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I'm having trouble with this one. I have a few DVD's that explain this DL and its get ready but they're very brief in the description. No matter where I cock my thumb or press on the deck to send 2 over to get a break, I either send 1 or about 6.

Does anyone have any suggestions for improving this? An online resource or advice that's more detailed?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanx.
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I would just keep practicing. I had a similar problem and I just kept at it and doing it again and again and it eventually came to me.
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You could try applying the principle for the push off second (page 13 of Expert Card Technique, Page 120 Card Control, Page 31 The Expert at the Card Table, and I hear Greg Wilson has a fantastic DVD all about DLs but I have never seen it) or you could check out the DLs taught in those resources as well, although I am very confident that someone else on this forum has a better idea/resource/method.

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I'm not sure what the 'correct' way to do this is, as I'm only into magic for a couple of years now, but what I do is not only push over 2 cards, but also feel them with the tips of the left 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger. These tips are very sensitive and with some practice you know what 2 cards feel like. So it's a combined action of thumb and fingertips for me. Other than that, I think nattefrost is right about practice. You will get it down, eventually, just make sure to take a break (!) from practicing single sleights and do something different, practice coins, an instrument if you play one, play a game... anything, for a while and then come back to your DL after some time off, things seem to be easier, then.

Cheers and hope that helps,
Servaas Koomen
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On 2010-01-12 21:26, nattefrost wrote:
I would just keep practicing. I had a similar problem and I just kept at it and doing it again and again and it eventually came to me.

same for me. it took a while before I could count any number I want.

and later I became dissatisfied with the thumb count so I moved to the picky count, that was also harder stuff
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The Amazing Noobini
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I agree with Ben in that there are more fingers involved on the left hand.

I push out two without any getready. It takes a lot of time to get a knack for it. The other fingers (mainly the second in my case) can "break" any third card from underneath that may tag along.

If you get more than three then you need to continue working on the initial thumb pushover technique probably, as the situation needs to be as good as possible from the start. If you get only one (which happens), then what I do is to square again and make a comment or suddenly think to repeat an instruction or something.

Ideally you should get two but you should at least get it so that there are never anymore or less than 1-3.

Most people push from the top I think, which is easier (and taught in the previously mentioned Greg Wilson DVD). I push from the top corner of the left long side which I think looks a little better. But it took me forever to do it with a fair amount of consistency.

My other two DL sources were The Complete Works of Derek Dingle and The Secrets of Brother Hamman. (hope I get the titles right here, I'm not close to my books).
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Greg Wilson has a great DVD on doubles you should watch it if possible. I use the pinky count by Darwin Ortiz it takes awhile to get your pinky strong enough but once you have it you can count 2 or 10 cards...Sean.
Brad Burt
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Over the years I have encountered some really difficult things with cards. Second deals, Riffle Passes, etc. I'm attempting work on the Kostya Kimlat Roadrunner Cull right now. Yikes....

But, of the things I dropped because of the difficulty of getting it consistent the the Double Push Off double lift stands right up there. It is doable, but the secret is to keep at it until you get it. I've never talked to anyone who 'just' got it.

You'll have to play with it and play with it and play with it. I'll say this: When done correctly the top two cards should come off exactly aligned and ready for the turnover. When nailed it's a wonderful skill to have. But, you have to be able to do it every time.

It's a 'touch' sleight like the Strike Second or for that matter the Push Off Second although on the POS, the cards need not be perfectly aligned, etc.

Just stay with it. It's a matter of pressure and contact at the edge of the cards.

Good luck,
Brad Burt
Nick Sand
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A good push over requires a very light touch. Don't use a lot of presure.
The fresher the deck the easier it is. As more finger oil gets on the cards they start sticking together and it can become a bit tougher. Practice Practice Practice its well worth it.
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Agree with the comments about practice. I started working on the DL about 6 months ago and struggled until I made a concentrated effort for a full month - several times a day I would do about 10 DLs I got better over time by sticking with it. Then about a week ago was at a fund raiser and did some walkaround - used the DL in a couple of different tricks and literally had one person scream in surprise when the card in her hand changed! It is absolutly worth learning a great DL!
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Practice makes you stealthy w/ the DL!
the push-over get ready technique can be tricky to get right every time (as previously stated) so for that reason I prefer other DL techniques. Usually I use the strike method. If you find that this method isn't working out for you, don't worry, there are so many DL's to choose from! on top of that there are a few slieghts that will accomplish the same thing as the push-over get ready that require a lot less practice. I can't remember the name of the one I use most frequently, but it's basically flipping over the top card secretly while the spectator is busy looking at their selection. you obtain a pinky brake under this card as you flip it over. then return the spectators card face up onto the deck.
this one is very easy and works great whenever you have someone sign a card!
(hopefully this isn't devulging any secrets Smile )
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I use the pushover get ready for a push off DL. It works great for me. It took me a couple of weeks of constantly practicing to get the push over clean and quick but it finally came. I can do it very quickly now without even thinking about it. Practice it slow at first and the speed just starts happening naturally. I still practice it every day while driving to and from work and while watching tv....It's almost habitual now. I also learned the one handed top palm this way in about a week of constant practicing. I learned the technique for both of these on the "Born To Perform" DVD...really good explinations.

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Please see Aaron Fischer's work if you haven't already

You may find something there to assist you
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Dorian Rhodell
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If anyone here is sincerely interested in learning what I have found to be THE authoritative source on the push off double lift, I would recommend you visit Ron Bauer's website at
You might have to e-mail him, but wht you are looking for are his his revised 2008 lecture notes. Contained within the notes is Ron's 2 card turnover.
Ron is one of maybe three people who has fooled me with a double lift. I didn't even think he did a double. That's the true secret to a double. If your double is suspected, then perfect alignment is moot.
If you need a visual tutorial, check out Steven Youell's website for a tutorial on Ron's turnover.
It might be the smartest move you make regarding this move.


Dorian Rhodell
Sean Giles
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Greg Wilsons DVD on double lifts is the best teaching resource I've found. I think from memory that it has 25-30 different DLs on it. I specifically remember the pushover move explained in detail. The DVD also has some nice tricks on it too.

Kind regards
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