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I recently got the three volumes of Restless by Dan Hauss produced by Papercrane Magic.

I set out to do this review because I had not seen very many review on this set and so I wanted to help inform future buyers of this set.

This review is strictly my God honest opinion, no bias, no flaws, just what went through my head while watching the performances and explanations.

Each performance is individually rated on how I thought the performance looked, the impact of the effect, and if I liked the overall premise of the effect.

Each explanation is individually rated on how I thought the teaching was, how I thought the gimmick construction was, and on how the handling was thought out .

The review format should be easy to follow:

The first section is my thoughts on the performance of each effect along with its rating. The running time of the performance is in RED, the name of the effect is BOLD, and the rating in UNDERLINE.

The second section is my thoughts on the explanation of each effect along with its rating. The running time is in RED, the name of the effect in BOLD, and the rating in UNDERLINE.

The final section I did an overall score of each effect after seeing both the performance and the explanation. The scores where then averaged to give an average rating of the effects on this volume.

I should note that if the rating is above a 5 it should be considered good because it means I am going to add it to my routines or am thinking about it at least. I rarely add new effects to my routines because most stuff that comes out just isnít up to par with what I look for in an effect.


Dan Hauss Restless Vol. 1

Effect List

Volume 1

Box Prediction - Dan's ultra clean change of one card for another uses an incredibly simple gimmick that you can use for many different routines. This is one of the most convincing in the hands change your spectators will ever see.

Blurred- SPECTATORS WILL NOT BELIEVE THEIR EYES... seriously. In this routine a spectator concentrates on a bottle and stares at the label. Shortly after they begin to look the label becomes blurry and then back to its normal state. Unbelievable.

Tourist 1- Awesome souvenir routine, a corner of a card is torn, the card is signed as well as the one below. The restoration happens in the spectators hand and the signed card now has half of the other card permanently attached.

Unmatched- Eric Jones stops by to help us out with a great handling of Dan's awesome effect with a pack of matches. A empty pack of matches is shown very clean, front and back. The magician closes the pack and opens it to reveal that the pack of matches is now full.

Billiard- A wager is offered of a dollar that you will be able to find their card. After an unsuccessful attempt to find their card you change the wrong card into a dollar bill. This is a great, visual way to introduce money into your close up routine. Dollar not included. 2 great versions of this effect are explained.

Hello My Card Is- Super clean; super commercial routine. A signed card is found in a completely impossible location, under your name tag.

Pack Attack- A piece of gum penetrates an unopened pack of gum in the most visual way.

Thoughts of Effect Performance

Box Prediction (1:21): Pretty cool looking effect, looks very clean, my only gripe is it is really only one fourth of the card is seen before the change. Other than that looks like something you can build into a box and always have that one extra effect hidden away in your arsenal that you can bring out at a momentís notice.

Rating from Performance: 5/10

Blurred (1:21): This was one of Danís first creations. The visualness of this is crazy. Just from seeing this first off I canít really think of a patter or presentation to use with this. I also think the blurry label to clear label part looks better than the beginning clear to blurry. This may be hard to do unless youíre close up and in a bright enough location to see the change of the label.

Rating from Performance: 8/10

Tourist 1 (2:15): This blew me away, I was watching it and thought I knew how it was done, but by the reveal at the end it threw me for a loop. This reminds me of a new innovative version of Anniversary Waltz. One corner is torn off a card, the card is set face up onto another card so that you can see the card beneath it and they fuse together. Simple, powerful and leaves the specs with a cool and unique souvenir.

Rating from Performance: 8/10

Unmatched (0:40): Eric Jones does the performance of this effect. Very clean looking, I can see myself doing this as an opener to Dan Haussí Lit effect. Nice way to introduce a matchbook into your routine. Simple magic.

Rating from Performance: 7/10

Billiard (2:09): Very straight forward. You miss the spectatorís card, and turn your mistake into a dollar. Looks like a fun way to transition from a card to money effect. One downside I can see is the patter, since you are betting them a dollar that you will get their card right then you mess up and turn the mistake into a dollar, this could cause you to go broke if you actually are a person of your word.
The handling looks very clean, nothing to complicate.

