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Article by Dani DaOrtiz:

Translation from spanish to english made by a translation tool.

Welcome to Green Week.

As I announced in previous post, these days, try to get closer to the genius of geniuses. A single person, I had the great fortune to know and with whom I shared magic, experience, performance and life during my later years.
This week I will update this site daily, telling stories and experiences with Lennart Green. Show personal pictures and videos, comment on certain deeds and stories that will make you laugh. Try to meet a Swede, who sometimes does the Swedish to a magician, always excited and surprised, to secure a person who will surprise ... a genius.

I want to start, and serve this as a small contribution, with the permission of readers, publishing a Christian Engblom (Finland) work he did for the magazine "The Manuscript", which, as you know, Lennart works. And I publish this, many people wondered where it comes Lennart ...? is true that invented their own techniques ...? is true that he was Obejas breeder ...? where did ...? how come?

There are many questions that have always asked me and no where one can find an accurate biography about Lennart. So thanks, again, this work of Chris for the journal's manuscript, we begin to know each Lennart green.

A doctor, a guard, a nurse, a maker of violins, a property administrator, an assistant professor of gymnastics, drawing, chemistry and biology and a wizard go to a restaurant in Spain. All red summer demand because it is their favorite drink.
What all have in common? They are all together in one complex and a real human puzzle called Lennart Green.

Lennart Green is confident in his thirst for knowledge, broad spectrum of life, its many professions, imagination and relentless search for answers to devise some methods and surprisingly complex effects in addition to other brilliantly simple.
We, the magic community have much to thank Lennart Green as it takes us out to his wonderful, eccentric world of "Green Magic".
He left his previous races for his true passion, Magic, and has not stopped to look back.
Self is a Wizard who preferred to go his own way with its own effects and methods.

Throughout his life has had a continuous love affair with the puzzles and has the "knack" for using these puzzles in his Magic.

Lennart Green is known for its seemingly chaotic routines, which are highly original and show great skill mixed with a seeming clumsiness.

Its base is located in Gothenburg, Sweden and lectures worldwide.

Becoming a Magician
Lennart Green was born on 25 December 1941 in Västervik, Sweden.
It was the second of six children. He has two sisters and three brothers.
The bug bit him the Magic to 18 years. But did not like to read books of magic in them because there was too much of a DIY thing or another, cut and paste.
Lennart soon found ways to handle the cards married his style.
He learned the same method for sorting cards, but not overtly so obvious, that had been mixed by the spectators.

Lennart worked during their summer vacation as a night nurse in hospitals and as a guard in prison. These workplaces gave him the opportunity to practice their handling of the cards.
Their first audiences were the other nurses at the hospital where he performed various specific effects.
One of these routines consisted of a mixed deck by spectators which was becoming Lennart cards face up and was telling a fairy tale improvised means depending on what cards come out in specific order. The letters were placed, one by one, in groups at the table and when all the cards were turned face up to history came to an end. Aside from how interesting it might be the story, this was a simple method to group the cards in a specific order from which to be able to handle and get the initial order. This would be the climax.

Another routine was to control a selected card to the top of the pack (secretly). The deck was given to a spectator who was several yards and then tossed the viewer to Lennart. This used to coordinate to grab the top card. The deck is scattered by the force of the blow and it seemed that Lennart was able to extract just the chosen card in the deck wheel.
It is worth noting that, in addition, developed a second method for repeated instances in which the effect: steal the chosen card, called the endorser and the spectator finds that the letter was not up or down. When they were satisfied they threw the deck and he just "produced" the cloud of letters.
A method for finding chosen cards that he used with great success was being able to identify small imperfections of each card, almost as if the cards were marked. He did not know the brands, but he memorized what each letter was chosen imperfections.

