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Smile I don't really credit David Blaine for getting me started on magic ... he showed me that magic can be extremely powerful when used in the right way. Actually, weird story ... one of my friends (he works on an oil rig .... strange huh?) showed me a trick, and then I knew I had to learn some tricks ... but then it wasn't just tricks, and now I'm looking more into the history of it, and ways to bring older effects into newer situations ... ha ha
Thanks for my friend Vic Smile and to David Blaine
"The unimaginable has happened."
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I can honestly say that David Blaine got me into magic, but once I became serious about it I found magicians that I became more interested in.
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Steve Friedberg
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In my was Joel Bauer who was really responsible for this nonsense I'm in.

Joel is a very loud, very in-your-face, but very successful trade show magician. I'd been fascinated by some of the other magicians I'd seen at trade shows, and bought some gaffed decks (ID, Svengali, etc.). I saw him perform, and after one show, asked him which decks he used.

Joel looked at me disdainfully, and replied, "I don't use any decks. I go into a city, buy several ordinary decks, and I'm ready to go."

Well, I was taken aback by his attitude, but he opened my eyes; there was an entire realm of card magic that could be done FASDIU (From A Shuffled Deck, In Use...thanks, Paul Cummins).

And he was right. So while I study and truly appreciate folks like Hamman, Goldstein, Marlo, et al., I owe the initial debt of gratitude to Joel.

"A trick does not fool the eyes, but fools the brain." -- John Mulholland
The Magician
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Yes David Blaine sparked my interest in Magic. I was astounded by the reactions he got on the streets of America. Smile
The Magician

Expect the Unexpected
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Being interested in magic since the age of six, I eventually got bored with it some years later. Then seeing David's TV special "Magic Man" got me back on that long and twisting roller coaster which is magic. Smile Smile Smile
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I did get started in magic because of David. He used to be my idol until I realized that I was able to do every one of his tricks almost as well as him. Don't get me wrong, I still think that he is a good magician.
I was wondering why everyone always asks if David is my favorite magician, and when I say no they are totally dumbfounded. Why is this because I normally say a famous stage magician?
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Yes, David Blaine did really inspire me to study magic Smile It was one of the first times when I saw a close-up performer and he seemed to get such great reactions!
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Of course. It's thanks to one of his specials that I decided to get one of the ellusionist videos, that was two years ago and now I'm performing profesionally.
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Like many others Blaine got me seriously interested in magic, which caused me to find this great place. Even after hearing the many rants and raves for David, I still I have high respect for him, he has done an amazing thing, almost everyone you talk to knows exactly who he is and most are impressed by him.
Bill Palmer
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On 2003-06-15 02:13, ShizNick wrote:
Did anyone here get influenced by David Blaine to do Magic?
I know I sure did. Watching him do all those neat tricks on the streets and seeing how people reacted to them, got me straight to my nearest Magic Shop, and bought all the things I needed to suddenly become a Magician.

I have to agree with MagGyver. You may have bought some tricks, or even some videos and some books, but those are not what makes you a magician. There is more to being a magician than just owning a boxful of magic props and a shelf of books and videos.

It takes study, dedication and creativity. And it requires the desire to please an audience.
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Hi Everyone,

Here is my take on this subject. David Blaine isn't the most technical magician, nor is he the best performer that I’ve ever seen. But, his act and routine is fresh in the eyes of the layman. He does have some technical ability and his showmanship is pretty good. The one thing that David possesses which separates him from the pack is charisma. He has the ability to pull people into his world if only for a short time. His quiet and mysterious demeanor is interesting to people. This is what I think makes him successful. Overall, I think David has brought a huge amount of public interest back to magic, which is a great thing! He has inspired a whole new generation of people to take up magic and inspired some magic veterans to dust off an old book and get back into it. The only thing that bothers me (and this is in no way David’s fault) is when people credit him with inventing the effects he performs. David is not an innovator in that respect. All the effects he performs are classics that have been around for a long time. So when someone is getting into magic and says, “hey can you teach me David Blaine’s trick?” they should be immediately pointed to the original source and I guarantee that their eyes will be opened to the vast world magic has to offer. Just to give the new guys out there a sense of how vast magic is; there has been more written on the subject of magic than all other art forms combined! This includes music, drawing, painting, sculpture, acting… the list can go on and on.

