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Well, as stated in my FreeFall review, I met Andrew (along with Jeff Hobson, Karl Hein and Chad Long) at a show they did near my house. After seeing how good Andrew was and buying some of his products, I can EASILY say that he is my ALL time favorite magician. Seriously. He is AMAZING, as are the effects he releases are EASILY some of the best, most original, easy to do, practical and powerful on the market. Not to mention they are ALL incredibly well taught.

So, without further ado, on with that review!

What Justin Robert Young and Andrew Mayne say:

Andrew Mayne, the creator of Ghost Bills and ghost Vision, presents an incredible object illusion using a single balloon.

The magician shows a round balloon and points out that all the balloons have one thing in common - a nozzle. He then takes the nozzle and pulls it straight off the balloon and makes it vanish. He then rotates the balloon all around showing that it is seamless. The magician then points to a smooth part of the balloon, twists it and turns it into a new nozzle. For the climax he pushes the nozzle through the skin of the balloon creating an impossible object: a balloon tied from the inside! The balloon can then be handed out in its impossible state.

Want to create and give away an impossible object your audience will never forget?

Create an inside-out balloon right before their eyes in this 3-phase routine.

Phase 1: Rip the knot off a balloon and make it vanish

Phase 2: Create a new knot on the smooth balloon

Phase 3: Push the knot INSIDE the balloon and give it away

In this DVD Andrew teaches his method for tying a knot on the inside of the balloon and using it in an incredibly visual magic routine.

+ Uses regular balloons.

+ No special tools required.

+ Place a playing card or business card in the balloon as a giveaway!

DVD running time 20 minutes

And they TOTALLY are not lying. At all. Seriously.

First Thoughts:

You know that feeling when you see a demo for something (not even magical) and you just HAVE to have it? On the spot? Because you WILL use that?

Yeah, that is the feeling that came across when I saw this demo. It was crazy awesome. Having that ability at the practicality that we know Andrew Mayne is very capable of coming up with is just a fantastic skill to possess. So, when I got it, I wondered... Is it as good as Andrew's past releases?

Case and DVD:

Like always, Andrew and crew have some MAD design skills. It is TRULY crazy what they are able to do with PhotoShop (among other programs) and this case just is pure aesthetically pleasing artwork. I really do love the design of this, and if their was a poster with this artwork on it, I would frame it. I don't know why I do, but hey, who can explain why they like art?

The DVD looks the same; well done, cool looking.

Teaching and Teacher:

As I believe I have mentioned before, Andrew's speaking skills are immaculate. He NEVER says um, uh, like... any of those things. Even in person, he KNOWS what he is going to say. That is what makes these DVDs easy to watch and learn from.

Nothing is rushed through; Mayne teaches in an amazing way. He goes over everything to the point of understanding it without actually taking up hours and hours of repetition. I believe it would be IMPOSSIBLE to come away from this without knowing how to do this effect.

In fact, the day I received this in the mail, I was going to be hanging out with my friends that night. So, I watched this, and then less than an hour after my first viewing (and no practice; I had no balloons) I was out.

Well, at my friends house, I asked if he had some balloons; he did. So, on my VERY first try I was able to construct the gimmick and performed it FLAWLESSLY, the way that Andrew had taught. Fried the HECK out of him, and he is a magician!

So, yeah. DEFINITELY easy to learn from. Smile


The video quality is that of HD (well, compressed HD... Regular DVDs can't hold FULL HD... It still looks HD though) in Andrew's studio. The backgrounds are not distracting at all and this is easy to see EVERYTHING he is doing (even through a balloon!).

The audio, while being almost perfect, because of the way that balloons create TONS of noise had to be constantly shifted from speaker to speaker. This means that 7 or 8 times throughout the DVD, the noise will ALL shift from your left speaker to your right and vice-versa. Nothing wrong with that, just... random.

Effect Itself:

This effect is just as the demo video and the advertisement say it is; you visually rip the stem off a balloon... Then, you cause it to vanish. Visually, it reappears on the balloon only to be visually and audibly POPPED inside. This looks and sounds CRAZY.

This is another PERFECT effect. I have no bias towards or against Andrew, but of the two I have reviewed, this and FreeFall are the only PERFECT effects in magic (that I have seen). This one (much like FreeFall) is SUPER practical, EASY to do and VISUAL. Powerful magic that packs small and has VERY little room for error.

This is all without mentioning the fact that Andrew Mayne thinks through all of his effects; he isn't one of those who thinks of something and releases it the next day. Even though it may seem like it, he REALLY thinks through these effects and it is obvious upon watching this disc that he knows what he is talking about and has done this for real audiences.