An example of this type of lateral thinking, which has been all his life's greatest strength Lennart, happened when he was twenty. Lennart tells a story about one of his younger brothers, Peter. Peter was two and Lennart had taught him to say "quarter to eight" when asked "what time is it?".
There was also at that time a lot of politics in the newspapers and almost every day, photographs appeared of John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev.
Peter was taught to say "Kennedy" and "Kruss" when he saw the photo of these two presidents. Lennart also taught him to say "gun" in English when you show a gun (rifle because it is very difficult to say in Swedish, "gevär" ( "ieveer")).
There were also chess problems in the newspaper and Peter liked horses and knew how they moved in chess.
One day after school, Lennart told friends that her brother two years, Peter, had to be some kind of genius because I knew telling time, speak English and read the newspaper.
Naturally his friends laughed but were eager to see a show.
When the clock struck 07:45 Lennart approached his brother and asked him the time. Peter replied, barely raising his head, "a quarter to eight.
Lennart After he showed the day's newspaper with a photograph of Kennedy and Khrushchev and asked him who were those who appeared on the cover to which Peter replied immediately, "Kennedy and Kruss.
He showed then a rifle and asking for the translation into English and Peter, to the astonishment of Lennart's friends replied "Gun".
Finally Lennart asked his friends who attempt to solve the chess game of the newspaper, which were not capable of doing. Peter went back to the rescue with a quick but decisive movement of horse. Checkmate.

Lennart was twenty when he moved to Gothenburg.
He worked as caretaker on cruise ships to the United States.
It replaced a professor of physical education, chemistry, biology and drawing. For a time he proposed the study Fine Arts.
He found odd jobs that were interesting and even kept painting billboards.

Later, between twenty and thirty-two, studied medicine and kept repairing old instruments such as violins and peculiar working hours at the local hospital.

When he was twenty-eight, ten years after starting to study magic, he met another magician Gothenburg, Arne "Max Milton" Strombom.
Max became the first teacher Lennart and close friend for life.
Max also was involved in card magic, like Lennart, and to a lesser extent, some numismagia.
Carl-Johan "Dusenberg" Ericsson was another influence and close friend. He is a mentalist with a deep interest in the mathematical principles.

After a year working as a doctor, Lennart was made to leave and focus their career of Mago, but the hospital was desperate to keep him and offered very attractive terms, including the option of creating their own work schedule. This led to Lennart to work in general practice for almost fifteen years.
Arise every year and every year leave the hospital staff managed to postpone his departure. Fortunately for the Magic World, finally followed his true calling.

Lennart Green began acting more and more around 1985 but it was not until his success in FISM de Lausanne, Switzerland in 1991 when he was finally able to fully professionalized. Lennart last visited his patients in 1992.

A greater influence in Magic Lennart came about in 1978 when Dai Vernon was invited to Sweden and he accompanied and led by Professor throughout Sweden for eleven days. Lennart still vividly remembers the stories he had the privilege of listening.
The trip culminated with a call from Lennart Stockholm Royal Palace and requested an audience with King Carl XVI Gustav. He agreed that the king had read in the press that the best Wizard of the world was in Sweden and was more than willing to meet you. The audience went happily and Dai Vernon left Sweden with an exceptional memory.

Lennart influence speaks of a later (late eighties) that arrived just as I was about to take "a break" from the Magic. It was nothing less than the Virtuoso Spanish Juan Tamariz. Lennart credited to John the credit for its rejuvenation and inspiration that came to the Magic feeling again.

In 1988 he participated in the FISM Lennart (category: Cartomagia) in Den Haag. It was "disqualified" along with another participant (U.S. Doc Boston). The reason seemed to be that the judges (not all) thought the effects were so impossible Lennart made that could only have been made using gimmicked cards and cronies. This was not the case and that Lennart was prepared three years later, in Lausanne, Switzerland. There only used as assistants to the judges and secured to the deck of the judges at the end of his performance. He says that Magic Christian, Vienna, Austria, still holds the winning cards in his collection.
In 1991 Lennart won First Prize in Cartomagia.

His work
Lennart Green quickly became a sought-after lecturer and started publishing some of their effects and methods.
One method, the angular separation, was published in a small brochure that sold in his lectures. This method allows the separation of red and black letters, or letters face up and face down, or any other group during an apparent sample of the letters one by one. Really a wonderful movement.

It is probably best known for his incredible "Laser Deal" or "Snap Deal. It is an apparent distribution of cards on the table with its corresponding sound (snap!). However, as soon as the letters touch the table with the sound (snap!), Disappear without trace. This is repeated in rapid succession and the deck is becoming thinner and thinner until it disappears completely.

