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Sometimes grabbers tend to check my hand when I’m doing magic with coins ,sponge balls or TT, I don't wear full sleeve and sometimes they are just stubborn and tend to move around me to check whether I’m ditching it anywhere. Even some annoying guys tend to check my pocket.normally I do angle free magic (not with tt) and laymen has the space to move around me.I always try to misdirect but seems like some guys have only one aim in life!!!!!Where is it going ??!! So how do I ditch the coin or thumb tip (especially after money change)?
Can’t believe at last I’m in .HAHAHA...%$#%^#$^%. This is my first thread and I’m *** excited ‘bout it. It’s so great to be with the big guns.
Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.
Michael Baker
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Several possible helps here...

First... try not to end "dirty". Re-examine your routines to see if you can structure them accordingly. If you have tricks that you simply cannot avoid the dirty endings, position them among other tricks that do end clean. If the audience becomes conditioned to finding nothing, they will bore themselves with the fight. This is when you slide the gaffs and hidden stuff past them.

Second... Be in command of your space. It sounds simplistic, but it is common for beginners to posture themselves as if they are "facing off" with an equal adversary. Do not allow that to happen. It is your show, YOU have something to show them. They have NOTHING to offer you in the same context. Either control your domain, or stay out of the arena until you can. To be honest, the best way to take control is by getting tired of having your tail burned. Then, you are likely to take steps to prevent it.

Third... Give them something better to look at. What they think they want to look at (or for) can be over-ridden by something of seemingly more interest. Put together a short routine, instead of a disjointed collection of tricks (just guessing here that you have the latter). A routine that seems to be going somewhere interesting will do wonders for creating an atmosphere that neutralizes the fighters. Of course, some will always exist, but most people would rather enjoy something fun than screw up their chances at the same.

Fourth... If you are performing for peers, family, or friends... STOP! They know you too well to allow you to gain the upper hand over them. They will treat you like they know you, rather than as an entertainer. Find an audience of people not so biased. Use them to hone your skills, and once you have the experience to perform with confidence, then you can try it on these less tame audiences.

There's more, but I'm sure others will chime in...

PS - Welcome to the Café! Smile
~michael baker
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Thanks Michael and claud.You are actually spot on.I do have small routines and skills but I think the lack of experience holds me to do them smoothly.I do not get paid for the magic so I don't tend to do long routines routines with 2-3 similar/relative tricks.I would really like to be in command of my space which I hope will do eventually.I spend much more time in practice than showing.And I think just like my skills I have to work really hard and intelligently on my showmanship( I just got the FITZKEE series),a little light on this matter will be very helpful.As for the fourth point now that my peers, family, or friends know I'm doing magic they wanna see and sometimes it's difficult to get my proper stance.so I'm thinking of creating a routine with variety of tricks which is angle proof and practice them so that I can do them one after another smoothly without a break .
and claud your post helped a lot.he patters were great I'm definitely going to use them from now on,
after the magic I always try to look relaxed(slydini) and hence put my hands on the back(which I also do couple of times before showing the magic to make sure they know it coming spasmodically ).About bill change I try to go to a pencil through the bill right after the trick to ditch the TT,get my coin purse to put the coins inside thus to have an alibi to put my hands in the pocket.As I'm not a pro I don't wear clothes accordingly and jeans pocket is terrible.
Thanks again.
Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.
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If poss leave a sharpie or silk on the table from one trick and pick it up and put it away at some point. when you put a item away as you hold it your hiding a guilt hand and as it goes in your pocket you can dump.
Enjoy your magic,

and let others enjoy it as well!
William Wortman
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I've come up with a new way of doing a old ditch for coins I call it the painter ditch. If you like to know more about just send me a PM and I'll give you the info on it.
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I use my purse frame to ditch balls or take balls in my sponge ball routine.speaking of sponge balls ,so many types of retention vanish is there.question is after the vanish should I move my right hand or move or turn over the empty left fist and keep my right hand still.which one is preferable?for the 2nd one big move covers the small move but somehow the 1st one feels more natural to me as that's what I do when I actually put a ball in my left hand .same thing 'bout the coins too.
Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.
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You have to believe that the hand isn't dirty. You might be displaying nonverbal or subconscious tells that make the audience believe you are hiding something. Keep the focus away from the dirty hand as if there truly was nothing in it.

If you're ditching an object after a/the climax of an effect, the audience reaction should be enough for your hands to go to your pockets as you let them take in what just happened. Keeping your thumbs outside the pockets might appear more casual and less suspect.

If ditching in the middle of an effect, here are some methods I've used:

-Use a prop that "causes" the magic occur. I sometimes carry a miniature magic wand that I bring out while the object is ditched. It's introduced as a comedic item, and an off-beat joke takes the heat off of the dirty work. A lighter or anything relevant to the effect would work, as well.

-Get magic "fairy dust" to sprinkle on your hand, the deck, etc....this might seem ludicrous, but it flies by spectators if you do it in a comedic manner.

-Gregory Wilson's Pit Stop: Cross your arms and leave the item in your arm pit. (I actually haven't used this because of the crossing of the arms, but it works for him.)

-Drop it into a breast pocket while focus is elsewhere.

-Hold it out for the rest of the trick if possible.

Don't feel that you have to ditch it right away. It's all about timing.

Ron Vergilio
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Here's what I do most of the time with the TT. The timing will vary depending on the routine but in a nutshell here is a clean ditch. I've done this in a bathing suit so had no pockets. lol

At the point of "vanishing" the object say in the left hand, just hook your right thumb into your waistband and leave the TT there. It's a casual jesture and will not be noticed. Then if someone wants to check your pockets, they are empty. (However, you should never let it get to that point).

I carried the TT in the waistband of my bathisuit at pool parties just in case. Back in the day, there was always someone that smoked. So the vanish of a lit cigarette was always available.

Later in your routine you can stick your thumb back into your waistband and retieve the TT and place it in your pocket.

May the magic in your life never disappear

*** Lou Serrano's Steel Ball Routine ***
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