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Magnus Eisengrim
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If I recall correctly, Ron, you lost your hearing at a young age. Do sounds now bring back memories? Or are they more like something new?

Does sound change your sense of space? When you hear things, can you locate where they are?

Are there any sounds you wish you couldn't hear?

Do you like your own voice?

Do people's voices seem to match what you expect?

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Al Angello
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Do you use the horn in your car more now? Are you better at multi tasking?
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On 2010-04-22 14:21, kcg5 wrote:
What was the first sound you were surprised to hear?

What is the one area where it has affected every day life?
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Al Angello
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Do you know that Rush Limbaugh wears a cochlear implant? Of course you do, but not everybody else knows.
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Josh the Superfluous
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Did you receive any pressure from deaf people who are against getting them?
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Davit Sicseek
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As magicclyde says, I'd be interested to know in your views on the argument against implants. I have read things in the past that have described Cochloear Implants as being a form of 'cultural genocide'. The book 'The Trouble With Diversity" tackles the issues quite well but for those unaware of it, a google for "cochlear implants cultural genocide" will show you plenty of articles.

With the limited knowledge that I have, I have no respect for the argument against implants. It seems to be one rooted in selfishness. Still, I'd be interested to know your view on the matter and whether the argument from the anti-implant campaginers is worth exploring further.
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Thanks guys.

First about the Cochlear Implant "debates". First of all that's mainly with people who are part of the "Deaf/Deaf" culture. There's a reason I used "Deaf/deaf" instead of just "deaf". Deaf/deaf who live deeply in deaf culture. Most of the people they know are either deaf or have a deaf member in their family. Most of the people they know sign. The school they go to most of their lives are schools for the deaf.

Then there are people like me who are "Deaf". I don't know all that many other deaf people. Not near as many as those who are living in the deaf/deaf culture. I went to normal public schools and normal class rooms. Not many people in my life known sign language. Even I am not fluent at ASL. I can hold a conversation in ASL but when speaking to others who where born deaf I need them to slow down and I need a lot of finger spelling. In other words I'm not really part of "Deaf/Deaf" culture. Many call my situation being "Between worlds". I'm friends to both sides but I'm not part of deaf culture and "Normal" culture views me as "Handy capped".

This brings us to the controversy about the implant in deaf culture. They have their language, their life style, places they go and things they do with other members of this culture. When ever possible they use facilities that are "Deaf friendly". Some will drive miles out of their way to go to a store, restaurant, etc. that is "Deaf friendly. By that I mean the restaurant has employees that know ASL of deaf employees. They go to these places because they'll more likely meet up with other members of their "Culture".

Imagine any culture within the US. Some are divided by race, language, heritage, religion. Now imagine some technology coming along and making members of this culture no longer really a part of it. Something that changes their language, race or religion. That may seems silly but it's not far off on what's happening with this. A technology is effecting the members of their culture. A culture that depends heavily on their language and way of life. They don't want their members to have ipods hanging from their ears when most of the others can't.

But like I said. This entire issue don't effect me. The issue has died down a lot though. Now they really don't shun anyone for getting the implant. Some are for it and some aren't but it has calmed down a lot. Now the big issue is about children who are implanted at a young age. Some are saying, "Wait until the child is old enough to make their own decision about getting the cochlear implant". But the other side is saying, "The younger you get it the better because it's during a young age that it's more crucial in developing language skills". So in a way it's not so much about the implant being good or bad now. It's more about who's decision it should be when it comes to children getting them.

My personal views on that is this. The parents should research as much as they can. Know the risks, what can be done to prevent those risks, what are the statistics of the risks and benefits (Most recent information. It's advancing all the time and much of what we read on line about it is out dated news posted years ago). Then once they've done all this and the doctors say that the child is a candidate both mentally and physically. Then they should get the implant for their child as soon as the doctors say they can. Why I feel this was is this. In the slim, very slim chance that the child can hear with the implant then when they are older decide they no longer want to hear. They simply don't have to put the thing on. On the other hand if they wait and the kid gets it when they are older such as in their teens. They'll wish they had it years ago. So I think getting it at a young age is more beneficial and presents them with more options.

Whew,that was a long answer. LOL

On Music. I can hear music now and it's getting clearer and clearer all the time. It's not quite there yet though. It's hard to explain what I mean by that. I'm hearing the music but some songs are made of so many layers of sound that my brain has not yet learned to separate them. So instead of hearing the guitar notes, the piano notes, the singers voice. I'm hearing them all as one single sound. That sometimes adds up to just hearing noise to me right now.

Now songs that have a heavy voice and lower level music I can hear the singing really well. I can also hear songs I knew when I was a kid pretty well. My ear may not be picking it all up but what I pick up combined with my memory of the song. To me I feel like I'm hearing every note.

I've spent a lot of time surfing around youtube for music videos. It didn't matter if I liked the song or not. I'm just looking for songs I can hear better then others to stimulate my hearing nerve in my brain more to help it make the connections. The more I can do this the more my brain learns to identify and separate sounds so to speak. So one example of a singer I can hear very well is Neil Diamond believe it or not. His voice is deep and usually much louder then the music of the song. I have yet to be able to hear much modern music. I've tried and I could get a little of it. But without the simulation of the memory of the song it's still not very clear to me at this point. But I've only been hearing for 4 months now and my implant is only turned up about half way. So in the next few months music should get much clearer for me.

Do sounds annoy me?

Well, some have. Like my girlfriend has this habit of talking to the dogs. Like baby talk. It drives me nuts because I hear her voice and go "What was that?" and she wasn't talking to me. I had to fix my desk. It would make creaking sounds when I sit at it and move anything on the desk. Even when typing on my key board I'd hear it. When my dogs walk by I hear their dog tags rattling. At first I thought it was cool to be able to hear it. Now it's getting annoying. But when I hear them drink water from their bowls it makes me laugh every time (Lap lap lap). LOL

My voice is much deeper then I thought it was. In fact quite a few guys I know have deeper voices then I thought. It's probably because when I could hear voices 20 years ago my voice was higher then it is now. What's interesting is I hear my own voice externally. You hear yours internally and externally. Which I'm sure is why many people hear a recording of their own voice and it sounds different to them. I don't have that though. I hear my own voice just like I'd hear yours. It's picked up from the air by the microphone behind my ear and fed to my hearing nerve.

So many are telling me my speech has improved already. They said I won't likely need any speech therapy because I should improve naturally simply because I can hear my own speech now.

I can locate where sounds are to some degree but I'm limited. Because I can only hear in one ear I can't find the direction of a sounds. I can sometimes tell distance simple by the volume of the sound but not direction.

The first sound I was surprised to hear was clicking sound as we where driving down the highway on my way home the day I got it turned on for the first time. They're just cracks on the road. I knew they where there and I felt them before. But I was surprised how I could hear them.

One of the areas it's effected my everyday life is knowing more of what's going on around me. Before, if I didn't see it I didn't know it. If I'm walking down the street I know a car is coming. If I'm upstairs and we have company down stairs. I know it now. If someone is hurt I could hear them yell for help. When someone knocks on the bathroom door I know they're knocking. Just a little while ago I knew the mail had come because I heard a sound and looked out my window. If I'm in an emergency I can call for help. There's just so many areas it's effecting me. I couldn't have done any of the things I just mentioned a few months ago.

Ron Jaxon

After regaining my ability to hear after 20 years of deafness. I learned that there is magic all around you. The simplest sounds that amazed me you probably ignore. Look and listen around you right now. You'll find something you didn't notice before.
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