This effect is AMAZING; the mechanics are too. Being able to make one of these things by yourself is a great feeling; the method for making these is SUPER clever and NOT that hard; I made one on my first try successfully. Not to mention that this is routined FLAWLESSLY. Even if I had developed this concept, I wouldn't know what to do with it other than show it off as a stunt! Andrew has turned this into a POWERFUL piece of theatre!

Oh, and one other thing... After you get the hang of making and performing these, the gimmick you need can be made IN FRONT OF THE SPECTATORS WITH A BORROWED BALLOON. This is TOTALLY impromptu if you put the work into it. This is a PERFECT piece of magic.


This DVD should be around $50 bucks for allowing it to do what it allows you to do... It isn't. This DVD is only $14.95 and can be obtained at:


This effect is WAY under-priced.


I said it above and I will say it again; this one is EASY. You can probably make the gimmick and do this within your first 5 tries. Once you have made a gimmick, you can use it for dozens of performances if you choose not to give it away.

As far as making the gimmick reliably goes, that is a tad bit harder. A little hard work (and a lot of balloons) will go into that, but eventually, if you get REALLY good, this becomes impromptu. I love this effect.

Running Time:

Much like Andrew's other DVDs, this one clocks in around 20 minutes. This isn't a bad thing, as it is easy to understand and Andrew leaves you with NO questions at all. Andrew is one of the greatest teachers in the magic industry.

Plus, it was filmed in HD, so...


I can't speak enough of this DVD, or FreeFall, or ANY of Andrew's stuff. Maybe it is because Andrew's style matches that of mine to a tee? Maybe it is because Andrew's stuff fits my mental category of "real magic"? Regardless of the reason, I am glad to have found out about his stuff and this is a trick that I have already started to use on a daily basis; super powerful and WAY practical.

In fact, what I do when performing this all around is just to give away each. Then people carry around stuff (that occasionally has my bussiness card in it for kicks) and take home with them an object people ask about... This is a great promotional piece as well. I can't recommend this item enough, and if you like powerful, easy to do, practical magic, this is something for you. Pick this one up TODAY!
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Thanks popchris for the review!
I'll like to buy the DVD just to learn how to put he knot inside the balloon...
Can you tell us how long it take to put the knot inside?

Thanks !
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What a wicked idea! Is this practical to use?
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Popchris exactly where is it that you perform?
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I like Andrew Mayne and his Inversion effect.
I have no idea how, without practice, you managed to make one on your first try.
I don't believe you!
Yes, it's a great effect, but your review seems a little over the top.
First try with no practice? Really?

I've gone through a couple of dozen, and I'm starting to question if it's been explained properly, or if he's left something out.
Andrew could have explained the effect with a clear see through balloon, like those used in needle through balloon routines, and could have explained the workings of the knot a little more clearly or comprehensivly.
Must be me. (havn't ended up tearing my hair out yet, but I havn't topped the minimum 2 hour practice mark).

Of course, I'm not going to give up on inversion, I have my own handling ideas that could be used in kids shows or even as an impromptu effect at an event with balloons hanging around. It's nice that Andrew's effects leaves space for your own additions.

I'd be interested to know if other people can indeed make this first go, or if others are having similar problems like myself.
Feeling slightly frustrated and stupid.

Will post back if I still havn't made this after another 22 balloons, 7 or 8 tries per balloon. I'd like to post back if I manage it and perform it.

Inversion, I like it, but there's something wrong with the technique as I invision it. I'll put on the dvd another time when I've got an afternoon spare. Maybee it will just click and I'll wonder why I was so confused.

First time, no practice? I'm slightly jealous and suspicious at the same time.
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I made one 2nd try out but it was a fluke. That balloon actually is still holding air a couple months later and the knot has held.
But no, I have not made the knot yet.

The video is weil.... $15. Andrew is really excited by this concept , proud I should say, but spends more time praising how cool it is rather then spend time going into more detail. For instance he claims you can set this up in front of your audience but he never shows it. Like many of his products, the ideas are low cost but under developed. It is like you are getting in the ground floor on an idea. You pay less now to have the spark of the idea or pay more later when someone has actually worked these ideas for years. His products have been falling into former . It seems to be more like about putting the idea out to make a buck and not really developing his ideas before fully considering all real world situations.

The magic effect, of pulling the knot on and off, is OK. NOT great but OK. Showng the knot on the outside did not look realistic to me on the promo and did not look any better when I bought this. If he proved that you could blow the balloon up in front of the audience and tie it they way you need, I would rate the product higher.

Most will not spend the time to learn how to tie the balloon let alone do the effect. Plus I still think it is a hard sell to convince the audience that an inverted knot is not somethng they can make. Many think they can do it until they try so I say you have to work HARD to explain to them that this is not something anyone can do.
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On 2010-05-11 20:42, msmaster wrote:
Popchris exactly where is it that you perform?

For the other busboys, after their shift.

Talk about a fan boy review.
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