Rating from Performance: 6/10

Hello My Card Is (2:35): Ok, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is a review, but the performance of this just did not do it for me. Now I donít know if it is because I have my own version of this or what but the name tag is put on after the card is signed, there isnít any reason why the name tag was even brought into play in the performance, the handling was very jerky and Dan seemed to be fumbling around a bit. It almost seemed as if this was the first time he performed this after creating it the night before. I donít know if Iím just comparing it to mine or if other people that have this think the same as me, but hopefully the explanation can raise my spirits about this one.

Rating from Performance: 2/10

Gum Piece through Packet (1:29): Canít really say much about the performance, because you couldnít really tell what was going on. It looks like you pierce a gum packet with a stick of gum but didnít look all that impressive. Besides how does a dull, square tipped stick of gum have the ability to go through a packet? Also Dan clearly ditches what Iím guessing is the gimmick into his back pocket, but Iím thinking he doesnít do that in real performances. Iím riding the fence on this one until I see what it is really made of

Rating from Performance: 4/10

Thoughts of Explanation

Box Prediction (24:41): Dan teaches two versions of this effect, one with cellophane and the other without cellophane. The cellophane version is by far the better of the two. The non-cellophane version I think is running without being chased and isnít that clean, and has more moves to accomplish the same effect as the cellophane version that requires fewer moves. I think the cellophane on the box will keep the box from being inspected where the gimmick is, and yes that means that the box canít really be examined but you can show it freely on all sides without fear of getting caught. The construction of this does take two boxes and will take probably ten minutes to construct and will last a long time. I can see myself incorporating this into my card boxes just to have whenever I feel like whipping it out.

Estimated building time: 10 minutes. One time prep that will last many performances. Reset just requires placing a card into the cellophane of the card box, and can be done in front of spectators.

Rating of explanation: 7/10

Blurred (8:15): When I first saw the gimmick for this, it was like why didnít I think of that. It really is a genius effect and illusion. The downside is the bottle canít be handed out and Aquafina water has to be used which may be tough for people overseas doing this effect. You also have to go out and have the gimmick made for you and you canít make this at home with stuff lying around. Dan talks about combining this with Flow and making a whole routine with just a bottle. There is no presentation given, Dan specifically left that out to allow for users of this to come up with their own presentation. The gimmick could possibly be stolen if maybe you take a napkin and wipe the bottle off before handing it out but I havenít tried that yet so donít quote me on that. This can depending on how you make your gimmick, be done completely surrounded with everyone experiencing the same effect. Overall, a very cool illusion and one that I can see doing at a party sometime to freak out some friends.

Estimated Build Time: Once you have the gimmick made for you the time to tailor it is around 5 minutes. One time prep will last you many performances, very durable. Reset is instant because the bottle cannot be handed out, so you will be good to go again and again.

Rating of Explanation: 8/10

Tourist 1 (14:56): Dan first starts out saying that this is a version of torn and restored but like I said above, I immediately thought of it as an Anniversary Waltz type effect where two different signed cards fuse. Does require a purchase of some special cards and you use one per performance. Some may like this enough to use it but the use of a gimmicked card over and over each performance isnít jiving with me too much. I donít like the steal that is used, looks awkward, and seems like sometimes it wonít go very smoothly and cause fumbling. I can see myself doing this maybe once or twice at special gigs or event. Not necessarily a restaurant or walk around friendly effect, for the fact that you ruin several cards and have to use a new gimmicked card each performance. Still is very powerful and can see this hitting hard with the laypeople. The gimmick is very easily constructed will basic things that anyone will have.

Estimated Build Time: 5-7 minutes, the gimmicked card will have to be replaced each performance and the other part of the gimmick to achieve this effect will last several performance but will have to be remade, but it is super simple and requires nothing extra . Reset will require some alone time with a new gimmicked card to remake the gimmick. Multiple gimmicks can be made in one sitting and easily carried around for multiple performances

Rating of explanation: 7/10

Unmatched (23:16): Gimmick is pretty genius. Iíve looked into creating an effect like this but this method is far superior. Stand alone maybe not so strong, but if it is used as an intro into a routine with matches I can see it being more suited for that. Dan shows how to make the gimmick and then shows five or six different handlings and presentations that can be done with this matchbook. The gimmick should last many performances and I think you may be able to replace the matches in the gimmicked matchbook without having to remake the entire thing. Eric Jones tips his handling for Unmatched and it is awesome. The subtleties and little tips and tricks he has on the handling is pure genius. Ericís handling will for sure be the one I use when I perform this.

