effects presented are really great effects and the presentation and teaching is very strong.

As for packet\self contained fun tricks that you may want to try, I'm a big fan of the stripper deck and the Svengali deck for cards. Those are really great items for just starting out and you should be able to find youtube videos online of what this stuff looks like. Also, for coins I really like the effect Lethal Tender (videos also on youtube).

As you are going through and learning please please please remember to have fun! A lot of this stuff is new and exciting and at times overwhelming, so just sit back and try to work on one thing at a time. Also, as stated by others magic is not in knowing tricks but rather in the ability to present it in a way that is enjoyable and entertaining!

Good luck and remember to have fun!!!!

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Wow thanks all, very informative posts!
as for Ed: I'm dropping coin magic. only menstalism and cards now.
So, I'm getting:
-Brick of bycicles
-Card college vol. 1
-13 steps to mentalism
-Royal Road
-if I find, a book on speechcraft/performing

I'm off this midday =D I can't wait !
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I second Noobini in dropping RRTCM. Everything you find in RRTCM you get from Card College as well, but not the other way around. Card College describes card magic in much more detail than RRTCM. I own both, but I do not touch RRTCM anymore. If you want much stuff for little money, get RRTCM. If you want to get serious about card magic, get Card College. In the long run the much better choice. Btw., then you must consider buying CC 1+2. They belong together, in a way.

If I would have to decide today, I would drop RRTCM. Just my 2 cent.
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Quote: if I find, a book on speechcraft/performing

I suggest you also get Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber. There will be no singel trick in it but everything about performing.

Good luck. Dynamite is really a great shop. Rene is a very nive guy.
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Ok so yesterday I went to the shop.
And I couldn't stop myself. I bought for €320, and this is what I got.

-BIG magic close-up case, with pillar to make it a table.
-Tenyo 4 dimensional trunk
-Free will
-Pool Magic
-Brick of bicycles
-Expert card technique (shop assistant persuaded me to buy this instead of card college vol. 1)
-eight 1 and half inch sponge balls
-five predictions (Hayashi's act in the semi-final of Uri Geller)
-Close up mat (black)
-Bicycle Poker Deck 1800 series Vintage (I LOVE IT!!)

good? bad? tips for next visit?
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