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Yea, even if he doesn't use all of new cool things and not many sleights, lol, he can always relate to his audience and makes the performance enjoyable and outstanding even though it may not be to us.
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Like many of you who have posted in this segment of magic café, I too was bitten by the Blaine bug and got me really hooked. I have to say that David Blaine is not the first magician that I saw in the TV. I have seen a dozen of other magician from tv. The infamous David Copperfield is one of those great magicians whom I watched regularly on local TV station. But there is just something about David Blaine that makes me want to learn more about magic. I believe it is the reaction of his spectator that drives me to learn magic. The first time I saw him on TV, I felt weird, it is the kind of feeling that is like a piece of everything else. Yes it is that special indescribable feeling that makes me want to learn magic. I want to be able to be like David Blaine, performing and planting that special kind of reality escapism feeling in my spectator and make them wonder, not in a negative way, but in a way where there is no limit for their imagination to travel, in a way that makes them wonder…. Is magic real? Off course it is!

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I got the bug from ellusionist. I Don't remember how I found their page, but that did get me started. I searched the net and found this place. I found Blaine while searching for Copperfield. Now I've seen couple of his tv-specials and have to say: Good presentation but not to my liking in persona. For some reason I don't like his laughter?? and I usually like everybody. But anyway the way he does magic influenced me. Close-up and personal. And be yourself.

Maky - Still a beginner
Jordan Piper
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I've had an interest in magic since the mid 90's when NBC used to show magic specials all the time. When they stopped airing my interest in magic kind of died with them. But when David Blaine came out with his no smoke and mirrors type of magic it got me hooked again. This darn magic stuff stays in your veins but sometimes you need something new to rekindle it.
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I would have to say Blaine influenced me a little, but didn't really get me into magic seriously.
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I'd been aware of David Blaine for a while - first saw him at the cinema doing (what I now know to be) a card through window effect but against his VW Golf window. The car which he was advertising at the time. That never really inspired me do much.

Not long ago, they repeated the Derren Brown series on the tv (in the uk) and *everyone* was talking about the dog track effect. I went to the website and searched and got interested that way. Strangely enough, although Derren does 'mind control' now, it is his finesse with the cards that got me hooked - weird Smile
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Here's my 2 cents worth....hehe.

I watched David Blaine's specials on cable for the first time ever in January this year and it sparked off a latent interest in magic that I've had ever since I was a kid. His charisma and the reactions he got inspired me to get into magic seriously.

Since then, I've now come to realize that there is a lot more to magic than David Blaine but I wouldn't have been drawn into magic if it wasn't for him.
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David Blaine certainly influenced me into getting into magic. I remember being blown away when I first saw his specials. But I didn't get into magic until a few years later for other reasons. Of course, one of the first things I did once I got into magic was to buy the Blaine specials on DVD so I could watch and learn from his performances.

Funny thing is that now that I have been studying magic and understand how Blaine performed most of his effects, I can't believe I was fooled by some of them. I don't mean this to take away from his accomplishments. In fact it's testimony to how powerful his performances were to me.
Brad Burt
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Interestingly, Mr. Blaine is in fact an extremely skilled sleight-of-hand magician. He is also a talented actor. What is not generally known is that David is 'acting' a very, VERY specific type or part in his TV specials. Because of the cleverness of his persona, the 'magic' itself is pointed up with a much great power and impact. He in effect made his personality subservient to the overall 'EFFECT' that he was attempting to achieve.

Many magicians miss the high level of his skill, because of very specific factors in Blaine's overall presentation. First, and this is especially true in the first special, he used many 'stock' or 'common' magic effects. But, it was exactly his choice of effects that was so powerful. We frequently forget WHY some routines simply refuse to go away. They never get old and probably never will. BUT... if you watch closely you can see a very high technical edge to some of the routines. But, again, this was difficult to pick out because he always made the methods subservient to the overall EFFECT that he and his producers were attempting to create.

The result: A ground breaking magic special that had guys at M.I.T. and Cal Tech contacting me on the Net saying they were convinced that David Blaine had real magical power! Man o, man, o, man, man! Don't we all wish that would happen to us? Best,

Brad Burt
Brad Burt
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