This routine usually has a laser pointer on the table by creating a light beam. This beam is touching the letters disappear, hence Your Name "Laser Cast. This movement was published in a book written and illustrated by the Swedish Magician Tom Stone. It can also be found posted on VHS and DVD.

It has also created an exceptional release of letters called "Top Shot" (higher pitch). In this move the top card of the deck (subject in a position to give) can be fired on the other hand (the card becomes face up on the way) and ****. Lennart has different variations of this movement, but the most remarkable of this movement is that the letter flies so fast it's invisible to the eye to know where it came from. Just see a letter appearing in his empty hand.

Lennart has also been busy in the DVD market filled with two complete sets of controls and original movements. "Classic Green" 7 volumes and "Green Magic", 6 volumes.

Watch him:

It also sells a game almost automatic routine called "Stolen Cards" (Letters Stolen). This is a premise on which Lennart always draw one card at a poker game where cheating is. After the letter is going to cheat, leaving a game face where the rest discovers missing a letter. After many years finally has collected fifty-two cards, all from different back. This deck is used to perform an amazing routine and predictable and misleading coincidence.

Lennart recently published a small book, lecture notes, called "Northern Lights Green Magic" (The Magic of Northern Lights Green), the latest press conference (2008) in English with live effects depending on mathematical principles.
Magic very strong, clearly explained and taught by the maestro Lennart Green. Easy to learn. Fifty pages, nineteen effects plus the priceless advice and information, views and comments.

Another Lennart routines with a deck is apparently mixed in which viewers choose which club should try to find Lennart. This is done as elegantly as a confused ending (now) with a total bandaged sequence using coins taped over his eyes and wrapping aluminum foil all over her head.
This routine has not yet been published.

Interest in Mathematics
Lennart Green is great interest in puzzles and mathematical principles, especially those that can be applied to the Magic. Currently he values these principles as much as any of his passes. Some of these principles, such as "Gilbreath Principle," which has led Lennart until the third round (or level).
Another mathematical principles that he finds very useful is the "Double Replacement (Double Substitution). A simple example of this is to ask a spectator to think a number. Then multiply that number by two. Sumarle six. Divide the total by two. Subtract that number from the original number. The new number that is thinking about is the three! This principle disposes of the number thought by the viewer and replaces it with a number known to the acting.

One of the people who Lennart called when you need help with something mathematical is Professor of Mathematics John Horton Conway of Princeton University. Active in finite group theory, knot theory, number theory, combinatorial game theory and coding theory.
Has contributed to many branches of mathematics and invented the remarkable recreational "Game of Life" (The Game of Life). The cellular automaton, not the board game.

When asked about their favorite magicians Lennart says they are too numerous to mention, but when pressed to give some names indicate: Bob Sheets, Dani DaOrtiz, Luis Demat and Steve Forte.

Lennart In the future, as he says, will continue traveling and enjoying life. There are possibilities to reach a book, "Complete Works of Lennart Green" (The complete works of Lennart Green) and it has received various proposals for such a project. But nothing is still under way. Do you like the book but says "it is much faster to make DVDs ..."

When asked what it means to him that the magic answers:
1 .- It's a cheap plane ticket can travel as much just because it invites the whole planet.
2 .- A great way to meet interesting people.
3 .- The Magic has always fascinated him.
4 .- It is a way to entertain people.

Lennart has a motto that preached in his lectures and describes its modus operandi to perfection in its own actions:
"If you can not hide it, EMPHASIZE it" (If you can not hide it, enfatízalo).

Refers to a movement that if you can not hide is best to call attention to it and justify it with the text.

We can all learn from this teacher. Not only on Magic, but also about life. Lennart has an attitude toward life that is simply staggering. The example that comes true will give you an idea of the mindset of this incredibly complex, yet fantastically simple genius:
A question to Lennart morning: "How are you today?" What Lennart responds: "Great! Today is one of my better days ... taaaaaal time the best! "
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Wonderful information about this great master,thankyou so much,Kjellstrom.
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