Estimated Build Time: 10 minutes, with stuff that most magicians will have. Gimmick should last several performances. Reset is instant, and can be performed without the need to reset anything. The reset for when the matches run out should be a breeze.

Rating of Explanation: 8/10

Billiard (8:00): Gimmick construction is very, very simple. Another trick that I kick myself for, for not thinking of it first. Every magician should have the tools necessary to make this gimmick. The first handling Dan teaches is the easier of the two. The first handling you change the wrong card into the dollar by flicking it off the deck onto the table. Very visual, the cleanup is a little awkward and I think with a little thinking can be made cleaner, and the gimmick may have some noise issues during the cleanup. The second handling is a little knacky, but is a mid-air change of a card into a dollar. The card is tossed up in the air and when it is caught it instantly changes into the dollar. This version is nice but unless you practice the hell out of this I canít see this being 100% every time. Overall, nice effect, very visual, and a cool way to introduce money into a routine.

Estimated Build Time: 2-3 minutes. Everything needed most magicians should own. One gimmick with last multiple performances and reset is very quick, especially if you donít give the dollar away.

Rating of Explanation: 6/10

Hello My Card Is (14:15): Good grief the construction of this is crazy, I canít help but compare this to the one I do, and this just seems have way to many gimmicks in play. It is very outside the box but I think almost to a point to where it is so far outside that it is impractical for the effect that is achieved. The handling is filled full of sleights and I feel too much is going on to achieve this effect. He does teach the handling different than how he performed it. The deck ends dirty and you will have to steal some cards away. Overall, this is my least favorite on the first volume, but Iíve got my own version that I use, so Iím not missing out.

Estimated Build Time: 15-20 minutes. You may have to make a trip to Wal-Mart or Staples to get the needed supplies but should cost under $10. The name tag gimmick will have to be remade for each performance but the other cards used should last quite a while. Reset is well, Iím not sure Dan didnít show a reset or a cleanup but Iíd say maybe around a minute or two, but it couldnít be done in front of spectators.

Rating of Explanation: 5/10

Gum Piece through Packet (9:22): The gimmick is sort of what I expected. Very easy to make and can be carried around in your pocket with the pack of gum. The effect, for me, just isnít one I can see myself doing. Iíve already thought about maybe seeing if this will work with a pencil or a knife would work well. The gimmick is very fragile. Dan mentions to let the spectator slide the piece of gum back and forth through the packet. I donít think Iíd feel safe doing that seeing as one little snag or hang up could reveal the method. The cleanup Dan shows is weak and doesnít give any pointers on how to make it look natural and smooth. Overall, Iím not too impressed, but it could be a cool trick that takes up minimal pocket space that can always be ready in a momentís notice.

Estimated Build Time: 5-8 minutes. You should have everything except probably the gum which can be purchased easily. One gimmick may last a few performances but being fragile as it is, and especially if you steal it off frequently then it will only last a few times but is very easy to make. Reset only takes a second and is instantaneous if you donít steal the gimmick off.

Rating of Explanation: 6/10

Creating Magic (2:50): Dan talks about why he creates and talks about why his niche is creating magic. He talks about his use and/or non use of patter and why he chooses to patter or not patter.

Role Credits

Outtakes: He has some pretty good ones. David Blaine even levitates on here.

Overall Ratings: (Based on Performance, Explanation, Gimmick, and Practicality)

Box Prediction: 7/10

Blurred: 6/10

Tourist 1: 7/10

Unmatched: 9/10

Billiard: 7/10

Hello My Card Is: 3/10

Gum Through Gum Packet: 5/10

Average Score for the effects one Vol. 1: 6.3/10

Overall, I was very impressed with Vol. 1. Danís thinking is very creative and I will definitely be putting a few of these effects in my shows, and some of the others will be fun to do at parties and stuff with friends. Very well done Dan and Papercrane! One of the better DVDs Iíve seen in a while. I really recommend those that havenít purchased this to get this and build the gimmicks and try them out.

Hope this helped anyone interested in purchasing this volume 1.

Vol.1 can be purchased at this link: http://www.papercranemagic.com/restless.htm

Itís been REAL!
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